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Namjoon invited to a Latin American wedding

It’s your “solterona” cousin’s wedding, so basically everybody in the family is thrilled. Your parents force you to invite Namjoon so your relatives will finally meet him. Things go a little bit like:

Namjoon breaking 1 or 2 things at the wedding reception even before you’ve introduced him to your family. 

He introduces himself in flawless Spanish as your boyfriend, but then he’s awkward af and he doesn’t know what else to say. 

La abuela eyes him up and down and then blurts “Esta muy flaco, do you even feed your boyfriend?” or something along the lines. (Afterwards she’ll always ask if he’s eating properly and she’ll even share her recipes with you so you can cook for him)

Your primos ask him to rap out of the blue, ofc he’s a little bit flustered but he wants to cause an impression so he puts a lot of effort and in the end your cousins are left super impressed by his skills. Instead of calling him “Namjoon” they go for “Rapmon”, as an informal way to refer to him,

But el abuelo is a little bit deaf, so calls him “Ramón”. Everybody laughs at that new nickname, but Namjoon believes they’re making fun of him, so he gets way too self-conscious (Even though you explain him why everybody is laughing)

That of course until your tío hands him some “cocktails” and he starts to loosen up. He jokes with your distant relatives, and your uncle introduces him to every guest in the wedding as his “future nephew or Y/N’s future husband” 

Everybody asks  Namjoon when are you guys getting married. Namjoon is confused, but since he’s a little it tipsy he says “Soon, soon” and smiles brightly. 

That makes your father raise brows at him and jokingly (not really) remind you that he keeps a machete close by for quick use if Namjoon tries to steal “his baby” away from him, so “soon”. 

Namjoon’s dance skills will worsen with the alcohol, but yet he’ll throw some serious moves here and there before you can stop him. He’ll totally jam to reggaeton. 

When the mariachi times finally comes, he’ll come to your side and wrap an arm around your waist, but eventually he’ll be snatched away by your grandmom, mom, tía and prima. He’ll be delighted to dance with them because he’s still tipsy but once he’s sobered up he’ll keep asking you if he made a fool of himself. (No, baby, you didn’t. Yes, you totally did)

But that sober state won’t last long because your primos will drag him with them and by the time the cotillon starts, Namjoon will be drunk enough to dance the Macarena without any inhibition.

You won’t even be surprised that he keeps repeating random words/phrases in Spanish like “mami, te quiero; eres muy sexy, me vuelves loco”, etc. Of course your primos will get an earful for teaching your bf that kind of stuff (but you’re thankful, anyhow)

By the end of the night, Namjoon knows by heart the lyrics of Enrique Iglesias “Bailando” and some reggaeton songs like “Despacito” or “Chantaje”.

Overall your family approves of Namjoon and ask you why didn’t you introduce him earlier and that’s when Namjoon stumbles with a table, makes a major mess at the wedding reception and everybody turns to look at him… “Were you guys saying…?” 

Yoongi invited to a Latin American wedding

You haven’t been able to hide your excitement since the day your favorite cousin/almost brother invited you to his wedding. The day has finally come and you (after a lot of thought) have decided to bring your boyfriend along, so he can finally meet your family. Things go a little bit like this:

You guys arrive to the religious ceremony super late because Yoongi fell asleep and waking him up took you forever. You silently sneak into the church and sit with your solterona tía, who not so subtly slides glares at you and your boyfriend whenever she has the chance.

Yoongi whines constantly during the ceremony claiming that it’s too long and too boring. Not to mention that he’s majorly confused when you tell him that once the ceremony is over, you’ll have to move to the reception venue. “If we ever get married, we’re not getting a Latin American wedding, Y/N”

Once the ceremony ends, all the guests gather outside the church to wait for the newlyweds. You take advantage to the informality to introduce Yoongi to some of your relatives, but he’s super distracted once everybody starts tossing rice to your cousin and his bride. “Why are they throwing uncooked rice to them, jagi? Doesn’t that hurt?” Of course you just roll eyes “It’s a tradition, Yoongi”.

You think you’ll finally get the time to introduce Yoongi to your family at the reception venue, but your mom drags your boyfriend to greet la abuela and some other according to Yoongi, strict-looking elders (who happen to be your uncles and aunts) before you can even stop her. He’s super weirded out by the stuff he’s seen so far and he’s a little bit flustered, but he manages to greet them with the basic Spanish phrases he’s learned while on tour, then he politely bows to them and says “hasta luego” before sneaking skillfully back to you.

Of course la abuela is dissatisfied with such short exchange so later on you she’ll make sure to have a proper conversation with the two of you, on which she’ll definitely point out how pale Yoongi is and she’ll suggest that you take him to take sunbaths whenever you can. “Look at him, Y/N! He’s as pale as a ghost!! Your aunt thought he was sick!”  You assure her that you will and then run from her as soon as you get the chance.

Fortunately, by the time he’s introduced to your cousin and his bride, Yoongi is already pass the initial culture shock so he’s much more relaxed. That’s why he almost suffers a heart attack when your cousin quietly and jokingly ofc  gives him the “hurt her and I’ll kill you” standard lecture when you’re distracted.

As always some member of the family has the duty of showing/sharing old embarrassing pictures, videos, stories, etc. of you. In this case your sister shows Yoongi a video of you trying to impersonate August D. You quickly shut her up by handing her a mojito, but it’s too late and you’re not surprised by the fact every member of your family gets a glimpse of that goddamned video.

