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                      Let’s Rhumba: 2017-2018 Short Dance Mix

First significant appearance of rhumba is season 1993-94. All the greats, all the, er, passion.

And here are some rhumbas from 1997 Worlds where it was a compulsory dance:

In the season 1999-2000 we had a latin OD for the first time:

Then season 2006. Now, as many of you remember, the OD at the Torino Olympics was extremely dramatic. Here are some dances from that season, including the dance that (I’m convinced) won Belbin/Agosto an Olympic medal and the death stare ™ dance:

2007 Worlds, where rhumba was a CD:

And the most recent showing of the latin rhythms - 2012 SD:


Happy Birthday @idontgettechnology! Apologies for this not coming out sooner - by the time my muse decided to cooperate, it was already the beginning of school for me. I hope you still like this!

Title: Colors

Prompt: Birthday Party

Relationships: Steve Rogers/Darcy Lewis, Shieldshock, Bucky Barnes/Natasha Romanov, background relationships

Continuity: Canon-Divergence, Soulmate-AU

Warnings: None

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Music and random FFXV headcanons


  • Has a Marty McFly complex: gets fired up when he’s called a Chicken.
  • Likes old Fall Out Boy.
  • Likes Nightwish.
  • He loves orchestral/soft piano music, but feels a bit shy about it and will mostly listen to that when entirely alone.
  • Ignis shares that taste and gives orchestral/piano suggestions to Noct.
  • Noct never told him, but Ignis knows he prefers privacy, so he just suggest music and leaves him alone (unless Noct specifically asks him to stay). 
  • DC comics. Period.


  • His musical taste is the most diverse one.
  • Will go from Bon Jovi to Ella Fitzgerald to Eluveitie but: 
  • He LOVES classic disco hits.
  • Will always sing and dance to I Will Survive
  • Will always sing and dance to Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.
  • He LOVES musicals, both theatre and movies.
  • Damn Latin rhythms, Gladio will dance to them.
  • Only jazz companion to Ignis.
  • He likes Clamp manga.
  • Marvel but DC ocassionally.


  • He LOVES Muse
  • Fave album = The Second Law
  • Would marry Matt Bellamy’s voice if he could.
  • Orchestral/Soft piano musical mate to Noctis.
  • Too reserved to sing, but will ocassionally hum.
  • Flamenco fanboy? I mean, it’s elegant and fire-like just like he is? Dunno.
  • Jazz and Blues because he can.
  • Loves waltzes (and knows how to dance them but rarely shows it).
  • Any waltz: Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers or Joe Hisaishi’s Howl’s Moving Castle.
  • Waltz ¾ rhythm is life.
  • Power metal companion to Prompto (with some exceptions).
  • DC but Marvel ocassionally.


  • Star Wars fanboy to death (obviously).
  • Musical theatre/movies companion to Gladio.
  • From AC/DC to Green Day.
  • Power metal!
  • Likes Panic! At The Disco
  • Would go gay for early-years Brendon Urie.
  • The one that knows best on videogame music.
  • Loves Koji Kondo.
  • Loves Mario Galaxy.
  • Won’t say it but he loves Disney music.
  • Marvel comics. Period.

What else do you headcanon? :)

Consider the headcanons come from the enviroment I live in/the things I know; I might be missing more accurate headcanons, but that’s not the point. It’s just for fun, so consider not coming up with comments of the “ugh ofc not, this is so fake, he’d like this better u ass” sort, thank you.


Tessa x Latin Rhythms dance dresses of the past

Here’s the different dresses that Tessa has worn to perform the Latin Rhythms dances. She has worn, most of the time, pink/orange dresses.

 My personnal favorites are the yellow dress worn for the 2011 Worlds, the pink/purple one for the 2012 4CC and Worlds & the blue one. 

Lovely designs & the pink tasseled/fringed dress was so fun of the ice too. 


