“The world is a mess and I want to laugh, because all I can think is how horrible and beautiful it is.”

↠ Faceclaim: Alicia Vikander
↠ Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
↠ Gender: Female
↠ Occupation: Curator at the American Museum of Natural History

  • Raina speaks twelve languages. These are: Latin, Aramaic, Gaelic, Greek, French, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, German, Catalan, Russian and Japanese. Being a witch makes it easier to learn them, as you are taught a majority from spells, but it opens your mind to learning more. Latin is the prefix for the majority, so once she learnt that, the rest only took weeks at most for her to become fluent.
  • Her favorite ability she has is Element control. Being able to manipulate fire, water, earth and air took a while to master, as nature was difficult to grasp when you didn’t practice magic using it, but the spirits helped her to overcome the difficulties and master such a thing. If there was any time when she needed to fight using the magic she had, she would use the elements to do so - most likely, air or fire.
  • Her birthday is the 22nd of October, making her a Libra. They are known for being, essentially, ‘the scales of justice’, as they are fair minded and gracious, who like to live in harmony. However, they tend to be rather indecisive, like to carry grudges and have lots of self pity.

It was one thing being the bastard child of one of the most prestigious royal families in New York (if not THE most), but it was another to be a witch. Her mother, who was one herself, had seemingly caught the eye of the King, and an affair occurred, resulting in an illegitimate daughter: Raina. She was a child of grace and poise, trained in ballet and etiquette, but also in the sciences and math. Her mother taught her magic, informing her of all the forms, though predominantly spirit magic. Being only from a bloodline of half witch, she needed all of the help she could get, and worked hard to be just as good as the other girls and boys who had a warlock father as well as a witch for a mother. Raina had never abused her power nor misused it, and for that reason the spirits more than willingly aided her whenever she needed to use it.

The girl had never felt like part of the royal family - for one, she had a different surname to the Ryan’s…Elise. Raina had not inherited their dark, beautiful locks like that of her half sister Kendall, and sharp cheekbones: she had flat brown hair and a pointy nose. The Queen, Jane, openly despised the outcome of a scandalous affair concerning her husband, even if her father the King was as loving to her as he was to his other children. Her siblings did not hate her, it seemed, but she would never be one of them, not really. For that reason, she spent majority of her time in the community of witches, those much like herself - living with her mother who adored her, until she was murdered when Raina was seventeen. This sudden loss forced the girl to break. She lost her ambition, initiative and confidence. The temptation to use expression, a dark form of magic, to find out who killed her was strong, but the spirits convinced her out of it. They wouldn’t let her lose control, not even if she tried. Nature fought against it, even if Raina hated nature with all of her soul.

It took three years for her to eventually come out of her shell again. She began practicing magic and studying harder than she ever had: being a witch, she spoke numerous languages such as Latin, Aramaic and Gaelic, but she also learnt French, Arabic, and many more. Her interests took her to Columbia to study Politics and History (in the footsteps of her father, no doubt), and she became diplomatic and wise. Raina overlooked the brewing war, the hatred between the areas of the city and tried to strategies solutions with the King. Her family was dysfunctional in all senses of the word, but she began to spend more time with them, not seeing their hatred for the other royal families but understanding the threat. They had obtained power through violence, and she disagreed with such methods, silently not wishing for the bringing together of the boroughs, fearing disaster and chaos.

Whilst the lifestyle of a woman in her position was rather hectic, Raina attempted a normal life when she could get it. The New York museum had willingly taken her as a Curator due to her degree and love of History, as well as the various languages she studied. She translated for them and overlooked new collections of Romans, Greeks, all empires alike, and offered tours to visiting people from time to time. At night, she scours the nightlife, even if she isn’t the biggest party animal - having a scotch is enough to relax her, and she’ll even adventure out to the different ‘kingdoms’ of the city: not that her father knows, of course.

Raina is a very level headed woman. She knows the difference between right and wrong, even if her own methods to get things done sit on the line between. Her political knowledge has lead her to be a diplomatic character who understands the war and issues at hand, but her caring upbringing forces her to dislike such hatred between the boroughs. She is a strong lover of magic, and the ambitious, competitive child who strives to achieve more than her peers still reigns on today, as she craves learning and more understanding. However, whilst she is a fairly charming and kind person, she is secretive and forward. Her mothers death has lead to a more on edge nature as she gets suspicious easily, whilst also being torn up over not knowing who committed the murder. Growing up so distant from her siblings and feeling so secluded has lead to numerous insecurities, feeling as though she was most definitely a bastard child, even if she wasn’t meant to.


Omnishambles was first used in the BBC political satire ‘The Thick of It’. The word is compounded from the Latin prefix omni-, meaning “all”, and the word shambles, a term for a situation of total disorder.