The Dawnstone is a smooth rose-crystal sphere as large as most shields. It glows with an internal light and is a thing of magic, not a real gemstone. Those who touch it find that their hands pass freely through it. 



Myth Drannor, though now ruined, was a shining example of what can be achieved by cooperation and harmony. To Lathanderians, it has also represented a waiting challenge, a city of beauty waiting to rise again from its ashes, following the principles of renewal taught by their faith and represented by their god, the deity of dawn, beginnings, and renewal. A century ago, Lathander appeared to certain of his clergy and commanded them to found a temple in the ruined city, giving them The Dawnstone to use for their altar. The faithful he appeared to became a special order, the Seekers of the Dawn. They journeyed to Myth Drannor, braving its many perils, to build a temple, the Dawnspire. Under the protection of The Dawnstone, the Seekers have flourished ever since, diligently cleaning and repairing areas of the city that they can safely reach and supporting themselves by their brilliant farming skills. 

 Only one Dawnstone exists. However, lesser stones exhibiting the constant powers detailed below exist in a few favoured temples of the Morninglord. Adventuring bands exploring the ruins of Myth Drannor may base themselves in the Dawnspire and find themselves needing the curative powers of the Morninglord’s priests and The Dawnstone. Some of the baatezu or the phaerimm that lurk in the ruins may mount a full-scale assault on the Dawnspire in an effort to eliminate the temple and its clergy.


The Dawnstone can be moved only by magic, the hand of Lathander, or a priest of 12th or greater level faithful to him.

 Constant: Beings touching The Dawnstone (even with gloves or using a pole or weapon as a probe) are affected as follows:

·         Worshipers of Lathander are healed of all wounds and their bodies purged of any diseases, poisons, foreign objects, afflictions (including lycanthropy, feeblemindedness, insanity, deafness, and blindness), and magical or psionic compulsions, fear, and curses; other beings of neutral good alignment are may also be so aided at Lathander’s will.

·         Corpses of Lathander’s faithful automatically make their resurrection survival roll if raised or resurrected while touching The Dawnstone, and priests of Lathander receive brief messages, a series of revealing images, or feelings to guide them in Lathander’s service. The Dawnstone has additional benefits which relate to the mythal of Myth Drannor.

·         Within its spherical area of effect (500 yards), The Dawnstone prevents all wild magic from functioning and allows any magic used by those of the faith of Lathander to be of maximum power (the highest possible duration, damage, or beneficial hit point or other effect allowed by a spell or magical item discharge).

·         In addition, The Dawnstone causes all dweomers, including items disguised by magic and magical items whose powers normally conceal their dweomers, to glow with a white aura visible to Invoked.

·         Once Per day between dawn and dusk, The Dawnstone can shoot forth rosy spheres of fire equal to a wizardly meteor storm that travel up to one mile distant at the bidding of the priest of Lathander touching it. Once per turn, The Dawnstone can shoot two rosy-hued rays up to 100 yards distant; each is equal in effect to a flame strike. These rays can be guided and bent by a priest of Lathander touching the stone to strike at desired targets (who must be visible to the summoner), but they can be also deliberately or inadvertently intercepted by other living beings. They stop as soon

·         Curse: Anyone of evil alignment touching The Dawnstone with the intent of destroying it or stealing it away from its service to the faithful of Lathander is affected as if by a wizard’s energy drain spell. Beings transformed into ju-ju zombies by this means serve Lathander, protecting The Dawnstone and doing the bidding of any priest of Lathander commanding them. If taken beyond the range of the stone (~500 yards), such ju-ju zombies crumble into bones and dust.

Suggested Means of Destruction (but you did not hear this from me)

The Dawnstone must be transported to the ninth layer of Baator and touched by the eldest pit fiend in existence.

The Dawnstone will be destroyed when the rays of the rising sun strike it on the day following that on which the mythal enveloping Myth Drannor is permanently destroyed.

The Dawnstone must be bathed in Shar’s dark kiss for an eternal night lasting a thousand years.

