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“There was something about the word itself that was magical. Cabeswater. Something old and enigmatic, a word that didn’t seem to belong in the New World.”

wild flowers | morning dew | the forest

@camael-fanart  I’ve never EVER written something based on fanart before, and I’m *definitely* a newcomer, and you’re one of my fav artists doing Drarry on tumblr, so I really hope you enjoy this and that I’m not being a total weirdo

no title yet, based on this gorgeous art

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The Fates themselves had a fate of their own.  Spinning, spinning.  Day in, day out.  They wove the thread of each man’s life, birth to death, and not even the gods themselves could change it.  But on occasion they encountered an unusual thread to break the monotony.

“Honestly, I’m not sure what to make of this one,” Lachesis remarked, showing a bright gold thread to her sisters.

“Ah, I remember spinning that one out,” Clotho answered.  "The orphan, the hero.  The one they’ve composed all those odes about.“

"Is he coming my way?” Atropos asked.

“Well, that’s just it.  I thought he was, twice.”  Lachesis showed how the gold thread passed through warp and weft.  "But I feel no direction now.“

"Hmm.  Has he settled anywhere? ”

“He wanders.  He continues to battle, although his feats should be done.  There are knots, here, and here.  I do not know what he battles for.  Perhaps he is unwilling to accept it is over.”

Atropos sighed.  She was unsentimental, unlike her sisters.  "Send him to me, then.  Men never know when to give up and let their children have the world.“

"That’s just it, he has no children.”  Clotho peered over at the loom and laughed.

“He’s as untouched as one of Artemis’ girls?  What a silly creature.  I’m sure he could have any woman, with a fame such as his.”  She touched the thread and closed her eyes in thought.  "Or any man, rather.“  She sprung back and clapped her hands, an idea clearly coming to her.  Clotho always was the most girlishly excitable of the three.

"Dying a virgin is for dryads and nymphs!  Let’s have some fun.  Is Apollo busy?  I’m sure he’d welcome a pursuit.”

“Do we really want to turn him into a tree or something?”

“We could always… make him do it.”  At her sister’s doubting stares, Clotho pouted.  “It’s literally in our job description!”  

Lachesis turned back to the loom.  “I suppose I could fashion a new destiny.   You know I prefer to let the threads speak their directions to me rather than overtly guide them, but…”  She hummed to herself as she passed her fingers over the knots in the gold thread again.  There was something recurring there.  A someone.  Her eyes lit up.

“Let’s give him a choice.”  Quickly she held up her hand to stop Clotho’s objections.

“Don’t worry.  It won’t be an easy one.”


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anonymous asked:

Can you write a post explaining German cases please?

If they could be explained in one post, i’m sure we’d all have less problems lmao but i’ll try! 

1. What cases are there? 

German has four cases: Nominativ, Genitiv, Dativ und Akkusativ. (for any Latin nerds: Same as in Latin minus Ablative and Vocative.) 

2. Why are they necessary? 

Well, for once, you’ll need them if you want native speakers to understand what you’re saying. But let’s go a little deeper and compare German to English: 

In English, the meaning depends on the sentence structure. “The man bit the dog” and “The dog bit the man” have very different meanings even though both sentences use the same words - that’s because of the typical SVO-order. In English, the subject generally comes first, then some kind of verb, then the object (there are more difficult cases of course, but let’s not go into that rn). English has very little morphology, meaning that nouns/pronouns/determiners don’t inflect (a lot) depending on the case they’re in. 

In German, you can switch stuff around until you’re dizzy. “Der Hund biss den Mann” and “Den Mann biss der Hund” both mean the same, because “den” indicates that “Mann” is in the Akkusativ, thus he’s the one being bitten, no matter where you put him in the sentence. The case morphology allows a freer sentence order without leading to possible misunderstandings. 

3. So how do I know which case I need? 

This is the moment where it gets more complicated. You can associate the following questions with each case: 

  • Nominativ = Wer oder was? (Who?. The subject of a sentence is always in the nominative case.)
  • Genitiv = Wessen? (Whose?. Typically describes possession or comes as a rule after certain prepositions like “wegen” or verbs like “gedenken”.)

Okay, we can deal with that. Now on to the more difficult stuff: 

  • Dativ = Wem? 
  • Akkusativ = Wen oder was? 

To understand this, some knowledge of grammar is definitely an advantage. Consider the following sentences: 

  • I have a book. = Ich habe ein Buch. 
  • This is all well and nice. Subject (NOM), Verb, Object (AKK). 
  • In English, you would call “a book” a direct object because the verb “to have” is transitive, meaning it carries one object. “I have.” isn’t generally a full sentence and is expected to be followed by an object.

So apparently all our problems are solved with the Akkusativ/direct object. What now? 

