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“There are a lot of opportunities and ideas using a cat… wine, electronics, fashion, mascot… ah, have I mentioned this before? I want Elizabeth 3rd to become a mascot for my company’s latest material.”

Note: These voice samples were taken from Cheritz’s official Mystic Messenger website

About Tooru's presumed Stockholm syndrome

I don’t really think Mutsuki’s sympathy for Torso is due to this kind of mental state..
In Stockholm syndrome, the victims give up on their will to escape because they start to identify themselves with the kidnapper. They “empathise” with him in a desperate attempt to escape from reality. Mutsuki is doing something slightly different… he “sympathise” with Torso because they really are alike. They share multiple common traits and a terrible past of abusive fathers, but even so, Mutsuki doesn’t want to be with Torso, doesn’t care about him at all. He is simply forced to set up a “family play” in order to escape. This is not Stockholm syndrome, because Mutsuki hasn’t already lost his determination and will, he’s still fighting. However, Stockholm syndrome has multiple layers of expression, so we can say that, maybe, Mutsuki is starting to develop a potential emotional bond with Torso. We still don’t know how it will turn, tho.. and honestly, I don’t think Mutsuki’s going to show mercy on Torso if he manages to escape from his grip.

Actually, I think that a clear manifestation of Stockholm syndrome was provided by Suzuya’s relationship with Big Madam. Big Madam broke both Suzuya’s body and mind, forcing him to hide behind two different personas.. He was completely submissive and he LOVED deeply his “mama”, even if “all she gave to him were only scars”. That was a real, intense, self-denial covered behind the hope of finding true love in a twisted, violent, cruel parental figure. Big Madam was the only mother Suzuya had and he couldn’t help but feel attached to her. He remembers the afternoons spent with her, reading funny curiosity about animals and cherishes these memories with all his heart. At the beginning, Suzuya felt sick because of Big Madam’s treatments and impositions, but day after day, he gradually adapted his mind to that terrible environment. He was caught in a trap of tenderness and beatings, coloured atlas and hooks in his back. He started to love pain in order to survive, he started to love his “mama” and he still does. This is a more defined and “canonical” Stockholm syndrome, in my opinion. What do you guys think about it? I must also add that while Mutsuki is clearly trying to escape, Suzuya never left big Madam until the CCG found her hiding place. This makes a lot of sense, because the “kind of abuse” Mutsuki and Suzuya suffered are a little different from each other. As we can see from the manga, apparently, Mutsuki’s father was rude and aggressive most of the time, while Big Madam adopted a more subtle behaviour, gaining Suzuya’s blind trust with “bitter-sweetness” all the time. Mutsuki didn’t have the chance to develop a fully mental dependency, because his father didn’t give him nothing good to cling on. Never a sweet time, never a real moment of peace (well, this my mere speculation, of course). Suzuya matured a strange -but strong- sense of family, so he was easily held captive by Big Madam’s psychological dominance. Now that Tooru is under Torso’s control, he’s already prepared to manage this kind of stuff. Even if he grew up with a monster, he never really let him win. Tooru flattered his father just to escape cleverly from beatings and rape. Tooru is mentally stronger than the most of Tg characters and Torso is not going to take him psychologically down so easily.

My latest episode of existentialism and questioning everything

I watched a video on youtube about how pop music lyrics are getting stupider and stupider. The guy in the video made the comparison of pop music to junk food; a quick fix to satisfy the masses. That’s when my current existential episode started…

I was walking on the treadmill and was contemplating the flower pattern on the curtains. I was thinking “They’re not actually flowers… the material is just woven to give the illusion of flowers.” I just realized (right now as I’m typing) that this is the same realization as with the painting The Treachery Of Images; “This is not a pipe”. So then of course I went on to ask myself “How do you know that existence is not an illusion?”

Then I go to look for something to eat. I wanted something healthy, so I chose the meat and potato & pumpkin mash - relatively healthy compared to the thick-crusted pizza on the bench. I even took some egg - because I’ve read that they have many vitamins & shit. So I start eating, and I’m thinking “What if humans were kept in enclosures by some superior creatures so that we could be harvested for our flesh? Would that be immoral?” The answer I came up with was yes: just the mental image of some being feeding on our flesh disturbs me. And yet this is what we do to animals. 

I had a dream once (not a fantasy - an actual dream) about chicken flesh growing like grass from the ground. So that it is not a sentient being, and does not feel pain when we harvest it. The mental image of that may also be disturbing or at least weird - but it’s still more moral than to kill animals for their flesh. So the question is, in an ideal, enlightened world, would we still eat our fellow creatures?

My dad’s calls me over to look at this gold car he wants to buy. He says “Look how shiny it is!” I say “What does it matter what it looks like? The purpose of a car is to get you around to places.” He just said having a nice-looking car makes him feel good. 

But I heard my dad say a few days ago that he wants this car to prove to my mum’s parents that they “made it”. My mum’s Chinese parents always disapproved of my non-Chinese dad, and said they’d never get anywhere in life. I observed that “That means you value their opinion”, to which my dad said “It’s more about what we think” - which kind of goes against his previous statement…

Why do we value material things so much? As if money is the ultimate determinant of our success? I can’t gloat about the insignificance of money, because I’ve never known poverty. However, I will say that many people nowadays have a superfluous desire for pretty things. Sneakers with lights in them are a classic example. 

Every time I go on facebook, everybody wants to look so goddamn pretty! I mean hell, I’m not against it, but I think we’re so preoccupied with our looks that we’ve lost our intelligence. My news feed is utterly devoid of any intelligent posts, except for the pages I’ve liked. Just a constant flow of superficial bullshit.

But no, I do understand. It is because self-regard is a survival mechanism. You need to do good for yourself so that other people see you and respect you for that. These alliances serve to aid your survival. It’s programmed in us.

…It probably doesn’t help that I am likely on mood swings right now. I feel like I’m in a sort of controlled insanity.