On this day in music history: August 14, 1980 - “Irons In The Fire”, the third album by Teena Marie is released. Produced by Teena Marie, it is recorded at Motown/Hitsville USA Recording Studios in Hollywood, CA from Late 1979 - May 9, 1980. With musical mentor Rick James having produced her debut album “Wild And Peaceful”, and co-producing her sophomore release “Lady T” with Richard Rudolph (Minnie Riperton), Teena Marie is finally granted full creative control of her next album. Utilizing the lessons learned from her previous collaborators along with her own prodigious talents, the singer and musician takes the reigns with authority. Teena assembles a team of top studio musicians including Paulinho Da Costa (percussion), Wali Ali (guitar), Michael Boddicker (synthesizers), Earl Palmer (drums), James Jamerson, Jr. (bass), Bobby Lyle (piano) and members of the R&B/Funk band (and fellow Motown label mates) Ozone. Bassist Allen McGrier also becomes a creative ally in the studio as well as a core member of Teena Marie’s band along with vocalists Jill Jones and Mickey Hearn. Continuing to blossom creatively, the material on “Irons” runs the gamut from R&B and funk, to latin and jazz rhythms set to compelling and musically complex arrangements written by Marie (with string arrangements by veteran Motown arranger Paul Riser). The albums title is taken from a statement made by Teena’s father Thomas Brockert had said to her as a teenager, telling her “you’ve always got so many irons in the fire…”. Teena dedicates the album to her father, who had passed away four years before. Released barely six months after “Lady T”, “Irons In The Fire” takes off quickly. Led by the instant classic “I Need Your Lovin’” (#9 R&B, #37 Pop, #2 Club Play) which becomes a hit on R&B radio, club dance floors and her first top 40 pop hit, it is the singer, songwriter and musician’s biggest success to date. The album spins off one further single with “Young Love” (#41 R&B), album cuts including “You Make Love Like Springtime”, “Chains” and the title track also become fan favorites.  Originally released on CD in the early 90’s, the album is remastered and reissued on Universal Music Group’s Hip-O Select imprint in 2011, including five live bonus tracks. “Irons In The Fire” peaks at number nine on the Billboard R&B album chart, number thirty eight on the Top 200, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

Good Evening!
Naoki Kodaka, Shinichi Seya, Nobuyuki Hara
Good Evening!

Super Fantasy Zone (Mega Drive), 1992
Naoki Kodaka, Shinichi Seya, Nobuyuki Hara

Hooray! One of my favorite soundtracks on several artistic levels. Not only is it uniformly excellent, Mr. Kodaka did an amazing job writing new material for the series. He didn’t just imitate Hiroshi Kawaguchi’s original carefree, bubbly music (although he is an incredible mimic), he actually built on the cute latin rhythms and syrupy 50′s chord progressions and amplified their essence. It’s twice as happy, twice as adorable, twice as catchy, and that’s not to mention the excellent sound design by the Sunsoft team. Rubbery basses, arpeggiated marimbas, boopy PSG leads, miniature horn sections, charmingly grating TR-727 whistles and the best FM tom rolls this side of Thunder Force. It’s everything Fantasy Zone was and more. I actually like it better …
Remembering Go-Go Legend Chuck Brown

Chuck Brown got his start in music shining shoes on the streets of Richmond, Va., in the early 1940s, and then around the corner from the Howard Theater in Washington D.C. Chuck was possibly the only person to have bootblacked for both Louis Jordan, the early king of rhythm and blues, and Hank Williams, the country star who was the first person to tip Chuck a whole dollar. He asked questions, listened to their music and everything else on the radio. And by the time he had made his way in the world, Brown could say he had done one amazing thing that those two giants never had: invented a whole new music by himself.

I needed to talk to Chuck for a book I was writing about James Brown. There were few folks alive who could speak more knowingly about funk, as a music and a state of mind, than Chuck. And, like James, he’d had a huge influence on George Clinton and hip-hop, from his gold tooth down to his popping bass. Both Browns grew up poor, Southern, both had gone to prison as kids, heck — both shined shoes.

By the time I spoke with him, Chuck had long become famous around the world as the Godfather of Go-Go, the Washington D.C.-based sound that was the square root of funk. In 1965 the African-American guitarist was playing in Los Latinos, a multi-racial Top 40 band pumping Latin rhythms into the soul they were playing. Soon on his own Chuck was jamming James Brown grooves at casual District backyard parties, incorporating the Latinos’ sound into what was becoming his own. He called himself The Soul Searcher, and fancied himself a guitar star.

But it was when he got his own band together, called them the Soul Searchers and used his cigarillo-sooty rasp as the band’s lead instrument, that go-go took off. Maybe urban places were supposed to be the death of folk styles, but with go-go, Brown created a sound that was purely of the place he called home. Go-go was the boogaloo beat transforming the barbecues of Chocolate City.

“I wanted something different!” he barked at me with a smile. “I wanted my own sound, you know what I’m saying? And I said, ‘I'ma create my own sound.’”

It was music with a fat bass that hovered over the night like a rhetorical question, and that clarified itself at 4 am. By then D.C. and Maryland clubs were supposed to be shut down, but Brown was just establishing his presence. And it was regal: big-pimpin’ velours, a devilish grin and a chapeau broad enough to to block the sunrise. That showmanship propelled the music, as did the conga/bass drum interplay threading through and between the songs.

