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The episode where Goku fights with Beerus dressed as Monaka just aired in Latin America and in the brazilian dub (and I bet the spanish dub will have that too) Goku calls Chichi "MY LOVE" after she asks him to go home and change his clothes. Gochi fans have been so deprived of moments like this in DBS and the latin america dub is pulling through for us I'M LIVING

What a glorious day to be alive 

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things to love about the latin american spanish inuyasha dub
  • the opening themes all sound like they were recorded on someone’s flip phone from 2002
  • spanish!miroku has this way of saying “SsANgo” that is so over-the-top intense you will eargasm
  • spanish!sango sounds like she’s in pain 100% of the time, which…might actually be genius casting. ow
  • except when she’s calling her attacks—then she sounds adorable
  • “¡ jiraaiiikotsu !”
  • I dare you to listen to this all the way through without cringing
  • “houshi-sama” is translated as “excelencia” which to my english-native ears makes it sound like miroku is the emperor of something. it’s also fucking adorable
  • in latin america, we don’t say “tetsusaiga” we say “colmillo de acero” and I think that’s beautiful
  • kOjaku”
  • If you thought english!kohaku sounded like a 30-year-old man, you’ll love spanish!kojaku, who sounds like a 45-year-old man
  • but in his defense, “hermanaaaa” sounds a lot less stupid than “sisterrrr
  • kagome’s name has exactly one consonant in it 
  • (for legitimate translator reasons)
  • who needs consonants anyway? not señorita aome
  • at least the fucking samba almost makes sense
  • spanish!naraku has such a smooth deep voice that he sounds like he’s about to start singing slow jams
  • @ kikyou
  • not to knock “osuwari” and “sit boy” but they will never be as brutal as   “¡ aBAJO !”
  • during the mt. hakurei arc miroku called sango “mi niña” and I still haven’t recovered
  • “ay mi niña la pongo nerviosa”

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in spanish we don’t have a neutral for “my maker” so can it be “mi creador” (male) or “mi creadora” (female)

but he says “mi creadora, eso quiero” (my maker, I do)

and I just…

maybe is a mistake because they don’t have dub for the movie yet, maybe is not, please I hope that the makers are females!!! <3

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Taiyama week 2017  day 2. Favorite moments   TOP 10 FAVORITE MOMENTS

Because why not? 

10. I wouldn´t  let you go 

Is Digimon adventure episode 9, the kids had been separate, and of course Taichi and Yamato ended up together, and they fought and they fall over a cliff and Yamato is crying and Taichi wouln´t never let him go. 

So beaUtiful 

I love this moment because i think this is the moment when Taichi stars to get Yamato, he wasn´t just an annoyed kid, he was sensitive and he seems really sorprise of see him crying, and (i think) kind of remains him how worried he would be if kari were lost too, or if he can´t defend her.  They conect for very first time. 

9. The hands in the ultimate evolution 

Episode 38, VenomMyotismos emerge and they found out about the prophecy, Taichi and Yamato agree to get their little brothers stab them in favor of save the world.

Taichi is shaking and an act of true love  frienship Yamato hold his hand 

i mean… come on¡ you don´t make those eyes for your friends¡¡ 

Also i adore that is Yamato who hold Taichi, and both of them confess that they are afraid, Taichi didn´t even open his hand he just let Yamato hold him, like sajksdhkfjjls, is so intense and is than confident and trust what make them digivolves (also the arrows of freaking LOVE but who cares) i just… i cant.. 

8. Stalker Yamato

this is not romantic, seriusly Matt, you couln´t just stalk your friends and yell at them and push them literally over a wall just because you have strong feelings, is not a healthy way to deal with it.  And that´s the point, Yamato didn´t know how to exprese the intense feelings, his emotion and the anger and the frustation, is so in caracther, this the same Yamato who decide to killing attack Taichi because no reason was a good idea, the one who yell at sora in panick, the one who crying in a cave alone because he think nobody needs him.  And there is Taichi, always Taichi in the voragine. 

7. Un lider admirado como Tai que siempre hace lo correcto 

So Yamato is alone in the cave form of his bad toughs in episode 51,  and he is super confused and depresed and he speak about Taichi, i didn´t know if he said the same in the english dub than in the latin america dub. In spanish he said something like “ i know i would never be an admirable lider like Tai that always do the right thing” so, that is what Yamato tought of Tai, that is his perception of him, for him Taichi is literally perfection, and that make him insane.

And that is canon 

6.The date after the reboot 

Because they both lost their partners and they don´t need words, just quality time together

yes i know is not the right image but is late and i work in the morning i have no time to screenshots 

4. The hug in OVA 1

The end of reunion could win a contest of more  non resolve sexual tension betwen to male leads… because… 

Just… and of course they remember the moment that star everything 

just kiss alredy 

3. The lake 

Not only one of my favorites Taiyama moments but my favorite episode of my favorite series… when Cherrymon convice Yamato that challenge Tai would resolve his doubs,and tell him his reflexion in the lake would show him his rival, and who he saw in the reflexion? 

We know latter that what the lake do is show you the person who is most dominant in your mind, the one about you think the most. 

So, 11 years old Yamato Ishida, the person who is most dominand in his mind is this boy that he just met this summer, not his little brother, or his digimon partner or the future canon mother of his children, no his neglet mother or his father, nop, that boy… 

Is love, i know it, you know it, even cherrymon know it. 

