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Preview of my latest work ‘Atlas’, a moving image installation, which will be shown in the RCA Show 2015. Full details of the work can be found at:

you know what’s sad i have a pc computer that is like 3 years old and my mom had an old mac in her closet from at the earliest 2003 and latest 2006 and it works better than mine

Neo900: the unofficial successor of the Nokia N900

If you are a fan of Nokia, you probably remember the N900, one of the latest mobile devices to work Maemo, the Linux-based OS. The smartphone was released in 2009, but shortly after Nokia abandoned the platform to focus on Windows Phone devices. However, the N900 has kept a small community of fans, since designers […]


My latest coloured work. Was unmotivated halfway through and just tried to get it done fast before all my motivation was used up. Tried using soft brushes to add shadows and wow, there really was a softer feel and difference.

the thing is the author will be so used to being super up to date on the latest technology (like he worked with mcgucket and his laptop when laptops were jsut barely invented) so he’s gonna come back to earth and still be a huge nerd but completely confused and upset about the internet and cellphones and new computers. a nerd who’s only knowledge of technology and pop culture is from 1982 at the VERY LATEST

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Oopsie It was in reference to your latest work

Then yes. She lacks “chill”.  :P

To be fair, it takes a damn lot to make that man flustered. Even with as bold as she was being, she still didn’t manage to shock him. Normally her teasing is a heck of a lot more tame.

Life and stuff!

Lexi is Okay!!! Kind of! LOL The vet finally called today with her latest blood work results, and the recommendation is that she must eat a strict prescription  diet for the rest of her life. Apparently, the problem is her pancreas and she will mostly likely have flair ups and potentially serious problems on and off, but the special dog food will help.  Bottom line is my baby is okay right now ;) 

In other news…i’m kinda drunk after a fun night with my bestie! LOL AND i have a fitness assessment tomorrow morning! I never said I was the smartest ;)  

I also need to get back in tip top shape! I’ve been super distracted between Lexi stuff, job stuff (crazy busy at current job and interviewing/applying for other jobs), dating stuff, past stuff, my own health stuff, etc. I’ve still been working out, but nowhere near the intensity as I had been before. And my food and alcohol intake has been complete craptasticness the past month or so!!! Tomorrows fitness assessment is the start of a 3 week boot camp program that should kick start my ass back into intense workouts and healthy eating again! …after the holiday weekend of course ;) 

ANYWAY, there’s lots more to share, but that’s enough for now!! How are YOU guys doing??!!! I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone! 

Happy weekend!!! xoxo

I spent the afternoon baking some chocolate chip, banana walnut, and coffee cake muffins! Taking these to work tonight. It’s Disneyland’s big 24-hour party, and I’m working the latest shift, 10pm-6:30am. Yikes! Better rest up now!