Dan Howell’s Ten Step Plan

Summary: Dan Howell may have been only fifteen, but he knew where his life was going. He was going to be a runway model, (his pastel goth fashion and thousands of tumblr followers assured him of that.) And just because he has a crush on Phil, a year eleven who also happens to be super dream and in drama, that doesn’t change Dan’s plan. It just inspires him to come up with a new one. A ten-step plan, to be exact.
Word Count: 10021
Warnings: some swearing, making out, mentions of sex, anxiety, angst at the end, slight homophobia (typical teenage boy stuff)
A/N: I’m so excited to be sharing my PBB3 fic with all of you! Special thanks to my artist, Sasha, (x) and my beta cloackativelys for being so lovely. Also, thanks to Josie for being a team player and actually reading the first draft of the fic before anyone else. Please enjoy!

Dan could already see it. One day, he was going to be a model. He had dreams about it; walking down the runway in the latest fashion, everyone taking his picture, people going ‘oo’ and ‘ah as he walked with confidence. He would buy a mansion with the millions of dollars he had and he would fly to exotic places in his own private helicopter. His partner, (and not just a wife, if a hot, rich guy wanted Dan he would say yes in two seconds) would be equally as famous and would support Dan in everything he did. He would maybe fly back to Wokingham to rub in the face of all of the people who called him a gaylord —when he was so obviously bisexual— that he was rich and famous and they weren’t. Unfortunately, today was not that day.

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Die Popper Edith, Danny, Judy und Dieter am U-Bahnhof Kurfürstendamm, Charlottenburg, 1980


Die Popper Edith, Danny, Judy und Dieter posieren am 23. Oktober 1980 auf dem Berliner Kurfürstendamm. Die fröhliche Pose täuscht, denn die Bildunterschrift lautete damals: »Die Popper, die nach schweren Schlägereien mit den Punkern nur in Gruppen ausgehen, geben sich optimistisch. Sie selbst bezeichnen sich als saubere und immer nach der neuesten Mode gekleidete Jugendliche.« Das Foto entstand eine Woche nach der so genannten Popperschlacht. Während das New York am Olivaer Platz in den 1980er-Jahren als Poppertreff galt, trafen sich Neo-Mods am nahen Adenauerplatz und Punks auf den Stufen zur Gedächtniskirche am Kurfürstendamm.
(Quelle: picture-alliance/dpa, Foto: Chris Hoffmann)

Poppers Edith, Danny, Judy, and Dieter posing on October 23rd 1980 at underground station Kurfurstendamm. The happy scene is misleading, because the picture description noted: “Poppers are still optimistic going out only in groups after being involved in heavy brawls with punks. They claim themselves as neat adolescents always dressed up in latest fashion.” The picture was taken one week after the so-called “popper-clash”. In the ‘80s poppers gathered at the “New York” at Olivaer Platz while Neo-mods did so at nearby Adenauerplatz, and punks at Ku'damm on the steps of Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.

Photo: Chris Hoffmann