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Tony Greene: with contributions from Elijah Burgher, Edie Fake, Miller & Shellabarger, Paul P., Scott Treleaven, Dean Sameshima, and Latham Zearfoss. Curated by John Neff.

April 5 - May 5, 2014 Opening reception: Saturday, April 5, 7-9 p.m. Reading by Kevin Killian: Saturday, April 19, 7:30 p.m.

Iceberg Projects is pleased to present an exhibition of works by the late Los Angeles artist Tony Greene (1955 – 1990). The artist’s paintings are currently featured in a presentation at the Whitney Biennial curated by artists Richard Hawkins and Catherine Opie. Curated by John Neff, Iceberg’s exhibition will be among the first exhibitions of work by Tony Greene since the early 1990s. 

During a brief but prolific career, Greene developed a hybrid method of collage painting that crossbred biomorphic abstraction, outré decorative devices, and montage techniques informed by the artist’s studies at CalArts. Diverse in their influences and sources, Greene’s works are strikingly consistent in mood and style. The art’s pervasive atmosphere of seductive dis-ease, accented by elements of camp posturing, grows as much from the writings of Denton Welch as it does from mainstream American art of its time. Marked by the AIDS crisis that threatened the artist and his world, the paintings also represent a pioneering insight into how Conceptualism’s bone-dry aesthetic might be given the wet bite of life, love, and sex. It is in this regard that – as well as being overlooked witnesses of an historical moment – Greene’s works are vital examples for  contemporary audiences.

Reflecting the current revival of interest in Greene’s art - and the networks though which that interest flows - Iceberg’s exhibition will embed his paintings within a selection of work by younger artists working in his spirit and/or involved in bringing his work to light in the new millennium. These artists include Elijah Burgher, Edie Fake, Miller & Shellabarger, Paul P., Dean Sameshima, Scott Treleaven, and Latham Zearfoss.

A digital catalogue of the exhibition, including a text assembled by the curator from interviews with colleagues of the artist and scholars of his work, will be published to accompany the exhibition. The publication will include a catalogue raisonné of missing works by Greene.

A catalogue release, and a reading by San Francisco based writer Kevin Killian, will be held at Iceberg on April 19 at 7:30 p.m.

Iceberg wishes to thank Richard Hawkins, and Ray Morales representing the estate of Norm MacNeil, for their assistance in realizing this project.

Crimson Glow @ The Whistler : December 27th 9pm – 2am

Claire Arctander and Latham Zearfoss are excited to present another installment of CRIMSON GLOW, a monthly DJ night featuring women-made music at the Whistler in Logan Square.

December’s CRIMSON GLOW will feature Chicago-based artist and activist, KOKUMO. KOKUMO is the founder of KOKUMOMEDIA – “a company that uses music, film and literature to illuminate the experiences of TGI (Trans*, Gender Non-Conforming and Intersex) people of color, specifically trans* women of color.” KOKUMO will kick off the evening with a listening party for singer-songwriter Cree Summer’s often overlooked album of progressive folk and R&B, Street Faerie (1999). Following the listening party, KOKUMO will perform a very special set of original songs from her forthcoming EP. Please be there at 10pm sharp for this segment of the evening. Afterwards, we will play a diverse array of women-made music across genres and timespans, ending in a dance party environment to round out the evening.

CRIMSON GLOW creates a space for femminess and feminists who want to dance to and sing along with amazing woman-made music from all genres. CRIMSON GLOW is committed in equal measures to allowing engagement with the work of innovative musical pioneers and fostering dance party enjoyment.

In the spirit of auditory intimacy, each segment of CRIMSON GLOW opens with a close listening party. Every month, a radical, influential, creative Chicagoan will present an album by a sister musician which profoundly influenced her. We will play the featured album in its entirety. Then, from 11pm-close, we will spin the gamut of the finest women-made music around.