  • I give you a book. = Ich gebe dir ein Buch. 
  • This is the critical moment. Subject (NOM), Verb, Object (DAT), Object (AKK). 
  • Suddenly we have two objects because the verb “to give” makes us expect information about what we’re giving (direct object, AKK) and to whom we’re giving it (indirect object, DAT). 
  • Such verbs are called ditransitive, meaning they can carry two objects. Just saying “I give.” leaves us wondering what you’re talking about because we’re missing key information. 
  • English, as explained above, solves this with sentence order by making the indirect object come first or by indicating it with “to” (“I give a book to you”). German solves it with inflection, putting the indirect object in a different case. 
  • That’s why things like “Ein Buch gebe ich dir” and “Dir gebe ich ein Buch” are both possible in German.
  • There are also intransitive verbs which carry either no object at all or just a dative object (“Ich antworte ihm”). 

4. How do I know which verbs carry which object(s)? 

This list will save you.  At some point (once you’ve gotten to a certain level in German), you’ll have a gut feeling about which object(s) to use just from experience. Give it some time! 

5. What about determiners and pronouns? 

I actually think this is less work because it’s one table of endings each, and once you’ve got that down you should be fine. 

side note: As a native speaker and language nerd who loves grammar, it’s hard for me to judge if this was helpful or just confusing as hell. I hope I still answered your question to some extent! If you need more help or have problems with a specific sentence, let me know and i’ll try my best! :) 



*digs out my Latin binder*

  • She took Latin. Yeah, you can fight me on this one. There’s no way she didn’t. Maybe she took Italian on the side, too, in fact she probably did, but do you know what Latin classrooms are like? They’re filled with f*ckin’ nerds. Where the hell else do you think Pidge would fit in at school? [BESIDES the computer lab].
    • When she entered the Garrison, everybody made fun of her for taking a dead language. In exchange, she defiles their Garrison textbooks with lines from Ovid’s Ars Amatoria. [‘Lex talionis, lupae.’]
    • Whenever someone even mildly inconveniences her, she responds with, ‘Et tu, Brute?’
      • Lance forgets to return her headphones? ‘Et tu, Brute?’
      • Hunk filches some of her food goo? ‘Et tu, Brute?’
      • Coran keeps a tool she needs out of reach because you have to sleep, Number Five? ‘Et tu, Brute?’
      • When she says it to Keith, he gets really confused. [‘What does “a two brutal” mean, Pidge?’]
    • She swears like a sailor, but no one realizes it because she’s always swearing in Latin. For example:
      • Futue te ipsum!
      • Sterculum!
      • Ede faecam.
      • Futuere!
      • Te futueo et caballum tum.
      • And, her favorite roast: Mater tua tam obesa est ut cum Romae est urbs habet octo colles!
    • Also, Latin memes: Salvete, omnes!
    • She totally ships Cornelia and Flavia from Ecce Romani
  • She and her family have visited Italy a couple times.
    • The first time, they spent some time in Firenze [Florence]; the second time, they visited Roma and Capri.
  • Pidge loves Lampredotto. [Am I self-projecting here? Maybe.] Matt is grossed out by her weird obsession with a sandwich that’s made from the fourth stomach of a cow, so she does her best to shove it in his face whenever he can.
    • When she left Firenze, she dearly missed her beloved Lampredotto, and she thinks of it often. [I am very much self-projecting.]
    • The first thing she thought when she saw Kaltenecker was, ‘I need to borrow his stomach.’
      • Lance doesn’t ever leave Pidge and Kaltenecker in a room alone after that.
  • Pidge went to the Uffizi Gallery, and though she isn’t much one for art, she really loved the Sleeping Hermaphroditus. It spurred her to learn about gender spectrums, and also inspired her to experiment with her own gender expression.
    • She thought about that sculpture as she was cutting her hair to sneak into the Garrison.
  • In Roma, Pidge and Matt were having a field day translating all the Latin on all the arches and buildings [yes, Matt is a Latin nerd too, fight me on this].
  • Pidge and her family also visited the Vatican and saw the Sistine Chapel. They’re not Catholic, or even Christian, but damn, when you can see a painting by Michelangelo, you see a painting by Michelangelo.
    • Pidge didn’t much care for it, but she and Matt had a great time running around the other hallways of the Vatican.
    • She actually liked the modern Christian art displayed there and felt it was very underappreciated.
  • When she visited the Fontana di Trevi, she threw in a coin, hoping to come to Roma again the next year. Matt threw in three coins, hoping he’d get married someday [like the sap he is]. Pidge laughed when Matt got pickpocketed here.
    • She later regretted throwing in her coin, because Matt went missing the next year. Pidge refused to go back to Roma without her whole family there with her.
  • Pidge didn’t like Capri, mainly because it was so hot, and she got sunburned. She didn’t like going to the beach there after that.
  • She did enjoy one thing at Capri, and that was a chance to learn to make gelato.
    • The family was visiting their aunts and cousin in Capri, and they ran a gelato shop.
    • Pidge and Matt learned from them how to make lemon gelato, and they got very good at it very quickly.
      • Sometimes they’d even make it at home, because their aunts bought them their own gelato machine. Such generous aunts.
    • Pidge passed on this knowledge to Hunk, but even he isn’t as good at making it as she is.
  • One time, Colleen convinced Pidge and Matt that the trailer for Half-Life 3 had come out, and when showed them, she just Rickrolled them with the song, ‘Pompeii’ by Bastille.
    • She Rickrolls them often with this song.
  • Pidge and her dad once made a video of them reenacting the whole fight scene between Luke and Darth Vader in Cloud City, except completely in Italian.
    • Pidge got extra credit in her Italian class for this.
    • Pidge was playing the role of Vader while Sam was Luke.
  • Matt and Pidge argue all the time over who’s Mario and who’s Luigi.
    • I’M clearly the more popular one between us, Matt, I’M Mario!’
    • ‘You’re too short to be Mario, Katie, he’s like six foot! Haven’t you even watched Game Theory?!’
      • It doesn’t matter, both of them suck at Mario Kart compared to Colleen, who plays as Bowser.

