“You was that lati who asked for my moves… Yeah, the water is nice, kind of helps since i dont really tolerate sunlight… you know… my dimention doesnt have it.”

Gira points with one of his claws to the stone that has on necklace. “This thing is keeping me to stay as this form, something that im glad of, the ‘centipede’ is very stupid to walk around… also i am more heavy as it.

"Besides get sunburns and sand stuck everywhere. Because yo know, i dont get out so often.”


ALL EYES ON ME AND MY LEGS FOR A MOMENT- yeah, you can all look away, whatever

[[where… did she get those… well, now she can wear the bikini bottom, I guess [but her tail… is still in the way.]

CAMEOs: Luxray [asktheluxray] with Leon [requested by luxray, blog is leon-the-umbreon]. Nine [I thiiink that’s your name, and I think your comment meant you wanted in, blog is dandoesred]. Dittz [askthiscoolditto]. Tails and Yuri [tailsluigi]. Storm [I guess. malevolentlugia]. Luna [ask-confused-shedinja liked the post, sooo yeah]. and Eli [ask-eli-the-quilava]

as you can see I got really tired while drawing this.]]


Aiko:  I’m actually wearing a sun dress but, still, thank you for the compliment! I’m Aiko by the way and I’d love to play catch with you. *she flies a couple feet back from Vixen*

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Aiko: I assure you I am quite good at catching things!