CRIMSON GLOW is inspired by queer dance parties like Chances Dances and feminist music movements like Riot Grrrl. We welcome women, girls and all other gender expressions. We use GENDER NEUTRAL bathroom signs. The Whistler is ADA accessible.

Expect to hear from the likes of:
Yoko Ono | Nick Minaj | Dolly Parton | Azealia Banks | The Breeders | Thee Satisfaction | Hole | Laurie Anderson | Lauryn Hill | L7 | Gillian Welch | Dorothy Ashby | Kate Bush | The Raincoats | Le Tigre | Aretha Franklin | The Slits | Mary J Blige | Jean Grae | The Supremes | Missy Elliott | Broadcast | Mama Cass | Chicks On Speed | Rye Rye | Madonna | Loretta Lynn | The Runaways | Helium | Mariah Carey | Betty Davis | Bikini Kill | ESG | Siouxsie & The Banshees | Sinead O’Connor | Salt N’ Pepa | Janelle Monae | The Ronettes | Sleater-Kinney | PJ Harvey | Brigitte Bardot | Stereolab | Miriam Makeba | Sonic Youth | Ciara | Cocteau Twins | Babes In Toyland | Amadou & Mariam | Alice Coltrane | Patti Smith | Whitney Houston | Erykah Badu | Cibo Matto

Please join us for the next segment of CRIMSON GLOW…
Thursday, December 27, 2012
At The Whistler, 2421 N. Milwaukee Avenue

Feeling is Mutual: HATCH Projects group exhibition

A group exhibition featuring HATCH Projects Residents Mothergirl, Jake Myers, and Latham Zearfoss. Curated by HATCH Curatorial Residents Meredith Weber and Anna Trier (Happy Collaborationists). 

Opening Reception: February 7, 6 – 9pm
Exhibition Dates: February 7 – February 27, 2014

HATCH Residency artists Mothergirl, Jake Myers,and Latham Zearfoss present three environments in which commonly understood interactions are held up for scrutiny. These encounters reveal the ways in which we define ourselves through our direct cooperation with, or opposition to, those around us.

Mothergirl’s If You See Two of Something, Buy It, assembles a closet full of identical pairs of performative objects and garments, inviting the audience to examine their similarities and inconsistencies and consider the implications of the shared language created by close relationships. A variety of object-based performances will take place at the opening reception.

Jake Myers challenges the viewer to choose sides in his interactive installation Stone Throw, a re-creation of an Olympic curling rink. Gallery attendees are invited to join a team of artists to glide on synthetic ice, throw fabricated stones, and drink together in friendly competition. Myers’ experience of school athletics emphasized hyper-competition, physical intimidation, and at times even violence. By contrast, his family’s curling experiences provided a relaxing, yet athletic, retreat. Through his use of absurd materials, Myers aims to further minimize the tension of competition in Stone Throw, creating an experience where everyone wins.

Latham Zearfoss’ Court of Public Apology (COPA) is a platform for earnest attempts – local and global, intimate and expansive. At reconciliation with those who have been wronged, Court of Public Apology (COPA) considers the complex motivations that underpin confession and redemption.

Feeling Is Mutual aims to conjure empathy through shared experiences of resolution and allegiance. Audience and artists will seek to identify themselves within the work, and establish a greater understanding for how they engage with the world around them. Genuine absurdity helps to minimize, but not detract from, the presentation of self and how one chooses to align themselves publicly and privately. This exhibition is curated by Meredith Weber and Anna Trier (Happy Collaborationists)

critical fierceness microgrant

From Latham Zearfoss. 
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“I co-administer a microgrant for queer art and artists in Chicago. Its called the Critical Fierceness Grant and is a biannual cash grant of up to $500. We also have another grant within the CF Grant called the Mark Aguhar Memorial Fund which supports queer feminine-identified artists of color." 

More info here: or you can see our listing on CAR here: or you can RSVP or share the FB event which is here:

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