would it be a sin if i can’t help falling in love with you? (chapter 2)

Summary:  Isak and Even are cute as hell “just friends,” Pride cupcakes are baked, and maybe some people are starting to catch on.

Again, @stardefiant and @zielenna are amazing.

Pairing: Even/Isak

Chapters: 2/3

Words: 4,926 (10,207 total)

It’s almost too easy to fall into a friendship with Even after that, for Isak to come over to his apartment after school and watch shitty movies with him while Even yells at the screen, for Even to say hi to Isak in the hallways at school, like it’s casual, like they’ve known each other for years.

Kosegruppa meetings go like this now: Isak will get there first, because his Norwegian professor is lazier than half of her students and lets them out early. Even will find him sitting in the back, messing around on his phone, and he’ll plop down next to him and pull him into a conversation about whatever movie he saw over the weekend, or why Nietzsche may be quotable but he has terrible opinions about the theatre, or parallel universes, because shit, man, I don’t know anything about that, but you do. Even could talk about the latest Kardashian drama, and Isak would still hang on to his every word.


political talk show AU part two!

(Part One)

(warning, this fic is quite openly anti-Trump and somewhat pro-Hillary as well.)

Shitty “Mr. Crappy” Knight does not need a “straight man.”

That’s part of his schtick, actually. Mr. Crappy’s Political Party radio show does a lot on heteronormativity and gender roles. “Trust me, friends,” he says, grinning through his mustache as though his listeners can actually see him, “you can get those on any old channel. If I’m gonna have a straight man, I want a gay one.”

But, at least since he started in radio, another part of his shtick has been poking fun at Humorless Liberals– “and let’s face it, you know you’re out there,” he says. So when somebody wants to call in and discuss how Shitty – or “Mr. Crappy,” his FCC-friendly nom de plume – should really stop telling jokes and start Seriously Discussing the Issues, Shitty runs them over like a zamboni machine. “This is not and will never be C-SPAN,” he tells his audience. “And I’ll tell you something else. You don’t look up out of your copy of the Congressional Record and smell the roses once in a while, you’re gonna miss life.”

So that’s Shitty’s stance on serious codgers. They’re fresh meat, and he’s a bear, brah.

Except this Jack from Providence is a different animal. Jack never complains about Shitty’s jabs. Hell, he laughs at them – if a soft “Haha” can be considered a laugh at all – and plows right ahead with this point. His singlemindedness is a thing of beauty.

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Fic prompt modern where Rhys and feyre are sitting on a plane next to each other and they dont know each other but feyre is going to Nesta and cassians wedding but they dont realise that Rhys knows cassian and they meet again at the wedding ahh pls

lol This came out of nowhere. Please ignore the fact that most women would probably not have given Rhys a second thought for pulling lines like these on them in such a situation.

Fly Me to the Moon

The turbulence was awful. Nearly two hours into the flight and Feyre had already spent a solid 45 minutes locked in the bathroom hugging the toilet, no idea how she was going to survive the remaining four hours it would take to get to New York. At least LA was a large enough travel hub to offer a direct flight. The idea of taking off and landing twice in the same day didn’t sit well with her heart or her stomach.

“Excuse me… miss?” A light knock came on the bathroom door and Feyre straightened herself up before opening it. A flight attendant with a curt blond bob was staring at her with an annoyed expression. “I’m sorry, but we only have so many toilets available on today’s flight and some of our other passengers have a need.”

If it hadn’t been for the nausea, Feyre would have snorted. A need, she thought, as if tearing out your insides from your ass was somehow a more pressing issue than doing it from your throat.

The flight attendant seemed to get Feyre’s predicament and her expression softened, but only a tad. “If you like, I have an open seat in first class. The turbulence tends to not have as big an effect there on our more gentle passengers.”

The words “first class” stopped Feyre from snapping at the woman for calling her gentle. This wasn’t the Renaissance. Her ovaries didn’t make her dainty even if her stomach couldn’t handle a few air miles. “Is it free?”

“Of course,” the attendant said.