That also means that your father will ask Yoongi to show the guests how the real thing is supposed to sound like and in the process he’ll give your bf a new name “Why don’t you show us the real version, Agustín?”

Yoongi won’t be forced to rap because you’ll come to his rescue and drag him to the dance floor; but unfortunately afterwards no one will ever be able to make your family understand that your boyfriend’s name is not Agustin. Yoongi will complain about it the rest of the day, but you find it hilarious.

 Yoongi’s dance moves aren’t as bad as you thought they’d be, but your relatives ask if his joints are hurting anyhow. You laugh out loud and when Yoongi asks why are you laughing, you bluntly lie to him “They told me a joke about you”.

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Although Yoongi is dying to sit down and probably sleep, he dances with you because a) he’s afraid that one of your relatives will talk to him if he’s sitting alone and b) he has noticed that one of the bride’s primos has been checking you out for a while.

Protective Yoongi will hold onto you tightly throughout the whole dancing session, pulling you close even when a reggaeton song comes out. You roll eyes, but you can’t deny he is cute when he gets jealous.

Your teenage cousin will join you two as the third wheel just because she wants to talk about Jimin with Yoongi. “Jimin oppa is so handsome. Jimin oppa has such a good body. Jimin is a great dancer… Jimin this, Jimin that… Jimin, Jimin, Jimin”. Of course Yoongi will give her some savage line and then he’ll turn to you: “Y/N, I think your cousin should get her eyes checked!”

At some point of the wedding (probably when old, classic Latin jams start playing) Yoongi will have to spare a dance for your mom. At first he’s as stiff as a statue, so you eye him worriedly from afar, but after a moment they seem to get along and they even laugh together.

While Yoongi is entertaining your mother and aunts you join your female cousins in the chisme… before you can even notice you’re taking tequila shots as though you are competing for a Record Guinness.

Slightly drunk, you all end up dancing to classics like el Asereje o el Meneaito and since you’re such an intercultural family, Ai Se Eu Te Pego, Danza Kuduro, Rain over me and even 피 땀 눈물. The rest of the family joins and Yoongi is once again dragged along. He probably is planning your death in his head, but he smiles or at least tries to and dances, taking the lead when his song starts playing.

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He might have a few drinks with your dad, but he doesn’t get drunk (not even tipsy) and he’s more than ready to leave by the time the clock hits 23:00 pm.

Just when you’re trying to sneak from the party by Yoongi’s hand, your cousin bride’s throws the bouquet up in the air and it lands right at your feet. Yoongi and you exchange confused glances, but after hesitating for a moment, he picks it from the floor and hands it to you before thunderous clapping resounds through the room.

 “Does this mean I have to propose soon?” Yoongi asks with a smirk.

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The party is quite eventful, so by the end of the night Yoongi is majorly tired and super glad the party is over. By the time you get home, he’s still humming Daddy Yankee’s Sigueme y te sigo and he’s unsure whether he loves your family or finds it exhausting to keep it up with all of you or both. On the other hand, your family has officially named Yoongi, Agustin (some of your relatives are super convinced that’s his name), they think he’s an ok boy (though he’s too white and too stiff for their liking) and they’ve already started distributing tasks for a wedding they claim will take place the next year…

I hope this is ok, my lovelies. Hopefully i’ll finish this series soon, but in the meantime, keep sending in your requests!!

Lionel Messi Wedding: Five Inside Information for the Fans
Rosario: Football and showbiz stars gather in northern Argentina on Friday for Latin America’s celebrity wedding bash of the decade when Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi marries his childhood sweetheart Antonella Roccuzzo.

Here is what we know from the few details given by Messi’s spokespeople as well as media reports and local people close to the event in his home city of Rosario.

Shakira and Friends
Pop star Shakira and her husband, Messi’s teammate Gerard Pique are expected among the 260 guests. They will join old friends of the couple and footballers such as his Barcelona strike partners Luis Suarez and Neymar.

The Dress
Brunette bride Roccuzzo, 29, will wear a dress by Spanish designer Rosa Clara, which has been flown over from Barcelona. The designer has dressed stars such as actresses Eva Longoria and Sofia Vergara as well as Spain’s Queen Letizia.

Casino Hotel
From 2200 GMT the guests will pack into the Hotel City-Center Casino, next to a crime-ridden slum run by drug gangs. The civil wedding ceremony and party will all take place inside the venue, and the guests will be lodged there too.

Roasted Gizzards
Messi, 30, has reportedly asked chefs to cook local delicacies such as “locro” stew and “empanada” pasties for the feast. The star dish is a typical Argentine beef roast including chitterlings, gizzards and kidneys.

Latin Pop
Uruguayan pop bands Rombai and Marama plus singer Karina, wife of Argentina footballer Sergio Aguero, will perform at the dance. It is not known whether the guests will also get a song from Shakira, the Colombian diva famous for “Whenever, Wherever.”

Drawn to this fiery beauty of a Spanish-inspired cake. Not sure where to begin - its perfect-yet-imperfect buttercream finish that looks like swirls of thick paint that’s yet to dry, its dusky wine-red hue, the sugar roses that look like they belong in a flamenco dancer’s mouth… I could go on, but the confection kinda speaks for itself, really.

Cake: Elysia Root Cakes