“If one squinted into Cabeswater long enough, in the right way, one could see secrets dart between the trees. The shadows of horned animals that never appeared. The winking lights of another summer’s fireflies. The rushing sound of many wings, the sound of a massive flock always out of sight. Magic.”
Maggie Stiefvater, The Raven King

Let’s talk some more about Cuban Derek Malik Nurse because this has officially become important for my sanity

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Some curses in Latin

Osculum mihi asinum - kiss my ass

Pedicabo in asino - fuck me in the ass

Futue te ipsum - fuck off

Stercus accidit - shit happens

Lupa - whore (ik this because i accidentally put lupa in a latin test when trying to find the 3io conjugation for lupis)

Deodamnatus - damnit

Mala pituita - nasty nasal drippings

Lambere meus penis, moecha putida - lick my dick, dirty slut

And my personal favourite


ad astra per aspera (a rough road leads to the stars)

@flange5 is terrible because she likes to send me headcanons for headcanons:

Because I am terrible, I’m imagining Tony buying Steve a star every year after he gets out of the ice. Even during the CW. Even after he ‘dies.’ He actually does it twice the year of the brain delete because, well, he doesn’t remember the first time. 

He doesn’t tell Steve. Ever. Especially now that Steve will barely speak to him after the incursions and everything else. But he just can’t help himself. It still feels like such a great metaphor, you know? The perfect light he can’t touch but which is all the better for that. There’s something almost therapeutic about putting Steve’s name, variations of it, his epithets, nicknames, even the stupid things the baddies called him in fights years ago, on the stars. 

Steve actually finds out when it comes up on an astronomy show as a bit of trivia. Even though Tony’s been doing it anonymously, and the show doesn’t say who it was, floating the idea of maybe a fan club or something, when they call him to ask for a comment, he knows immediately, and he doesn’t even know what he says. It must be vaguely acceptable, because they go away.

Your choice where it goes from there, whether Steve at first gets mad and sees it as an attempt to manipulate or buy his way, or if he recognizes it, or if he just misses his friend. 

Or buys him a star and sees if Tony notices. 

I have this total vision of them sending messages in a bottle via stars, neither of them admitting that this is them tentatively rebuilding their friendship. Meanwhile, a few astronomers are following it on twitter, not knowing who is having this epic conversation, but completely shipping it. 

Eventually, they actually have to meet bc heroing, and it’s harder, but they are able to do it.

And later they can literally tell people, should they choose, that (hee) their relationship is written in the stars.

It literally brought tears to my eyes and so I just had to try writing SOMETHING for it. 

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“It was true that Blue was just shy of five feet and it was also true that she hadn’t eaten her greens, but she’d done the research and she didn’t think the two were related.”
Maggie Stiefvater, Blue Lily, Lily Blue

ID #83855

Name: Hanka
Age: 15
Country: Czech Republic

 I’m awkward teen who talks too much for anyone to listen. I’m geeky, sarcastic nerd with love for drawing, reading, TV shows, anime, memes, languages, history and cats. I speak Czech (Slovak) and English, but I study French and Russian, too, and I want to start Latin and Japanese. I’m interested in learning about other languages (the perspective of a native speaker is always so interesting) and cultures. I also “occasionaly” indulge in “deep” talks about meaning of life.

Preferences:  Preferably someone of my age group, as I sometimes get really self-conscious when speaking to someone older than me. Also, I don’t like racist or anti-LGBT+ people.