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Ancient Greek kinship terminology and cognates

First off, four very common terms originate from a Indo-European hysterodynamic declension (i. e. with a mobile accent) :

πατήρ, πατρός, m. : father , <*ph₂tḗr
μήτηρ, μητρός, f. : mother, <*méh₂tēr
θυγάτηρ, θυγατρός, f : daughter, <*dʰugh₂tḗr
φράτηρ, φράτερος, m : initially brother, then clansman, citizen <*bʰréh₂tēr 

These four terms have cognates in most Indo-European languages, including Latin, Sanskrit and the Germanic languages, among which English of course. 

The term φράτηρ, as seen above, then underwent a semantic change by expansion and came to mean clansman (or, more specifically, member of a  φρατρία, tribe). Another word for brother, also of Indo-European origin, is in use until this day : 

ἀδελφός, ἀδελφοῦ, m. : brother and ἀδελφή, ἀδελφῆς, f. : sister, from *sm̥-gʷelbʰ-, *sm̥ or *sem meaning one, and *gʷelbʰ meaning womb : your siblings are (most often at least) born from the same womb. It is interesting to see how what was originally a compound noun with a rather periphrastic meaning came to replace the original Indo-European term *bʰréh₂tēr. 

And lastly, because men are going to ask why there is a *dʰugh₂tḗr but no son :

υἱός, υἱοῦ, m., originally υἱύς, υἱἐος, m. : son, <*suHyús, which, in turn, derives from *sewH meaning to give birth. A son is literally whatever you have birthed. Interestingly, there is an alternative stem from the same root, *suHnús, which has not only given Sanskrit sūnú, but also Germanic *sunuz, which later evolves into German Sohn and of course English son

P. S. : I (almost) lied. There is a separate Ancient Greek word for sister, indepedent from the one for brother, but it is a hapax legomenon only found in Hesychius of Alexandria’s "Alphabetical Collection of All Words” from the 6th century AD : ἔορ (genitive unknown), f. It most certainly originates from the Indo-European root *swésōr which literally means woman of one’s own group and has cognates in Latin (soror, -ōris, f.), Sanskrit (svasṛ), the Slavic languages (sestra), and, once again, the Germanic languages (*swestēr, German Schwester and English sister), to give only a few examples. 

P. P. S. : Feel free to correct me if there are any mistakes !!! 

anonymous asked:

does "sororal" in sororal twins come from the same root word as sorority?

Yep! In Latin, soror means “sister”, and sororitas is “a society of women”. 

“Sororal twins” is only used when both dizygotic twins are females. If one or both is male, “fraternal” (from the Latin frater, meaning “brother”) is the proper colloquial term. 

Cool fact: Identical (monozygotic) twins are more often female than male! However, dizygotic twins are pretty evenly split between 2 males/1 male-1 female/2 females.

ethnicunt  asked:

I saw your post in the Latina sorority tag, I was wondering if you were still pursuing Greek life?

Yes, I did. Interesting story actually. I tried really hard - talked to many of those hermanas, went to different events, filled out applications, PAYED MONEY, and went through interviews. And you know what? I got in. I was accepted into a pledge class of only 3, which is crazy considering i think about 10-15 girls were applying for this semester. I was #3 in the line, called the Tail, because I was the tallest - I’m telling you, the job of the tail in a pledge line is FUCKING HARD. My suite mate, who was applying with me, was #2, and a girl we vaguely knew was #1, the ace. Those couple of weeks were the toughest weeks I EVER had to go through, and I started to realize that this is something that I didn’t want.

 Maybe I just wasn’t strong enough, but I like to believe that they were trying to change me drastically, despite their words of “We are not changing you to a different person, we are just ADDING to you.” It seemed like their goal was break you down completely in order to build you back up how they wanted to. Now, I’m not saying that all sororities are like this, but from what I’ve heard, there are a lot of similar ones, particularly in the latin organizations. It came to the point that I was miserable almost every night, with only rare times of happiness, which we cherished at those moments. The women who came previous to us went through that, and endured all the way until they crossed, and I give them props for that, but I couldn’t stand being through shit and fear every night like that. 

SO I ended up dropping. That was a really ridiculous night. Some of the alumni had come to campus, and one of them threatened to put their hands on me, because i wasn’t doing something like they want me to. Now, I don’t give a fuck about anything, BUT no one is going to ever lay a hand on me when i don’t want them to, so i ended up kinda reporting her for saying that later on. Later that night, they completely tore into us, and something I couldn’t forgive them for even now is that they ended up turning us against each other. Of everything they did, it broke me that my line sister, my ace, who i had gotten extremely close to, thought that i had betrayed her, when i would never do that intentionally. they twisted my words around to something horrible. 

That night, they pretend to drop the whole line, and kicked us out of the building. My ace had whirled around to ann and i, with tears on her face, saying that she couldn’t believe that we betrayed her, that we knew that she wanted this the most out of all of us, which she did, and now she couldn’t because of us. I ended up alone crying on the middle of the street, devastated. When I called my sister, she thought something was incredibly wrong, thats how bad i sounded. 

Ann, my suite mate and line sister, and I went to our aces room to try talk to her, where my ace told us that after talking with one of the alumni, she realized that this is all a hoax for them to test out how badly we wanted be part of their organization. Thats when I said no more. An organization that uses these methods just for us PROVE something to them, is DEFINITELY not something for me. I couldn’t stand how they were treating me, and i couldn’t stand the thought that I might have to do that to other pledges in the future. Its crazy to see the behind the scenes of an organization that I had seen as such sophisticated women. 

So yeah, after realizing it was a hoax, i called up my dean and told her that i knew that it wasn’t real, and that I had to decided to drop for real. My suite mate, my #2, ended up doing the same, and what was once a pledge line of 3, became one, and our ace became a solo. She understood our actions. I told her that I wanted her finish, that I knew that she could, and that when she came out on her probate, that I would standing out in the front of the crowd, extremely proud of her. I had hoped that even after all this, that we would still be really good friends. During pledging you cant talk to anyone thats not part of your organization, unless you ABSOLUTELY have to, so i didn’t contact her because I didn’t want to get her in trouble. The times that I did end up seeing her in person, I gave her a small smile, and she did in return. Over time, the smiles became smaller, until they completely disappeared, and eventually it became a cold shoulder, like she never knew me at all. I heard from others that she ended up dropping herself. I really do think that she blames me, because she had to go at it alone, and couldn’t take it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the organization started to trash me to her after i dropped. I fully expected to it. I think thats why it seems she started to hate me. 

Ann and I are still really good friends, still suite mates, but we don’t talk about pledging often. We call it war flashbacks whenever we do. 

Its the end of the semester now and its all a bad memory now of a bad point in my life. I don’t talk to any of them anymore. Its like it never happened. 

It makes me extremely sad.

Sorry the really long post :/