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My opinion on Simon & Martina aka Eat Your Kimchi's music monday review - On B.A.P and Bangtan Boys (.....and BTOB?)

I know many of you have been seeing peoples’ complaints about EYK harsh words towards B.A.P, BTS, and BTOB. But I just had to let out my frustration and tell you guys my opinion about their latest music monday review.

Whenever I watch EYK’s music monday, I do expect to be entertaining and funny. I know they have every rights to state their own opinions on the music and the music video itself. It’s not new that Simon or Martina would make jokes about the song or music video. Almost every music monday they would criticize or make fun of the member in the group. But after what I saw on today’s music monday (02/24/14)…. their humor didn’t seize to make me laugh. To be honest, I’m very disappointed with the words they chose. Calling B.A.P “Bitch Ass Pussies” just because they were crying in 1004 MV?? Like really? Like so what if they cried. All human-beings cry. Why call them by those 3 words when B.A.P are doing what their told when they were recording the music video? Not only did they insult B.A.P but they also insult the director/producers. They could of at least said that “crying” is overly used in a story plot for music video or the crying scene was awkward… or something more appropriate. 

Does EYK understand the story in 1004? or the symbolism?
I wanted to point out some of the things they said in their blog…

- I don’t want to pull meaning out of symbols for sad relationships, because even if you looked at Bang Yong Gook digging around a rib cage and think “OH that represents a heart” it doesn’t add anything else to the meaning of the video, since it’s already about being relationship sad.

Ummm… Yongguk is digging up a castle that is seen in a different scene of the MV which shows a whole other meaning behind it.

- Artsy symbolism in Kpop videos isn’t really that original or interesting to me. You might have to find someone else to tell you that this is a masterpiece. You won’t find high praise for that here. TOP’s “Doom Dada” is an example of something more meaningful.

Uhhh… You just said that artsy symbolism in kpop videos isn’t interesting but then you said TOP’s Doom Dada is more meaningful? Well okay then.

Next thing is their review BTS - Boy in Luv. I’m not a fan of them. But the thing that bother me the most is when they criticize their English skills. I really don’t see the whole point when EYK rates the artists’ English in the song. I mean.. Simon and Martina has been in Korea for around 6 years, and they still don’t speak Korean fluently? Most kpop idols aren’t fluent in English. And here they are criticizing their prounounciation & grammer. Simon and Martina can’t even say some of the idol names correctly.

And for BTOB.. why even mention them on the title if your automatically gonna say that the song is bad and not come up with a reason of why you didn’t like the song. This is what I’m wondering. How many times do they actually listen to the song? Cause whenever there’s a song I don’t like, I would try to listening a few more times in order to enjoy the quality of the music. It can take me weeks or even months to like the song. If they didn’t like BTOB’s 뛰뛰빵빵, what was the point of even mentioning them in the review?

I kind find it amusing how they sometimes insult the artist in their reviews. But when they do UKISS for their music monday review. It’s always positive. They didn’t throw any insults at UKISS. Cause they know UKISS is watching their videos occasionally.  

What irked me even more is they insulted a person’s comment on Youtube.

I know some of the things of what the person say is a bit harsh. But did Simon and Martina had to insult him/her? By saying “Stop talking out of your ass”? That wasn’t very professional.

I hope that Simon and Martina can give us apology. Or at least be more careful of what they say about the artists in the future. Because they should know that fans will get sensitive if you insult their favorite idol group. 

I’m not saying I hate Simon and Martina. I’m just disappointed.