2. What would yamato do?

After Yamato left the group because the hole metalgarurumon vs. Wargreymon thing Taichi confront a new situation: He run witout competition, he is now the complete autority, he is in charge, no one argue with him (not for like one episode but still). And he get this really cool attitude of thinking before acting, he even have this moment of “waith a second, what would Yamato do? what if i make some mistake? what if something happend to Yamato little brother and is my fault? what i´m gonna tell him?” 

Is really interesting because until this moment you could argue that Yamato has this big one side crush with Taichi, but he tought about Yamato so much in the last part of the dark masters arc, he trust him in a hole new level and you cant denied that taichi miss him. 

look at that face, the “i would rater die that admid that meaby Yamato abandond us forever, he would come, he would help us, he would help me” 

1. The Knigh in the  shinning armor 

And he get back, yelling Taichi´s name in the middle of the battle, in his white horse blue wolf , curing all his injuries with his magic love frienship. 

This is so cliche and corny but just so pretty. 

Phantom Alumni Appearing in Beauty and the Beast 2017
  • Harriet Jones (Christine in West End) as the Queen
  • Simone Sault (Ballet Chorus/Meg u/s in original Australian tour) as a villager
  • Sofia Escobar (Christine in the West End) as Madame Garderobe (Portuguese dub)
  • Claudia Cota (Christine in Mexico City and Buenos Aires) as Madame Garderobe (Latin American Spanish Dub)
  • Irasema Terrazas (Christine in Mexico City) as Mrs. Potts (Latin American Spanish dub)
  • Nando Prado/Pradho (Raoul in Sao Paulo) as Gaston (Brazilian Portuguese dub)
  • Bianca Tadini (Christine in Sao Paulo) as Plumette (Brazilian Portuguese dub)
  • Cidalia Castro (Carlotta in Sao Paulo) as Mrs. Potts (Brazilian Portuguese dub)
  • Tomas Ambt Kofod (Raoul and u/s Phantom in Copenhagen original and revival) as the Beast (Danish dub) (thanks @operafantomet!)
  • Susanne Elmark (Christine in the original Copenhagen production) as Madame Garderobe (Danish dub) (Thanks @operafantomet!)
  • Emmi Christensson (Christine in the West End and Stockholm) as Belle (Swedish dub) 
  • Yoni Amar (u/s Phantom in the cancelled Paris production) as The Beast (French dub) (Thanks @azuraathenax)
  • Dmitry Ermak (Phantom in Moscow) as Gaston (Russian dub) (Thanks @azuraathenax)
  • Damian Alexander (Phantom in Poland) as Gaston (Polish dub)
  • Ekaterina Lëhina/Lekhina (Carlotta in Moscow) as Madame Garderobe (Russian dub)
  • Daniel Engman (Auctioneer in Stockholm) as The Beast (Swedish dub)
  • Karolina Andersson (Carlotta in Stockholm) as Madame Garderobe (Swedish dub)

Including Love Never Dies and the 2004 Movie:

  • Jak Allen-Anderson (Gangle in Love Never Dies Hamburg) as “The Alchemist’s Son” (he can be seen dancing on the table in the blonde wig during “Gaston) and Lumiere motion capture.
  • Megumi Hamada (Christine in Love Never Dies Tokyo) as Madame Garderobe (Japanese dub)
  • Luca Velletri (Phantom in the Italian dub of the 2004 movie) as the Beast (Italian dub) (thanks @vl-blackswan!)

Also Sandy Strallen (father of LND London Meg Summer Strallen) appears in the ensemble

I suspect there might be alumni in the Czech, Norwegian,  Flemish, Korean or Romanian dubs, please let me know if you find any.

While the situation related Villanos/Villainous show and one of its storyboarders’s past is still a thing for see, I am starting to see posts with “THAT IS THE FIRST LATIN AMERICAN SERIES BY CARTOON NETWORK!“ comments.

No. That isn’t.


Don’t you know “Irmão do Jorel“ (Jorel’s Brother) created by Juliano Enrico for Cartoon Network Brazil?

[I haven’t find a video in English language. I hope that you can see it in other countries. I can see it here in Mexico.]

I guess this series isn’t known in USA because it haven’t broadcasted there (I need to a confirmation about it), but the series has a Latin American Spanish dub for the Spanish speaking Latin American countries, where it have been broadcasted, as Mexico.

I want to believe that who wrote these posts WHO ARE FROM MEXICO just haven’t had the luck of watching “Irmão do Jorel“, because if they are aware and keep to say stuff “first latin american show…“, stop to be surprised these persons from South American countries been wary about Mexican users, with Brazilian persons being the more cautious because having Portuguese as language.

So, on Facebook Tom Ruegger announced that the new Disney NOW app has The 7D and posted a link to the Latin American Spanish dub of the “Grump It Up” music video! Then, I was surprised to find out that Disney Channel Latin America has aired the music videos, and they are on YouTube! Here’s the first few for Sneezy, Dopey, Sleepy, and the Grumpster!


I wish all T.V. networks around the world could offer this option someday. Netflix is releasing all of their original series in 5 different languages:

- English (Including an audio described version)
- Spanish (Mexican for all Latin America)
- French
- German
- Italian

Also, they have other options for subtitles, such as English, Spanish, German, Greek and Arabic. I still wonder why they didn’t include Italian and French but… okay.

They even used a different spanish version just for Spain, (due to the different accent) and that’s just great because they’re not being forced to watch our version.

Of course I enjoy watching movies and tv shows in English too, because finding all those details between two or more languages is so interesting to me, but as you already know, I prefer to see them in my own language first. :)