Feyre wiped her mouth up with a few tissues next to the sink and followed the attendant up the aisle to the front of the plane to her new seat. She was excited. She’d never flown first class before, but of course she had always wanted to. The drinks were free up there and supposedly, they got their own pull out TV’s and reclinable chairs. The site of plush leather cushions had Feyre drooling by the time the attendant stopped at her new spot.

The seat next to her was occupied by a tall, lean guy who looked to be about her age. He had dark hair with just a slight curl to the ends of it and he wore a deep violet button-up shirt. She couldn’t see much of his face, though. It was covered by an eye mask as he slept that said Batman on it in yellow writing. Feyre tried not to roll her eyes.

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Trend season! Duck season! Trend season! Duck season! …Duck season…Trend season!

  • At 75, Bugs Bunny is the oldest living wabbit.
  • The Texas DA continues its investigation into the death of Sandra Bland.
  • Norway: Population 5 million.
  • I Am Cait is the latest from the Kardashian-Jenner media empire, and a beautiful thing it is.
  • 35 women alleging Bill Cosby raped them told their stories to New York Magazine (nymag).
  • Say goodbye to your Canadian girlfriend, it’s time to go back to school.
  • Pasta came in second on galactic-smores’s Three Ps List 2015. Way to go, pasta!
  • Exercise is a sexy tag.
  • If you’re mourning Cecil the lion and in a position to give, here’s the World Wildlife Fund’s donation page.
  • NASA still hasn’t found the aliens they lost. 
  • And Beijing will host the 2022 Winter Games. Sorry Kazakhstan.

What’s up, blogs?

  • The Hot Damn Weather (thehotdamnweather): It’s too damn hot.
  • Dry Land SCA (drylandsca): Documenting the California drought, from the LA Times.
  • My Trans Health (mytranshealth): Connecting the trans community to safe, reliable healthcare.

Bugs and Gossamer via laluna7.

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Shameless//CTH Imagine

it started out simple and sweet, you first met Calum at a high school party when he helped you get rid of a slime ball who kept hitting on you. Over the years your friendship grew and soon you found yourself needing Calum constantly, that was before he decided to join a band and tour the world. “I’ll always be there for you” those were the last words he spoke to you. Once he left he came back to your hometown a few times, and everytime he did you two would end up getting drunk and fucking…It became a constant thing. He’d come home, see his family, go to your house later that evening, 3 years later here you are, studying forensics and haven’t heard from Calum since 3 years ago.

Life was finally back to normal and as usual, something had to come around and fuck it all up….that thing being the infamous Calum Thomas Hood. The night started out as usual, you going back to your flat after a long day of lectures from your professors. You had finally gotten settled down in your pajamas with the latest episode of the Kardashians playing in the background while you made dinner. Once you put your dinner in the oven you heard a quiet knock at your front door, the last person you’d expect showing up at your door at 7 o'clock was standing right in front of you…Calum.
“what the actual fuck are you doing here?”
“hey to you too babe” Cockiness was pouring from his words
“my name is Y/N and I expect you to call me that and only that!” anger bubbled in my voice and I stood taller glaring at him
“Dominance, such a sexual trait love”
“Fuck you Hood”
“You wish, now may I come in? only for a bit. not too long”
After the awkward encounter on my doorstep, Calum proceeded to make his way into my living room and back into my life. As soon as I turned off the TV Thats when the tears started, not from me. but from him.
“I know it probably means nothing to you, but god Y/N I am so sorry for ditching you the way I did….” He let out a shaky breath and wiped away his tears on his sleeve, “I wish I could say I tried to forget and leave you alone but I’ve been miserable…ask the boys after I stopped contacting you I started drinking again and screwing around.”
“Calum, I don’t know what to say the things you did were shameless. You didn’t care what people thought about you because you didn’t care about others. it just hurts so much seeing you here because you bring back so many good and bad memories and I am scared to let you back in.”
“The boys and I are back in town for a month, give me a month to win you over again and get our friendship back please….”
“Fine, one month and if we aren’t friends again by then we just have to give up and stop contacting each other again, OK?”
One month can’t be that bad….right?

««Hello loves, my name is Fleur and I’m the other writer on this account, I hope you liked this, I hope to do another part in the future. send me an ask if you want part two to this. love you all»»