latin alt

Night is beginning. 
Far off a nervous couple hold hands under one of the only streetlights and
lean in….
When I say summer most people start thinking about the smell of chlorine, freshly cut grass, and whirring air conditioners. 
But I’m talking about Latino summers,
with the raspado man on the busy street corners chatting with the elotero, 
and the young wives walking across the campo, back from taking lunch to their husbands. 
Be it the cane field or the herds of cattle,
somebody somewhere says a secret in Spanish
and only God hears, and across the street the young man picks the ripe guavas from the tree and smiles at me. 
In a few minutes a boy will be here to ask me to take a walk with him in the jardin, 
and as we step out into the lamplight
I will know
that there is no place 
that holds my heart
like this one.
—  the Mexican Fist

lesbian goth native to the dc metro area pero sin duda orgullosamente salvadoreña. when i’m not looking like the sleep deprived mess pictured, i like to keep up on my nerd game by reading books on psychology, latin american history, and horror. looking for more goth/alt latin@s on tumblr that i can follow by the way. if you can seamlessly transition between dancing to la sonora dinamita and the sisters of mercy, you totes qualify. either way, abrazos y spookiness para tod@s <3