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#100Days100Women Day 85: Mama Tingo was a Dominican farmer and land rights activist. She bravely stood against the plunder of peasant lands in the Dominican Republic and was widely respected, especially by fellow rural women. In 1975 MamaTingo was assassinated by a man hired by the man who was trying to dispossess the peasants of their land (this despite attempting to defend herself with a machete). However, her work still lead to over 300 farmers retaining the rights to her land. Today she is considered a martyr and heroine of the rights or poor & rural Dominicans.


Para esses lideres quando estavam apanhando isso era ditadura, agora que estão batendo isso é democracia, VIVA A HIPOCRISIA NA AMÉRICA LATINA


For these leaders when they were picking up this dictatorship was now that are hitting that is democracy, VIVA HYPOCRISY IN LATIN AMERICA

By Calavera - Venezuela

Cinco de Mayo…Another opportunity to celebrate a piece of our history. 

If there is one thing that will always and forever keep me grounded it is my childhood vacations spent in mi lindo Mexico. To live and breath the culture, the history, the struggle, the strength. To see how so many of my relatives lived–poor yet so rich. My mother always told me stories of her childhood. Her bed was a tapete (weaved mat) on the dirt floor, her house made from carrizo cane, her heater was the cardboard and newspaper that plugged the openings between the carrizo. Visiting made everything so much more real. I was able to live and breath the stories. They will always keep my feet grounded and my heart passionate. This is why I have no other choice but to seize every opportunity. All in commemoration of the struggle my parents faced because of the burning dreams placed in their heart. I celebrate the blessings the Lord has provided my family and promise that “Sus esfuerzos van a valer la pena, el dolor, y la cansanzio. Que dios nos sigue bendiciendo con fortaleza” A toast to our beautiful heritage.


Big Girl Appreciation Day Self Post Pt 2:
“Big Girls Making Big Moves”

1. Opened a Restaurant
2. #notmyidaho rally
3. With Keynote Speakers from Soul Force and TPOC Poet Leader J Mase III at Power of One
4. Chairing Unity, Multicultural Student Caucus
5. Chair of GSA
6. Solidarity with Mizzou at WSU
7. Director of Diversity Affairs, ASUI
8. Pitching Harm Reduction Strategy for underage drinking at UI
9. Planned Parenthood Arson Protest
10. Directing Any One of Us, Words from Prison