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Hi! I promise I’m not a Jaime’s redemption apologist but still wonder: what’s his degree of implication or intellectual authorship in the Lannister regime? He obviously profits from it, he killed Aerys, pushed Bran, attacked Ned’s men, fought Robb… but the two main Lannister war-crimes, raiding the Riverlands and the Red Wedding, were rather Tywin’s responsibility. To me, Jaime seemed an action man, ready to carry any of Tywin’s (or ocasionally Cersei’s) ideas without a second thought, but not exactly a plotter. He seemed content with his life as Robert’s guard, could he have urged Cersei to kill him? What do you think?

I believe Jaime is content to be the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard for life, but I don’t think he was involved in Cersei’s plan to get Robert killed. (Maybe I’ve forgotten something in the text, though?) That being said, I think Jaime would have happily killed Robert without a second thought if he felt he had cause. Even Robert believed Jaime would have killed him, given cause, which is why he never hit Cersei on the face. 

Ned touched her cheek gently. “Has he done this before?”

“Once or twice.” She shied away from his hand. “Never on the face before. Jaime would have killed him, even if it meant his own life.“ 

What’s Jaime’s degree of implication or intellectual authorship in the Lannister regime?

What degree of implication do you assign to Erwin Rommel in the Nazi regime? 

… um … this post is gonna get wild. Assume this post contains mentions of everything you might expect as soon as I bring up Nazis (possibly extremely triggering), as well as some things you aren’t expecting. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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The Oven Fic Ch.1

Heyyyy remember that whole thing about Genos the Toaster Oven

And I posted a wip about this but didn’t finish

Welllll here’s the rest of what I think will be Chapter 1 O:

(cut for length)

Saitama wakes up from his afternoon nap at the sound of the door opening. The front door makes a loud squeak and it always wakes him up, but Saitama doesn’t let Genos fix the door. He knows it’s Genos coming home when he hears that sound, and Saitama likes being awake to welcome him home.

“Genos,” he calls as he sits up from the futon. He leans over the pillow and stretches his neck to see. Sure enough, there’s Genos, taking his shoes off. The blond looks up at Saitama’s voice.


Genos drops his bag and runs up to Saitama. Then he drops down and kneels in front of him to meet his eye. Saitama stares into those beautiful eyes, black and gold and full of love, and he smiles.


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Double duty fic! For both trek Fest and my 300 follower prompts!!

You were getting fed up. It was well past time for whoever was working late to leave. You’d scrubbed and dusted and vacuumed and mopped every other one of the meeting rooms and offices, but once more, Montgomery Scott, whoever he was, was making you late getting off work.

Aerospace Engineers were an unpredictable lot–some didn’t like anything in their office to be touched or they’d freak out (Mr. Spock politely told you you didn’t need to bother), some completely trashed the place in a burst of frustration or inspiration and then tried to apologize by flirting (Jim Kirk), and others (like Scott) were absent minded geniuses who’d spend days holed up in their offices scribbling like mad over their latest and greatest technology advancing ideas.

This night was the last straw. You’d been forced to cancel a long anticipated night on the town with some friends you rarely got to see and you were glaring daggers at the office door, wishing you could melt it with your stare and drag the delinquent engineer out by the scruff of his neck.

Heaving a sigh, you knocked on the door.

“Mr. Scott, I’m sorry to disturb to, but the it’s two hours past closing time and the custodian needs to finish the job. You’re the only office left.”

“Tell him not to bother. I’ll clean up m'self.” Came a distracted sounding Scottish voice.

“I’m sorry, sir. That’s not how it works. I can’t leave until I’ve cleaned every office.”

There was a silence, a loud rustling and shuffling, and the door opened to reveal a disheveled looking man in a wrinkled dress shirt and wildly mussed red hair. He looked startled when he saw you.

“Okay, when you said custodian, I thought old bloke in coveralls, not You,” blurted from his mouth.

“Sorry to disappoint,” you said wearily and sarcastically. “Could I please collect your trash and mop your floor? I promise I’ll be out of your hair in a few minutes and you can go back to designing rockets or whatever it is you do all day.”

“Good heavens!” Exclaimed Mr. Scott, looking at the large clock on his wall. “Nearly eight o'clock!! No wonder you’re hot under the collar! I’ll get out of your hair, lass.”

He turned and began gathering papers into a large briefcase in the corner.

