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This beauty is proof that Black Girl Magic is Global, Raissa Santana became the first black Miss. Brazil in 30 years.

You may ask why is this important?
Well, aside from Nigeria, no other country has as many blacks. As it is the largest population of Africans outside of Africa. dark-skinned Brazilian women are seen as only good for domestic labor, and dark-skinned Brazilian men are seen as only good for service jobs. During the slave trade, Brazil imported more slaves than any other country. Because they were cheaper to purchase and replace, Brazilian slaves were treated worse than slaves in the United States. Brazil was the last country in the world to officially end slavery. When slavery was abolished in 1888, blacks outnumbered whites in the country, so the government instituted “embranquecer”, a policy to ‘whiten’ the population via emigration of poor white Europeans. Black and mixed Brazilians earn less than white Brazilians, and are severely underrepresented in government and business. Interracial marriage in Brazil often consists of higher status blacks marrying lower status whites/morenos (brown-skinned Brazilians) to produce lighter children. Brazil has little black business or culture infrastructure although this is slowly starting to change. Like the United States, Brazil has high rates of police brutality against black men. Despite all this the number of people who identify as black in Brazil is rising, as black pride starts to take hold in the culture.