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HOLY SHIT!! HER VOCALS, THE VISUALS, THE CHOREOGRAPHY!!! I’M SPEECHLESS, SANTA MIERDA! she always changes up her performances so none of them are alike visually, she puts a 110% in everything she does and it’s so beautiful. She’s a LEGEND  🌹 ⚡ 👀

BTS Reaction to catching his Latina GF singing along to Bad Bunny-

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Jin came home from practice to see you dancing around to Soy Peor on full blast in the living room. He set his bag down quietly while leaning against the wall to continue watching you. Once you finally noticed, you stopped all movements and turned down your music. “Nooo why’d you stop? It was great!”


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Yoongi was awoken by the sounds of you blasting Tu No Metes Cabra through your headphones and moving your head along softly to the music while scrolling through your phone. He looked up at you with sleepy eyes before removing one head phone because he knew you wouldn’t be able to hear him. “Can you please lower it, i’m sleeping baby. Also what is this music anyways?” You rolled your eyes before taking your headphone back and lowering the volume literally one little block.


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When Hoseok came home to find you in the kitchen preparing dinner and jamming along to Bad Bunny, he listened intently while watching you and couldn’t help but giggle at how adorable you looked. “How do you dance to this?” He asked which pulled you out of your Bad Bunny daze.

Rap Mon-

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When Namjoon walked into the bathroom to see you with a towel around your body and getting ready to take a shower, he continued to watch when you put Bad Bunny on full blast. You didn’t notice his staring as you were dancing and singing along. “She is so precious.” He thought.


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Jimin came home for a quick lunch from practice when he saw you literally shaking your ass to Bad Bunny in the living room. He laughed at how cute you looked and surprised you by lifting you up in the air from behind. “What is this music?!”


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Taehyung walked in from a long day of practice to see you singing along loudly to Bad Bunny. He busted out his phone immediately started recording you. “She’s gonna get so pissed if she catches me…” He thought before crouching down behind the couch to continue recording.


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Jungkook only watched and smiled when he came home to you dancing and singing along to Bad Bunny which was on full blast in your bedroom. You turned to climb on the bed to start jumping up and down when your eyes met Jungkook’s. “Please don’t stop, that was amazing!”


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