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My unpopular opinion about the whole zenyomi/growlift/justin drama

I understand that a lot of people are mad at him for the insensitive joke that he made years ago. I’m not denying that. That was in extremely bad taste.

I don’t know the extent of his apologies either. I personally have seen him apologized and discussed that whole thing a few times. And I think he learned from that experience. Whether he was learning enough, that’s up to your judgment.

However, now his latest Tumblr is taken to be the “exposed zenyomi” account. I want to ask, what is the point of that? I find the description to be problematic and unproductive (I bold those parts). Here is the description and let me explain my thoughts.

Racist Hiroshima bomb joke, allowed people to draw nsfw fan art of him, posted a gif preview of a 3 minute sex tape he did and sold it online for money, video got leaked and he cried about it, he then didn’t care and continued to sell the vide.

He was 19 when he posted the Hiroshima joke.

That’s not a fucking child’s age. A grown ass man.

He shouldn’t be making any racist mistakes at that age, no excuses.

He simply said “I’m sorry.” Rather than to keep it cool and make amends to the Asian community, he did shit.

He actually insulted the Asian community even more with his “bara” obsession, only ever reblogging fit muscular men. This shows that the only Asian (and other) guys he accepts are the masculine ones. Not once did he ever reblog somebody out of shape.

“We all have preferences” keep your racist mouth shut. Saying (and showing) you have a preference is saying you’re racist.

You don’t include people out of your norm. You exclude them for being what you don’t want. You ignore them because they don’t fit your standards. That’s racist.

First of all, is there something wrong for him to make sexually explicit contents for profit? I don’t think so. Is it wrong for him to allow people to make sexually explicit contents of him? I don’t think so either. Whether you think his reaction to the “leak” of his materials is fake or not, that’s up to you. But I don’t think it’s fair to fault him for making contents for some money or allowing his fans to make contents of him.

Yes, he was 19. He should have known better. But we all make mistakes, right? Are we all gonna just keep branding that mistake to his forehead for the rest of eternity? I am fine with reminding him when he does something problematic. But I don’t think bullying him every time is productive. A lot of people, myself included, are not raised with in a PC environment. We are not all fortunate to know what is acceptable and what is not offensive. I’m not saying that excuses bad behaviors. I’m saying that we should understand that people bound to make mistakes. The more important thing is you learn from it.

I agree that his preferences and all other bullshit are problematic. But if you say you do not have a single problematic thing in your life, then you are either not real or lying. I’m really tired of this Tumblr culture of harshly bullying someone into submission because of something that they did instead of discussing with each other in a nice way. Now, I don’t know whether people have tried to do that or not and he is just not participating in the conversation about all the problems. But I feel like I have seen him try. But I’m not blaming him for not wanting to discuss it longer seeing the amount of hate directed his way.

I know I’m gonna get shit for this, but I just feel bad for the kid. I am open to discussion about this because even with all I know, i may have missed some more details.

Fresh subjects requested for exciting new opportunity

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  • Android machine with the latest Tumblr update.
  • Tolerance to extreme euphoria.

Standard disclaimer: Tumblr Labs are experimental features that were designed and developed in someone’s spare time. Labs experiments are not guaranteed to work the first time or any time. Labs experiments may abruptly and unexpectedly cease functioning, or disappear altogether. Real features are not regularly tested for compatibility with Labs experiments. To disable a Tumblr Labs feature, turn the switch off. New Labs experiments will be added and old ones removed, possibly (probably) without notice. By reading this message you imply a positive predisposition towards Labs experiments as long as they last and accept that things will inevitably change as time moves on and on. Labs experiments have not been tested on live animals, your taxonomic rank notwithstanding. Please participate in Tumblr Labs only as prescribed.

👑 People say to you, “ you have changed ” or something like that well, I hope, for the sake of God that you have changed because I don’t want to be the same person all my life.
I want to be growing, I want to be expanding, I want to be changing, because animate things change , inanimate things don’t change.
Dead things don’t change, and the heart should be alive, it should be changing, it should be moving, it should be growing, it’s knowledge, should be expanding 👑
🌸 You don’t need to be loved by everyone, some people are on different paths and can’t even recognize your type of amazing, but that doesn’t make you any less wonderful or unwanted bcuz you will find the correct person in the correct day 🌸