Go-go birthed numerous D.C. bands, and was a crucial influence on George Clinton’s P-Funk; Chuck’s 1979 hit “Bustin’ Loose” got him on Soul Train. For a moment go-go was marketed as a national craze; in the 'early '80s Brown showed punk rockers they, too, had rumps. Everyone from Eric B. and Rakim to Duran Duran sampled his music, but while it eventually fell off the charts go-go never fell out of favor in D.C. Chuck was doing shows every week or two, and had been around so long that the regional icon was treated like a national treasure.

Another D.C. musician of note, Duke Ellington, once said, “Fate is being kind to me. Fate doesn’t want me to be famous too young.” A year before he died, around the time the National Symphony Orchestra played a show of Sousa, Ellington and Chuck Brown music on the West Lawn of the capitol, Brown told me, “I think if I was a young man and was as famous as I am now — oh, man I might be all messed up. I just thank God that it happened in its time, and that the older I get the more famous I get.” Throw your hands up! [Read More]

an au for you and your space children

here we go: musician/dancer! au (wow that exclamation point looks so out of place)

  • keith doesn’t really play gigs but he knew enough about latin rhythm and jazz to be here. “here” was the latin dance club that shiro played at with his band. 
  • so keith plays the bass and he loves playing the upright as well as electric, but upright makes him feel snazzy and cool (though he’ll never admit it)
  • shiro plays the sax (like all four diferent types); pidge is on trumpet and hunk is their percussionist; allura is on piano and coran is i dont know (i’m missing a trombone, but i doubt that he plays trombone)
  • moving on, so their normal bass player is out sick and keith doesn’t really do this but he will do it for his super respectable buddy, shiro
  • lance dances a lot at the club because his cuban roots has had him dancing since he was a baby and he loves the beats and just moving his body
  • lance is actually really pretty and we get that keith is pretty a lot but think about lance’s skincare routine and beauty sleep
  • keith is enamored by everyone’s dancing and he’s just awed at how lively everything is and the smell of sweat and cigarettes that seem to stick to the room. 
  • lance likes to hit on allura a lot but when he saw keith he kinda just forgot to do something that was almost habit (use stupid pick up lines on gorgeous girls)
  • keith is shocked by how much lance dances, he’s been there since 8 and now it’s 1 in the morning, and lance is still dancing. how does he do it??? keith’s fingers are dying from plucking strings and he thinks pidge’s breathing is getting ragged from playing so many high notes
  • keith is also shocked by the number of people that lance has danced with throughout the night. he danced with women and men alike, like it was no big deal
  • keith is staring at lance so much that he has to physically keep his head faced towards the fret board so he won’t miss his fucking solo like he fucking did three songs ago
  • time passes like songs
  • when the dancing and the music finally slows down, everyone is exhausted, but there’s still an ebbing energy flowing through the crowd of people that haven’t left
  • lance goes up to keith at the bar because wow, is that a new bass player for their band? and shit that ponytail and rolled up sleeves are hot (keith likes to keep his hair out of his face when he plays and rolls his sleeves up out of habit)
  • anyway so they chat for a bit and because they’re getting no where, keith just grabs lance’s arm right before the latter starts to leave and pulls out a post-it and a pen and scribbles his number down before smashing the note into lance’s hand.
  • “call me” he says and lance just nods; they turn around to walk away (keith’s bass is still on stage)
  • “as long as it’s not a booty call” keith says, almost as an afterthought, but he wonders whether it would be okay even if it was just a booty call. 
  • “got it, no booty calls” lance calls back with a wink and keith wonders if he’s lucky enough to have a lightning bolt strike down and hit him when he’s inside a club at 1:30 in the morning where there’s not a single cloud in sight. he’s dying from embarassment. 
  • lance actually likes keith a lot even though he kinda got pissed because keith was just glaring at him from the stage while he was playing 

wow can you tell i’m a music nerd? i’m leaving this au here and running away (message me or tag me if you want to talk about it or have more to add)

Sort of a flamenco dress – at least it makes me feel like moving around a dance floor, slamming my heels to a latin rhythm, whirling this long flowing hem in the air, and throwing my head back in a tempestuous way.    On the other hand, maybe I’ll just lie on the couch with a bag of chips and watch t.v.

                                    The Paso Doble Post

Short dance for the upcoming season is a paso doble so I decided to gather some compulsories/original dances from the past to get us into spirit. Let’s start with the gods.

*OSP is original set pattern, that’s how the original dance used to be called.

Paso Doble was one of the compulsories in season 1991/1992

In 1995/1996 paso doble was the theme of the original dance so I brought the whole top-10 from the Worlds'96.

