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wait wait, so onethat anon was pretty rude-ish but I get what they're saying I just wouldn't say it myself (the anon that told you to stay in your lane) but being called African American isn't problematic, Hannah. It's what we are. Our ancestors, really just our great(x2) grands (or more greats) were taken from Africa and enslaved and, well, we all had a history class or two. We ARE African, that's where we originally come from and I think people forget that just because we add American, which+

I honestly just don’t think they read all of what I wrote. LOL. Cuz it didn’t make sense to what I’d posted. But I get it.

The term “African American” both is and is not problematic. The same way terms such as “Asian American”, “Latino American”, (and my personal favorite) “Native American” are all problematic and at the same time not problematic. It’s problematic in the way that no one says “Anglo American” or “English American” or “French American” etc. to describe white/caucasian people. They’re just American.

So why do we have to add a qualifier to everyone else? That’s problematic. And when you have people who actually come from Africa to America, they too are classified as African American. And that is problematic because it does not mean the same thing.

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Marcha do Empoderamento Crespo (“March of Crespo Empowerment”), in Salvador (Brazil),  March 13th 2016. Photos by Edgar Azevedo (@oedgaraz)

Obs: “crespo” is a word in BR Portuguese for the afro-curly texture.

Rigoberta Menchú (b. 1959) is a Guatemalan political activist who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1992. She is a strong campaigner for indigenous and women’s rights, particularly active during the Guatemalan Civil War.

She was forced to go into exile in Mexico in 1981, but organised the national resistance and the struggle for indigenous rights from outside her country. Since the end of the war, she campaigned for those responsible for the torture and genocide of the native population to be tried in Spanish courts, an effort which was successful on various occasions.

when are people gonna stop spreading the “hot latina babe” stereotype? it is disgusting and offensive to an entire community. we are not hypersexualised objects. we are people and we deserve respect.  

Daily reminder that the United States is prosperous and existing as it is today only because of the exploitation, destruction, and theft of resources, governments, and people from Central American, Carribbean American, South American, Indigenous North American, African, Southwest, Southeast, and Eastern Asian countries, nations, confederations, and tribes all throughout North American history to today.

America only became great from the destruction, enslavement, and manipulation of others.

And no matter who’s in charge of the nation, this trend will always continue.

Imagine if Zionists decided on Argentina instead of Palestine (Fun fact: Argentina was actually considered by Zionists, along with Uganda.) and then expelled thousands of indigenous Argentinians when establishing the Jewish state, and then said “What the hell are you complaining about? There’s tons of other Spanish countries you can move to. Let Jews have this one country for ourselves so we can be safe.”

And that’s how stupid Zionists sound when they say that Palestinians can/should just go to “any of the many Arab countries”, because Arab countries aren’t interchangeable any more than Spanish speaking Latin American countries are. Iraqis aren’t interchangeable with Jordanians just like Peruvians aren’t interchangeable with Chileans.