Strive always to aid, to foster new hope, new ideas, and new prosperity for all humankind and its allies. It is a sacred duty to foster new growth, nurture growing things, and work for rebirth and renewal. Perfect yourself, and be fertile in mind and body. Wherever you go, plant seeds of hope, new ideas, and plans for a rosy future in the minds of all. Watch each sunrise. Consider the consequences of your actions so that your least effort may bring the greatest and best reward. Avoid negativity, for from death comes life, and there is always another morning to turn a setback into a success. Place more importance in activities that help others than in strict adherence to rules, rituals, and the dictates of your seniors.
—  Dogma of Lathander
[Eric L Boyd, Erik Mona, Faiths and Pantheons (May 2008)]
Roleplaying Praying

I’m running Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (The New one) and the group is nervous about leaving the villagers behind while they go explore the woods.  So the group’s cleric is praying to the gods worshiped there (Lathander, Pelor, and the heretical sect of The Morning Lord) to grant the villagers some favored souls to help the village not get killed by zombies while the adventurers are gone.

the Dayheart amulet is cutting off their connection to the sun, and its causing some problems.  

Prayer to Lathander

This place where you are revered, this valley of Ravenloft, has become a place of stagnation and decay. Strahd, whatever his intentions, holds the land in a lock from which it can never change. The demon Chernovog’s touch has been left here, making the land unnatural and evil. Even preventing his return cannot heal this place completely. The sun itself is blocked from truly rising.

Can you pierce through this veil? Can you lose whatever stagnant grip has fallen over Ravenloft, and restore the natural order of life? If you can, I beg of you to show yourself, to destroy the veil that covers the sun and show the monsters that haunt this place for what they are.

But perhaps you cannot. Perhaps that is why you have stayed your hand this long. And perhaps you cannot even hear my prayer now–but I must have faith. I must hold strong to the knowledge that even with the sun’s power dampened and darkness reigning, every morning, the light still comes. These bonds cannot hold forever.

If whatever blocks the sun blocks your powers too, I urge you, if you are able, to create in one of your loyal followers a favored soul, who with your power can help push back the darkness. Lend your aid in whatever way you can, to allow the sun to rise once more.

If you are able to help your people survive, they will rebuild this city. They will rise from the midnight of this destruction to create a new dawn, a new prosperity. And we will not allow this valley to become stagnant and desolate again.

Your people have not lost hope. I have not lost hope. Nothing can stop the sun from rising forever.

Prayer to Pelor

Sun Father, although I worship another, I am familiar with your teachings. I come to petition you on behalf of your loyal followers, out of respect for what you teach. You teach that one must not become blinded by fighting evil, and forget to show compassion to the good. It is the greatest task of those who do Heaven’s work to raise up the weak, not to vanquish the mighty.

I know the evil in this place well. Some I’ve encountered before, some is new to me, but the work is familiar. I know how to stop the summoning of Chernovog, and I believe that I can unravel the mysteries of what lies in this dark place. I can stand, or I can fall. I know this and believe it.

But I am not so prideful as to think I can protect every one of your petitioners from death. And that is why I am trying to fight off the evil in this realm–to keep your people alive. Just destroying the evil is not enough.

There is a great shroud around the sun here, some magic that prevents the sun’s true light from penetrating even when it glows at daytime and grows dark at night. Does this shroud stay your hand, too? Are you unable to help your suffering followers, to strike a blow to the beasts that hound them?

If you are able, I beg you, Sun Father–rip aside this shroud, and shine your holy light upon the wretched beasts of this land. They thrive in the darkness, where your will is not felt, but with the shroud gone, you could easily sweep them aside.

If you cannot–if this shroud blocks your power–then I beg you still to lend your aid. There are many in this town loyal to you, who would be glad of the chance to serve you and help to restore your light. Pick one of them, make them your favored soul. Grant them what power you are able to pass on.

Thank you, Sun Father, for any aid that you are able to give your people. I thank you, and your people thank you. I promise that I will pull back the shroud that surrounds the sun and allow it to shine into the valley again.

