latin dancers

E’ proprio un altro mondo.
Quando indossi le scarpe, stringi le stringhe.
Ti tiri i capelli il più possibile, in uno chignon che li tenga tutti e sei pronta.
Schiena diritta, petto in fuori.
Cominci a sentire le melodie più belle e inizi a ballare.
Nessun pensiero, nessuna preoccupazione.
Ci sei solo tu. Tu e i tuoi passi.
—  inostri-occhichediventanomani

Performed by: Dmitry Chaplin and Jenna Johnson

Number: “Stay with Me”

Style: Rumba

From: Dance Temptation rehearsals (2017)


Performed by: Mark Ballas and Lindsey Stirling

Number: “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”

Choreographer: Mark Ballas

Style: Jive

From: Dancing with the Stars, Season 25 (2017)

What would fun at a Fair be without a good Puppet Show? Well, in this set piece a Puppet Show is being led by Harry Rabbit and his juggling son Jack Rabbit. Harry is seen puppeteering a puppet of a Gypsy and Russian dancer. Other puppets seen on the rack are inspired by the likes of a Roaring 20s gal, a cowboy, a clown, an artist, a Keystone Cop and a Latin dancer. His son Jack on the other hand is seen juggling balls under the blacklight environment. This entire scene was elaborate under blacklight and was aided by a Calliope of the famed Knott’s Bear-y Tales song! Photo Courtesy Knott’s Preserved


Performed by: Amanda Carbajales and D’Angelo Castro

Number: “Run Boy Run”

Style: Paso Doble, Samba, Cha Cha, and Jive

From: World of Dance (2017)

Dancetale AU

AU Creator(s): Tea and Stars

Official AU Blog: None

Creator Tracked Tags: Yes

AU Canon: The plot of this AU isn’t story driven but instead is focused on each one of the Undertale characters being into dancing. Sans used to be an avid dancer but stopped after all of the resets, but he is said to be mesmerizing when he dances. 

  • Papyrus is a Latin dancer who doesn’t have a specific focus but instead does a wide variety of dancing. He is particularly fond of the Cha Cha.
  • Sans dances Hip Hop (think freestyle, break dancing).
  • Frisk does ballet.
  • Alphys and Undyne both dance to K-pop/J-pop specific hip hop, although Undyne also dances Capoeira (a Brazilian martial art that blends dancing).
  • Mettaton dances Jazz and Hip Hop, specifically to Beyonce and similar artists.
  • The Royal Family is focused on the Waltz. 
  • All of the ghosts dance to Swing. 

Official AU Design:



neubauje  asked:

Okay, I'll bite, what fat characters do you have? Sorry if there's a really obvious answer I'm not familiar with (from missing out on some of your series) but I'm not the only one wondering!

I’m…not sure what you’re biting, here?  You asked me a yes or no question.  I gave you a yes or no answer.  I’ve said before, multiple times, that while I like interacting with people and I don’t mind answering questions, I actually do mind being asked to make lists of my characters who fit category A or B.  It feels like a quiz that I don’t have the rules for and can’t possibly pass.

And how are you defining “fat”?  I know people who say anyone size 10 or over is fat, and if that’s where you’re drawing the line, I actually can’t tell you.  With the exception of Verity (competitive Latin dancer), Polychrome (dealing with a lot of disordered eating), and Fern (sylph), I usually assume even my “skinny” characters are around a size 10.  All the dragon princesses in InCryptid are fat, with the smallest of them being in the 12-14 range, most being 14-18, and the rest going steadily upward from there, all while being described as a species of supermodels.  Istas is fat.  Olivia (in Newsflesh) is based on my RL girlfriend, and is fat.

Here are the illustrations from the next Wayward Children book.  Note the silhouettes:

So yeah.  I have fat characters, some you’ve met and some you haven’t, but this sort of wide-ranging “make me a spreadsheet” question will generally confuse me and put my back up, because I can’t meet expectations I don’t know and didn’t agree to.

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I don't know if this has been asked before, but what do the gentry/court think about dance majors? Is it similar to music majors in that they vanish most often. Additionally, I know a lot of the folklore you work off of is european/Irish, would a student-foreign or otherwise-who knew Gaelic have any different experiences from a student who knew Latin?

Yeah, I think dancers would also be courted and/or stolen pretty frequently! In terms of Gaelic, I tend to imagine the older Gentry fairly nostalgic, and so I think that speaking Gaelic, or another language they’re sentimental about, would be one way to get on their good side.


Performed by: Rashad Jennings and Emma Slater

Number: “Swalla”

Choreographer: Emma Slater

Style: Samba

From: Dancing with the Stars, Season 24 (2017)

mimisuggfangirl  asked:

Please could you do headcanons of the exwires + yukio about dancing bachata, salsa, merengue or another latino dance with their female latino s/o!! Btw sorry for my english, its not my first language

Your English is fine! :)


  • Thinks he can dance
  • Actually can’t dance
  • He’ll just do those white people dances
  • Like the mixing bowl
  • Or the sprinkler


  • Is a surprisingly good salsa dancer
  • Will dance circles around Rin
  • Or with Rin
  • Only in my BonRin shipping dreams


  • The best latin dancer out of all the teenagers
  • He studied it when he found out his s/o was a latin dancer
  • Although he is the most well versed on the subject
  • He never does it in public
  • Thinks it’s too sexy
  • And he doesn’t particularly like PDA


  • Can’t salsa dance at all
  • He’ll just grind on his partner
  • Until they get embarrassed and are forced to leave together


  • Izumo is a really good latin dancer
  • Idk why
  • Just go with it
  • I mean she does like the flowy movements when she’s calling out those foxes
  • So like yeah she could be a good dancer
  • I’m a totally accurate headcanon genius


  • She’s just as clumsy at this as she is with anything else
  • Her partner will have to be the lead
  • Even then Shiemi will knock everyone tf over


  • Has no rhythm
  • Can’t dance to save his life
  • He’ll avoid dancing at all costs
  • Because it’s truly heartbreaking to watch him try to do it