“I tend to lose track of time when I’m deep into a project. I hope I didn’t put a damper on your plans.”

Pulling the stuffed trash bag out of the can, you deftly tied the ends together and put in a new bag like you’d done a thousand times before.

“You kind of did,” you said ruefully. “I’ll get over it. I’m a big girl.”

Nevertheless, you couldn’t stop the wistful expression that followed and the absent minded engineer noticed.

“Ahhh, dear. I’m truly sorry, lass. How can I make it up to you?”

You though hard for a minute, knowing you should say “no need” and move on, but he was kind of intriguing……

“Well,” you said slowly, dipping the mop in the water and swishing it over the marbled floor, “if you took me to Zephyr’s for dinner, like I was planning to do with my friends tonight, it would certainly help.”

You were half joking, but His jovial round face peeked up.

“I’d be delighted, miss…..”

“Y/N Y/L/N,” you supplied, face reddening. “You don’t really have to, I was just saying hypothetically…..”

“Hypothetically or not, a nice lass like yourself deserves a reward for dealing with crazy engineers all day long. Name the date and time and I’ll be there.”

“Ummm…Friday at 8?” You ventured.

“You’ve got it!” he exclaimed, typing something into his phone. “Looking forward to it.”

Well, what a way to get a date, you thought dazedly as you drug yourself to your car after you finally finished. “Scotty” as he insisted you call him, seemed like an actual good guy. Who knew what might come of it?


10 Things I'm Tired of Explaining to Hearing People

1.  I don’t like talking on the phone.  I repeat, I don’t like talking on the phone.  It has nothing to do with social anxiety, being an introvert, or trying to appear mysterious and technologically impaired to my peers.  I literally cannot understand a large percentage of what people say on the phone.  The only person I’ll answer for is my mother.  A thirty-second conversation can easily turn into an excruciating seven minutes of “I’m sorry, what?"  So stop calling me and stop asking me to call someone else.  I use the phone only when I’m desperate. 

2.  If it’s not captioned, I don’t want to watch it.  Too many times people have some funny video on their phone they want me to watch and each and every time I laugh and pretend to understand what’s going on.  Newsflash - I don’t.  I may pick up a word here and there and even get the gist of it, but the details are utterly wasted upon me.  So don’t bother unless it’s captioned or you’re going to sit there and tell me everything that’s being said.

3.  Turn that *bleep*ing music/tv down.  If we’re going to engage in an actual conversation that demands extreme listening on my behalf, turn off all the loud noises in the environment.  I’m not riding around the car with you with Lady Gaga or Kanye West blasting through the stereo.  It’s hard enough trying to tune out background noises like circulating air, loud car engines, heavy footsteps overhead, the microwave going off, Seinfeld, and all the clicks and squeaks in the room.  Have some consideration.

4.  Don’t whisper in my ear.  Just don’t.

5.  Look at me when you talk to me.  I swear to God, I burn the most calories walking up to someone to ask what s/he said.  Stop walking around the place and running your mouth.  It’s not just disrespectful to Hard of Hearing people, but all people in general.  Who do you think you are, roaming about expecting the world to just tune in to you?  You want me to listen?  Acknowledge me.  Turn around and face me when you talk.  That makes me feel like you actually give a damn.

6.  What I can’t hear is not your entertainment.  Don’t tease me, don’t test me, and don’t harass me about the things I can’t hear.  It’s not my fault that my brain and my ears don’t register certain sounds that are so easily heard by others.  It’s hard enough having to manage knowing I miss a large percentage of what goes on around me, but I don’t need you making me feel guilty or embarrassed.  Also, whistling behind me or making little noises to see if I’ll pick up on them?  That’s just a dick move.  Don’t be an asshole. 

7.  It’s not an accent and I’m not from a country you’ve never heard of.  I don’t even have the patience or comfort level to go into detail right now. 

8.  I’m not “Hearing Impaired” or “Deaf,” I am “Hard of Hearing.”  I have the right to identify myself however I want.  I’m not impaired because that implies a sense of brokenness.  I’m not broken.  I don’t need to be fixed.  And I’m not D/deaf.  Look into the difference but I’m not going to go into detail.  Some people embrace that title, others don’t for their own reasons.  Again, it’s their business, not yours.  I am Hard of Hearing.  I was born with sensorineural hearing loss.  I cannot hear certain sounds.  I have hearing loss.  Get it right or keep your mouth shut. 

