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“It looks like people don’t change that easily. Whether they’ve died once, whether 10 years have passed. They just keep doing stupid things like their life depends on it.”

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OMGIRI, aka Disney-inspired bento box fanatic Micky Araben (previously featured here), was so excited about the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens that he created a series of bento foxes featuring BB-8 (on a bed of “Jakku sand couscous”), Rey and Finn, a Stormtrooper and Kylo Ren (with a beet-stained red lightsaber), and Chewbacca and Han Solo.

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The Department of Phenomenal Papercraft wants to dress up in these awesome Baroque paper wigs and elaborate Mongolian wedding costumes created by Russian paper artist Asya Kozina.

“Historical wigs always fascinated me, especially the baroque era,” Kozina says. “This is art for art’s sake aesthetics for aesthetics — no practical sense, but they are beautiful. In this case, paper helps to highlight the main form and not to be obsessed with unnecessary details.”

Visit Asya Kozina’s Behance portfolio to check out more photos of these two projects as well as her other equally marvelous paper creations. Follow her on Facebook to keep up with her latest work.

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This is the latest work by Geraldine Wooller. It is about her travels through Italy and Rome, a place she once lived in years previous. We are so proud of her and what she has achieved so far in her writing career. She is undoubtedly a talented storyteller, especially after a couple of vino, and we think this will be another fabulous read…

Learn about the latest works added to MoMA’s collection by Kara Walker, Rafael Barradas, Kim Beom, William Johnson, Chris Ofili, and more.  

[Kara Walker. 40 Acres of Mules. 2015. The Museum of Modern Art, New York. © 2016 Kara Walker. Photo courtesy the artist and Victoria Miro Gallery, London]

thevoxbox asked:

I finished reading Games Wizards Play today and it... felt like coming home. To say your works have been formative for me since I was 13 would be an understatement. The fiercely kind philosophy embedded in your work is so, so palpable and what's more is it seems like you truly care about people, too. All of the people represented in your latest work, the diversity of race & sexuality - it was indescribably welcoming to see an ace person like me there. I just wanted to say thank you.

I’m really glad you enjoyed it, and I thank you very much.

It’s heartening to be described as kind. It’s a thing I work at – have to work at in this world, which so easily shows its crappier face everywhere you turn online and in what we laughably refer to as Real Life. But I do my best.

And I am glad to put people on the page who were always here already. There will be more of it, and not just for representation’s sake, FFS, or because representation is hot right now, but because those people are here.  And I hope I can safely flatter myself that this isn’t completely a new development on my part. (I remember a fairly well-known name in fantasy publishing asking me in a kind of bemused wonder, when we were having lunch a couple of decades back, “How did it occur to you to have Kit be Hispanic all that time ago?”. I couldn’t do much more than blink at them [I hope I didn’t look at them too much as if they’d just arrived from Mars, because that was sort of how I felt about being asked the question at all] and say, “Because Hispanic people were there.”  I went to school with Hispanic and black kids for twelve years, for God’s sake: I’d kind of noticed their existence along the way. So why would I not put them in a book? Sheesh.)

I’ll grant you that right now the atmosphere in YA is also more open toward the depiction of the wider spectrum of sexualities than it has been in a long time. If in this regard I’ve occasionally over the past half decade or so looked over my shoulder at past work and gone, “Hmm, looks like I missed a few boats here, let’s see what can be appropriately done about that within the flow of the narrative,” well, if anyone’s going to blame me for that, let them get on with it. I’ll be over here with my fingers in my ears, paying the opprobrium all the attention it deserves.

(I may however not hold this position for long. Makes it hard to type.)

Thanks again. :)

Mummy Brown and two stunning commissions

Mummy Brown and two stunning commissions

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Dear Client Two great commissions for you today, first off a large Valletta based on a smaller version that can be seen in Maltese landscapes on the website. The clients wanted the length of the bastions extended and more detail added to them. 2 metres x 85cm oil on canvas. Then we have a commission of St Julian’s, this was produced for the offices of Ben Estates in Malta. This was photographed…

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well-that-was-dramatic asked:

Dude I'm checking out your latest works on redbubble and your lil Cas yelling NO is seriously cracking me up, especially the duvet cover. Sadly I won't buy it because I'd probably have to sell my right lung to buy any redbubble duvet covers but just the idea that people might sleep in a bed with angry NO NO NO NO NO written all over it really speaks to my soul

oh my god im laughing so hard because thats EXACTLY what i thought of too when i uploaded the design?? at first i didnt want to enable the option to let people buy the duvet because cmon who even WOULD but then i see this 


[wipes tear from eye] ahh man. the beauty of redbubble.