Prayer to the Divine

Blessed is thy Word, O Lady, and blessed am I to hear it.The valley of Ravenloft is plagued by a great evil. The demon Chernovog is worshipped here, undead and great wolves prowl the lands, and the only thing that can keep the people safe may be a greater evil yet himself. Strahd is no devil, but he is something not mortal. Evil.I will fight these forces as best I can, and I will give my life to destroy the evil if I must. But it will take time–not long, I hope, but days. Weeks. There are villagers who yet live, defending what town they have left, and in the time it takes us to fight for them, I know that some of them may die. Their defenses cannot hold, not for days, not for weeks. I cannot ask you to intervene. Millions suffer, under the cruelty of beasts, men, and cosmic evil, on every plane that exists. I cannot ask that you come down and destroy Chernovog and Strahd, and set this valley on its feet again, for a group of villagers that would likely kill you for trying, just as you were killed before. I cannot ask you to stop these peoples’ deaths.But I ask you to save them.Grant them a new life, as you have given me new life, O Lady. When they die, grant them absolution and let them be reborn in your name. Their life was cruel, and will be cut short by forces of evil beyond their comprehension. They never had the opportunity to hear your Word. They know nothing of Good and Evil. Though many of them serve good gods, they can’t comprehend the reality of these forces.Forgive those that are evil. Forgive the witches, who dallied with Chernovog. Forgive the men who drove them to their deeds through cruelty and violence. Forgive the suspicious guards who drove Vestini away or harassed them, the thieves who stole the fruits of their neighbor’s labor, the frightened people who harmed innocents on Strahd’s command. Forgive them all, for they did not know what they did. If they die now, without a chance to repent, do not let them fall to the fires of hell.Release them, rather, to a second life. Allow them, and their souls, this second chance. Let them be born once more, and give them a chance to choose differently.And if Emil or Dmitri should fall, forgive them too. Their former deeds have marked them wicked, but if they die here, they die defending people they do not know or have any reason to care about, except for human compassion. When they could flee or pillage, they pity the village. They want to help it, just as I do. They have shown they still possess your greatest gift–love.I thank you for granting me the strength to fight this evil, and for granting me the hope that I will succeed.

Prayer to the Morning Lord

Your worshippers tell me you come only when hope is lost, and it seems that evil has won. Only then to you reveal yourself and vanquish the foe. They tell me you will not come, because I am here to protect this city, and they are holding their defenses against the monsters, and so hope has not been lost.

But they cannot hold much longer. Some of them may live–they are gaining in strength. But they cannot all live. And so many of them have already died.

This is the darkest hour that you are waiting for. Evil draws in around us from all sides, and your people cannot stand much longer. They are hounded by a demon in the woods and a devil in the castle–or something close enough to a devil. They are surrounded by undead that claw at their gates. Darkness closes in.

Is it me, Lord? Your followers say you will not come until I am dead. But what will you have done to protect them if they all die and I still live? I know it is them you care about protecting–not me.

Send me a sign through your oracle Elena. Tell me if it is my presence that holds you back from helping these people.

xdepthsofwinterx asked:


☎ - my muse first contacts in a emergency

Lathander! Honestly Rith is not the kind to ask for help. When she is in danger she prays her god to give her strength to fight. But otherwise, she can call Linu and Sharwyn if there is a problem. She doesn’t do it often, evn when she is in real trouble. Luckily her friends know that it’s not because Rith doesn’t trust them. She just feels like her problems souldn’t interfere with their quest. 

☁ - makes my muse wish they could fix their relationship

Aribeth of course, for obvious reasons. But also Nasher. She kinda wished that they could have make a better arrangement, and understand each other better. She thinks that it could have led to better things in the end. But she isn’t sure that it’s still “fixable”. 

Hunter’s Log

Recorded by Valencia Stormstead, Order of the Ghostslayer

Location: Traveling, North Road
Companions: Eihwar Uruz-Ingwa, Paladin of the Ancients; Sigrid Ironbow, Cleric of Lathander
Weather: Fair

Sigrid has been contacted by the temple in Mulmaster, to provide aid to refugees fleeing Phlan after a period of unrest in the region. We rested half a day’s journey out from the city. No incidents overnight. As we were about to break camp, a finely-dressed elf called Feldian Kiirnodel stumbled in. I have learned in our travels that my compatriots are willing to adopt just about anyone, so it was no surprise when they asked him to join us.

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Thursday’s Game

So Thursday Starts @1geekygingergirl and I’s Roll20 game. Updates will be posted as the game progresses.

The Characters as of this minute

Sigird Ironbow - Cleric of Lathander

Valencia Stormstead- Blood Hunter, belonging to the Order of Ghost Slayers

Ehiwar “Brighteyes” Uruz-Ingwa- Paladin of Ancients

Feldian Kiirnodel- Warlock, (who I based of their inventory is) a Pact of the Tome