#ThatMexicanThing makes sure Mike Pence can’t just shrug off Trump’s racism

In Tuesday’s VP debate, after Tim Kaine brought up Trump’s Mexican comments, Pence seemed openly annoyed and called it “that Mexican thing.” In response, Latinos used the hashtag to dispel stereotypes about undocumented immigrants. Even better, someone snatched up ThatMexicanThing.com and is redirecting it.

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It’s Latina Equal Pay Day — and it’s important to make that distinction

Tuesday has been declared Equal Pay for Latinas’ Day.  Latina women make 54% of what white men earn. So Nov. 1 marks the date at which a Latina woman has finally caught up to what a white man made in the previous year. According to the AAUW, access to education and the types of jobs that women take account for a portion of the startling inequality, but not all of it. 


September 15 through October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month. Fox News is going to have a hard time convincing anyone that the network genuinely cares about honoring Latinos.