The rest of the top-10: Romanova and YaroshenkoLobacheva and AverbukhPunsalan and SwallowMrázová and ŠimečekDrobiazko and VanagasFusar-Poli and Margaglio

In 2001/2002, the original dance was “Latin rhythms combination” and paso doble was one of the options along with tango and flamenco. I chose some paso-involved dances:

And the last time to date paso doble appeared as the CD at the 2009 Worlds.

And the rest of the top-10: Khokhlova and NovitskiKerr and KerrFaiella and ScaliCarron and JostCappellini and Lanotte + Delobel and Schoenfelder who didn’t participate in the Worlds but had the best dance, imo.


Bogotá, Colombia - 1st Impressions

It’s strange how one’s first impressions can be so different from what one expected. To be honest, I’m not too sure what I expected, so it can’t be that far off - but the Colombia I have experienced in the last 12 days has blown my mind!

The Colourful roads - traffic, graffiti vehicles, bicycles and other wheels

One of the most striking things are the roads. They are fully jam packed all the time with traffic. I don’t know why anyone uses a car on the road, its probably the slowest form of transport in the city. But the cars on the road are totally unlike those that I am used to. They are big, chunky, cowboy cars. I guess they are the kind of cars and trucks that you see in American movies, but it just feels different to see in real life.

All along the streets is beautiful graffiti. It makes for great viewing as you sit in traffic. Estie and I will definitely do a photography project on the graffiti around the town.

The Trans Milenio - basically an aboveground subway but made out of busses and dedicated bus lanes all through the city - is an awesome way to get around the city if its not also packed full of people. On Saturday we took the Trans Milenio for the first time. All of a sudden a bunch of people got on and started giving everyone hugs have sharing the message that “you are special”. It left us glowing all day with grins as wide as our ears. But by far the best form of transport in this city is self-powered. Wheels of all sorts - bicycles, tricycles, skateboards, roller blades… even roller skates, are everywhere. The city has over 600km of bike lanes and actively promotes self-powered forms of transport.The sidewalks are great, there are convenient bridges over all the main roads to make crossing safe and easy. 

And the Ciclovía! Every Sunday from 07:00 till 14:00 half of the main roads through the city are closed off to cars and only self-powered transport is allowed to be used. It’s and awesome excuse to get outdoors, in the city, and explore. And there are pitstop tents and bicycle workshops set up all along the roads too incase you get thirsty or need a bit of maintenance done.

People and Style

Colombians are incredibly friendly and good looking. They feel like a combination of the relaxed friendliness of South Africa and the image focused style of Korea. They are not shy to chat to you even if there is a bit of a language gap, and they are always happy to practice their English or help out with Spanish. Their friendly and open attitude is going to make getting into Spanish a lot easier than Korean was in Korea. Food and street food The food is also great! There are tons of fruit I have never tried before - and at a good price too! I’m going to be making a lot of smoothies this year! They eat a lot of meat and ground maize (similar to in South Africa) but with more BEANS. And there are tons of street vendors selling yummy empanadas, coffee, aromatic teas, and all sorts of other things.

Parks There are loads of parks in the city. The first Sunday we visited Virrey Park and it was full with people doing all kinds of interesting stuff - Aerobatics from ribbons in the trees, slack lining, tai chi, picnics, gym-ing, and romancing. The parks are also great for drinking cheap Aguadiente between bars at night - the legality of public park drinking seems a bit blurred… And the biggest park in the city seems to be Simon Bolivar Park. We went there on Sunday and there were hundreds, no, thousands of people flying kites. There is a big lake in the middle where you can paddle a boat around, huge sand pits, and best of all in two weeks a free rock festival, “Rock al Parque”, which is said to draw over 400,000 people over the three days!

Salsa The latin rhythm of Colombia! Now I can’t dance, but the music here makes be think I can (or is that the Aguadiente and Ron?!)! It’s happy, its bouncy, and its sexy. We went to a Salsa club down town and had some of the most fun you can have with your clothes on - with some of the most happy and energetic people! Salsa is definitely something that I want to get into my bones this year.

The Spanish Flea

There was a little spanish flea
A record star he thought he’d be
He heard of singers like Beatles
and The Chipmunks he’d seen on TV
Why not a little spanish flea?

And so he hid
Inside a doggie from Madrid
He arrived in the city
Still singin his sweet harmony
As proud as any flea could be

He walked around
As if he owned the town
Humming his pint sized melody
With his guitar he knew he’d be a star
And in his own home town, how proud he’d be

Then all at once he met a man
Who said, “I’ll help you if i can”
He listened close to his song
And then he sang right along for you see
He loved that little spanish flea

~Julius and Cissy Wechter