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ok i NEVER get scared ok i could be literally getting haunted by a ghost & i’d be like lmao binch wyd how was ur day

but last night,,,,,, i had a DREAM that i was being CHASED by PENNYWISE the dancing CLOWN and i awoke at 1am in A COLD SWEAT

anyways just so happens that my latest kim kardashian game quest had 10 mins left so i got 5 stars the world works in mysterious ways doesnt it


Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Booed in Paris

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are booed upon arriving at a Paris fashion show. Gossip Goat responds to this raucous incident in the latest episode of GOSSIP GOAT STRIKES BACK.

20 Things You Could be Doing Other than Worrying About What Kim Kardashian is Wearing (or not wearing)

1) take a nap
Napping is very therapeutic. Really. And while your eyes are shut and hands are to your side, it will avoid any chances of you going on the Internet to make comments about a woman who has boobs and lady parts. Crazy concept.

2) make a sandwich
Eating is always anyone’s favorite activity. Making a sandwich is a process. Depending on how many layers of meat, cheese, and condiments you decide to add, there will be a distraction so one cannot go on Twitter and tell Kim K that “we’ve seen you naked before, what else is knew” keep calm.

3) watch your favorite television show
Binge watching is so 2016. But it doesn’t have to stop there. If you thought, “Kim is a mother of 2 and what is North gonna think.” Stop. Grab the remote. And put on the tv. There has to be an episode of the bachelor or empire that you’ve missed. Trust me it’ll be worth while!

4) take a shower
Being clean is awesome! And you can’t take electronics in the shower! Really! Take a damn shower!

5) paint your nails
Painting your nails is the perfect way to mind your business. Really. I mean unless you have a third arm, you can’t do a damn thing!

6) clean your shoes
Everyone’s shoes should have a good cleaning every once in a while. While a shoe is in one hand and the cloth to clean is in another, one can not be so quick to judge someone because they’re proud of their body.

7) wash the dishes
You’ll make your mom really happy if she comes home to clean dishes. Trust me. And it’ll make your mom really happy to know you didn’t body shame another woman today!

8) make your favorite meal
Cooking is really fun too. It’s a new way to create recipes and combine flavors. Also it’s a way to eat. While you’re cooking you can’t be worried about Kim’s naked selfies or your chicken will burn and NO one likes a burnt chicken. See what happens when you focus on what’s important??

9) listen to your favorite song
Plug in those headphones and listen to some music. Text your friends and discover new music. Listen to Kanye west. Don’t insult his wife. Make sense?

10) start a DIY project
Hot glue and canvases and paint brushes, oh my! With all these crafts there will be no time to wash your hands to talk about Kim’s mirror selfies or photoshoots. Your creative juices will be flowing wayyyyyy too hard to even care a little. Scouts honor.

11) get a job, monster, Google. Really just go find something better to do than worry about Kim kardashian. Who’s someone’s mother. And wife. And whatever your laundry list of things she is which is reason she’s shouldn’t be naked.

12) start said job
Unless you have the coolest boss, he won’t let you on your phone or computer anyway.

13) call your mother
She’ll love hearing from you! “Honey how are you?” “Kim kardashian is naked again” don’t make that a conversation starter. She’s your mother.

14) call your grandmother
“Kim kardashian is naked again”
Now you’ve officially lost your grandmother too. Stop it.

15) wash your dog
Puppies need our love and care and if you’re tweeting about how a woman has boobs and showed everyone they won’t know you love them. I mean they need a bath! Even your girl dogs! Oh but before you take a picture of the soaped up puppy make sure her nipples are covered cause you know naked bitches are apparently an issue here.

16) wash your car
You spent money on this vehicle and its dirty. Go outside with a hose and make sure you’re riding dirty but not necessarily being dirty. While your hands are soapy would u rather be thinking about the end result of your clean car or kimmy’s cooch? Hm

17) clean your cats liter box
Liter boxes smell really awful. Seriously so bad. So why don’t you do your cat ( and yourself) a favor and not talk about a woman appreciating her body like she should. Oh and clean the cats liter box. Important.

18) go to lunch with a friend
I’m sure they miss you! Go catch up on the latest in pop culture, sports, politics, whatever! Talk about Kim Kardashian for all I care. She’s a hot topic apparently. Just don’t be a dick… Behind your phone…where no one can kick your ass for saying something ignorant.

19) dust your living room
You want to breathe while watching your fave tv show, eating that sandwich, with that newly cleaned dog and liter box. So dust! Make sure the room is breathable. Make sure you’re not teaching that cat or dog that they can’t take a selfie with their naked skin because people will judge them.

And finally
20) stay in your lane

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