latina's power

I don’t care how bad the movie could be, I’m gonna support power rangers as much as I can because it’s super diverse with 4 out of 5 rangers being poc, and now it seems like one of them is an lgbt character so if you want more diversity in movies you should support this one

Sometimes I feel sexy. Sometimes I feel beautiful. Sometimes I feel like there’s no-one better than me. Sometimes I feel powerful. This is one of those times. Don’t be ashamed of your beauty. The lustre of a beautiful woman is brighter than the stars of heaven, and the influence of her power it is in vain to resist.
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Black, brown, Asian, and First Nations people, for a multitude of reasons, have made their way across the entire globe. In seeking the future or fleeing the past, we have had to emigrate, assimilate, change our names, learn new tongues, abandon customs, forget our histories, leave behind our religions.

Forgive your brothers and sisters who may not speak the language. Be patient with your brothers and sisters who speak with Western accents and stumble through traditional greetings. Love your brothers and sisters who don’t know their cultures and have forgotten their ancestors. It has never been their fault.


Powerful Latinas in the music industry or I would say entertainment industry itself, there’s not much of a presence. And the little presence that there is we have some very incredible talent. You have people like Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, [Selena Quintanilla and Jenni Rivera may they rest in peace.] Leslie Grace, Karol G, Sofia Reyes - we’re like the younger generation that’s coming through. There’s so many but compared to the bigger percentage of the entertainment business I also feel like we’re just this little drop in the water. I think although we’re little we do make an impact and that’s something really special. Our message is that we’re proud of where we come from. And we’re proud of who we are, the color of our skin, our language and the passion that we bring.