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Somethings are fragile and the human heart and it’s emotions are one of them. Sometimes it’s a word, a look, news or body language that can break a heart. But for Kiki nothing broke her heart more than the hashtag that followed the posts of or with her that her best friend posted on Instagram.


I mean, it wasn’t really his fault. He was never the best with reading a girls mind but he always seemed to kind of have a better perception of Kiki’s mind than any other females. How had he not figured it out?

Hector wasn’t dumb, per say, he was actually reasonably intelligent. He had the schooling system at La Masia to thank for that. Well, and the fact that he wouldn’t have been allowed to stay at the academy if he didn’t get good grades.

Hector and Kiki had been the best of friends since they were 4, way before either of them grasped the concept on cooties. No matter how many people thought it was weird for them to be friends it didn’t faze either of them. Even in high school when the popular girls saw his Instagram posts tagging her in them and asking if she had ever ‘tapped that’, which at the time she found disgusting, she simply just laughed and said they were best friends. Much to their delight of course as they continued their quest to be the girl that tied Hector Bellerin down. Many had tried and all had failed.

There was only 4 things Hector had time for in his life: football was always number one, his family came in at a close second then it was Kiki and then it was food. No girl other than Kiki factored into his life, he didn’t have time for the stress of girls and their attitudes. Kiki’s was enough.

Many texts had been exchanged between the two where Kiki had gotten ‘aggy’, as Hector referred to it, and Hector simply just told her to drop it and she would send a meme. He could never take her attitude seriously, she was like a moody puppy.

They only lived two streets apart but it was incredible how different their living spaces were. Hector lived in the typical flashy bachelor pad overlooking the city whereas Kiki lived in a small terraced house shared with three other people. Surprisingly Hector preferred to spend time at Kiki’s, feeling too lonely and like his apartment was far too empty to spend time in. Kiki’s was always full of noise and laughter and the conflicting music tastes of the four housemates and Hector loved it. Whenever he was there it didn’t matter what they were doing, whether they were watching a movie, Hector playing COD with her housemates, Hector cooking whilst Kiki sat on the counter refusing to help. At Kiki’s he wasn’t the star right-back of Arsenal, he was just simple Hector Bellerin who was good at COD and could cook better than anyone in the terraced house.

A rainy Saturday night spent with the soft hum of The Weeknd on in the background was a regular occurence at Kiki’s. Hector was lying back on her bed, scrolling through social media and reading articles on the latest transfer news whereas Kiki was sat on her windowsill reading her latest love: the Harry Potter series.

“Keeks?” The male spoke, making the nursing student look up from her enthrallment in the book and gesture him to continue. “C’mere.” He whined. Hector loved spending time with his best friend, finding comfort in the way she played with his hair and the warmth she shared as she snuggled into his side. The female obliged, stepping down from her windowsill and shutting the thick book and plopping herself down on the bed. Instantly she felt two strong arms wrapped around her and pulled her back into a warm body.

“You’re so needy Hec.” She giggled but she adored the contact. She found contentment as Hector sighed in bliss. Before she could find herself wrapped up in hopes and dreams of a possible relationship with Hector she was snapped back into reality.

“You love it amigo.” That stupid word that single-handedly managed to break her heart every single time the idiot spoke it. She slowly raised herself, trying to act inconspicuous as she left the embrace. She swung her legs off the bed and raised herself.

“You should go Hec. It’s late.” She spoke, tying her hair into a sloppy ponytail. Hector rose, his eyebrows raised and confusion painted blatantly on his face.

“It’s Saturday, I always stay over.”

“I forgot I have class in the morning.” Lie. “I need to study.” Lie. “You should go.” Hector reached his hand out to grab her arm, hoping to make sense of the situation but she dodged his hopeful grasp. “Go Hector.” Unfortunately for Kiki, her best friend was not buying her bullshit and grabbed her and pulled her onto his lap.

“You have to tell me what I’ve done or I can’t fix it Keeks.” He sighed, playing with her hands. He rested his head in the crook of her neck and inhaled her scent. “C’mon Keeks, you tell me everything.” He persisted.

Kiki sighed. “Hec, please. I’ve just got class tomorrow and can’t risk missing it.” She lied again.

“Well that’s funny because your schedule is on the wall and you don’t have class tomorrow and if you did you would’ve written it in. So stop bullshitting and tell me the truth.” Kiki stuttered in reply. “Keeks just tell me.”

“I can’t.”

“Can’t or won’t?” Hector sighed and placed his lips on her cheek, making her pull away. “For gods sake, just tell me.”He raised his voice.

“You won’t understand.”

“Try me.”

“I, I” Kiki stuttered as she tried to admit her true feelings. Could she even do this? Admit her feelings to the one always had by her side? “I like you.” She spluttered out.

Hector raised an eyebrow. “I like you too. Is that it?”

“No Hector.” She shook her head. “I like you. I like you, like you.” She watched intently as Hector raised his eyebrows.

“I thought that was obvious?”

“Excuse me?” She stuttered, the hell did he me?

“Why do you think I act how I do with you?” Hector chuckled. “Keeks, I act that way because I like you. I thought that was completely obvious.” Kiki gazed at him with a confused expression painted on her angelic face, sparking another chuckle from Hector. “Let me prove it.”

He slowly placed his lips against hers, tender as ever. Kiki didn’t feel fireworks, she felt something so indescribably perfect. She felt every part of her body tingle as Hector ran his hands down her waist, tentatively pulling her closer. He was cautious of overstepping his boundaries, he was not going to screw this up.

They had to pull away, smiles adorning their features as Hector pulled both of them back onto the bed.

“Go to sleep babe.”

“Damn, I kiss you and go front amigo to babe? I should’ve done that sooner.”