“Dusek’s, Punchbowl, Honkeytonk, Lagunitas Brewery, Pilsen Vintage, Comet Vintage, Knee Deep Vintage, Bowtruss coffee, Beurrage French Bakery, Sip and Splash, are just a handful of the many gentrifying businesses that dot our community. NOW the newest coming attractions to Pilsen: 400 LUXURY CONDOS and rumors of STARBUCKS and ANOTHER coffee and pastry shop, DOLLOPS. Something needs to be done before the damage is irreversible to the working class immigrant culture of this community.

Everything that makes up this community—our churches, our shops, our community organizations and programs, our schools, our neighbors, our friends, our family, our community centers, and our culture are being removed for the will of the market and for the tastes of the upper classes!!!

The affluent are moving in and displacing working class families at an even faster rate than before, and as it stands our community and the Mexican cultural presence in the inner city is not going to last if we sit around and do nothing!

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23, Chicagoan, daughter of a Caraqueña. Guitarist/nerd/outlaw Midwesterner who doesn’t take kindly to strangers favoring some parts of my identity over others. Upend cultural norms and expectations. Reclaim what is yours, and don’t apologize. 

A little late for pansexual visibility day, but this was taken on the day of, so TECHNICALLY. (And don’t worry, it’s incense)

I first discovered I was pan when thegreengaypancakes brought the term to my attention, and it felt perfect. It was a lovely word at the time and still is for me today!


Because I guess hispanic panic weekend was this weekend and I just remembered. But I’m not seeing any pictures so I’m not sure? This will probably be my last photo set I post for that. There’s also a funny pic of me, my bf and his step brother at a Mexican restaurant called Ochoas lol don’t like how I looked in that pic tbh but I’ll post it anyways ✨