9.  Maybe that person just didn’t hear you.  I’m living proof that people like me exist – people who do not experience the “normal” range of hearing that most people experience.  If I exist, then certainly others like me exist.  Stop treating me like the I’m the only one of my kind and start wrapping your head around the fact that if someone else seems to be ignoring you, it could just be that s/he didn’t hear you.  Don’t let your ignorance define your actions. 

10.  Getting hearing aids is a personal choice.It’s none of your business whether or not I wear hearing aids.  It’s not up to you to make that decision for me nor should you even express your opinion on me getting them unless you’re a loved one.  I don’t care about the latest technological advancements you’ve heard about and I don’t care if you think they’ll improve my life.  I will make the decision.  I will decide if I want them or not.  Hearing aids are not a cure all.  For some people they work and that’s great.  For others they do nothing but amplify sounds they can already hear to irritating frequencies.  And sometimes hearing aids just don’t do anything for some people.  They affect everyone differently.  We’re not all the same nor do we have the same range of loss.  What I choose to do with my ears are none of your business. 

Arthur C. McWilliams IV

I thought Artemis was so adorable telling Holly that he would “have to do some reading up” on being friends and being so amazed at the idea of a friend so I just-

~Artemis calling Holly at really impractical times just to say hello friend

~Artemis sending Foaly details reports on all his latest technological advancements (even though he knows Foaly already knows about all of them) (he just likes to talk to his friend of the same intellect)

~Artemis showing Holly articles about Irish feminist movements just to have something to talk about with her

~Holly rolls her eyes and tells Artemis she has no interest in Mud-Men affairs but she secretly loves getting these and has them all saved

~Artemis organizing play-dates for his brothers like. All. The. Time. because now that he’s discovered friends he wants them to have friends too

~Artemis thinking really hard about what to buy everyone for their birthday

~He just wants it to be perfect for HIS FRIENDS

~Artemis talking to Butler about Holly like ALOT because he loves having a friend to talk about and Butler always listens (even if it gets a little old sometimes) but he is honestly just really proud of the fact that Artemis is being a normal teenager

~(Even if his only friend is a century-old elf)

~Holly is the only one Artemis would ever let call him Arty

Imagine being a scientist called in by SHIELD to help study the Tesseract . . .

Originally posted by russian-hiddlestoner

“Right this way DR. L/N.” the commanding voice of Maria hill instructed you, leading you through the halls packed with SHIELD agents.

“All are labs are stat of the art, all the newest equipment and the latest technology.   Some so advanced or so classified no one knows it exists yet. You’ll love it.”  She said as the two of you walked “I’m sure I will.” You replied, following her down another set of stairs.

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Sometimes, the Aquarius field of experience can be so vivid and apart from the one of someone else, that their point of reference can be entirely other worldly. There is the notion that they expect you to keep up with them, to respond with immediate clarity and understanding and they can become frustrated if you lag behind too much. Aquarius find it easy to learn new information, to keep up with the latest technological advances and discoveries, and may have little patience for those of us stuck in the past. Rather than resisting this new age of technology and new found spirituality, they go forth full speed ahead, sarcastically waving goodbye to the ones that stand in defiance. It is after all, the age of Aquarius. 


First of advanced environment satellites arrives at Kennedy.

The United State’s latest and most technologically advanced weather satellite was transported from its assembly facility in Colorado to Kennedy Space Center today, August 22.

A joint endeavour between NASA and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, the GOES-R satellite weighs in at more than 6,200 pounds. Orbiting more than 22,300 miles above the Earth in Geostationary Transfer Orbit, GOES-R will provide the western hemisphere advanced weather and environmental forecasting technology.

GOES-R, which stands for Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite, is the first of four third-generation GOES satellites built by Lockheed Martin.

Lofting such a heavy and sensitive satellite across the country required the use of a U.S. Air Force C-5 cargoplane.A t 3:16pm EDT the plane touched down at Kennedy Space Center’s Shuttle Landing Facility. Later this evening, the satellite will be transported 17 miles to a clean room facility in nearby Titusville. There, it will undergo unpacking and inspection before prelaunch operations commence.

Liftoff is scheduled for 5:40pm EDT on November 4. A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket will fly in the 541 configuration with a five meter diameter payload fairing, four strap on AJ-60A solid rocket motors, and a single-RL-10 engine on the Centaur upper stage.

P/c: NASA, NOAA, Lockheed Martin, Gary Napier.