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YukiPri Yuri!!! on Ice + Other Anime Masterpost

This is my masterpost for my Yuri!!! on Ice fanart, with a smattering of other anime fandoms. Please click HERE for my Star Wars + Other Western Media masterpost, and HERE to go the Big Hero 6 only masterpost.

This is NOT a comprehensive masterpost. It only contains my more recent fanart, and stuff that is a few years old has not been included.



[COM] - Comic

[ILL] - Illustration

[TXT] - Text headcanons

All shippy/pseudo-shippy things will be marked with a *


YURI!!! ON ICE - Major AUs

INFERNO: YURI NO ICE (epic scale post apocalyptic/dystopian AU) - Genre: Drama/Action



[ILL] INFERNO: YURI NO ICE, Color Variation Set

[ILL] INFERNO: YURI NO ICE PREVIEW Program:01, Happy B-Day Georgi!

[ILL] INFERNO: YURI NO ICE PREVIEW Program:01, Happy B-Day Guang-Hong!

[ILL] INFERNO: YURI NO ICE PREVIEW Program:01, Third preview

[COM] INFERNO: YURI NO ICE Program:00 - Rebellions are Built on Hope

[ILL] PROGRAM:01 Promo, Yuri Katsuki - The Heart

[COM] INFERNO: YURI NO ICE Program:01 - The Inferno

Future!verse ABO (Victor + Yurio + Phichit + Minami all x Yuuri poly relationship, Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics, shippy self-indulgence, OC children) - Genre: Romance/Slice of Life/Fluff/Crack

[ILL] [TXT] Future!verse ABO Timeline + Basics * (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami x Yuuri)

[COM] Future!verse ABO Introduction*

[TXT] Alpha/Beta/Omega+ Dynamics - Extended World-Building Post

[COM] Future!verse ABO Preview, “Yuuri-san, please be my coach!”*

[COM] Future!verse ABO - Coach or No? * (Russian Sandwich)

[COM] Future!verse ABO - Minami’s devotion * (Minami, Victor, Yurio x Yuuri)

[ILL] OC Kid Doodles #1 - Yasha * (implied Victor x Yuuri)

[ILL] OC Kid Doodles #2 - Shura * (implied Yurio x Yuuri)

[ILL] OC Kid Doodles #3 - Arisa * (implied Phichit x Yuuri)

[ILL] OC Kid Doodles #4 - Yuuji * (implied Minami x Yuuri)

[ILL] [TXT] OC Kids Compilation + Name Meanings/Explanations

[TXT] Random text HCs - Adults 01 * (implied poly relationship)

[ILL] [TXT] Visual Headcanon Web Charts 01 * (implied poly relationship)

[COM] Yurio Presenting Arc #01 * (vaguely future Yurio x Yuuri)

[COM] 4 Koma - How things usually go with the twins

[COM] 4 Koma - Starting early…

[COM] 4 Koma set - Naming the twins *(implied Victor x Yuuri x Yurio)

The Only One Who Can Win Against Me is Me! (older!Victor x Yuuri x younger!Victor (+ mild Yurio -> Yuuri) - Genre: Crack/Fluff

[ILL] The only one who can win against me is me! (27!yo Victor x Yuuri x 16!yo Victor) Cover*

[COM] The only one who can win against me is me! Comic Parts 1-5*

[COM] The only one who can win against me is me!: Victor’s B-Day Special*

[COM] The only one who can win against me is me! Part 6*

YURI!!! ON ICE - Stand alone/short works, chronological posting order

[ILL] Victuri, with glasses + without*

[ILL] [COM] Dreaming On Love, Eros (with costume ref)*

[ILL] Victuri pair skate*

[ILL] [COM] Older!Yurio* (mild YuriYuu)

[ILL] [COM] Halloween on Ice!

[COM] Halloween on Ice! Followup*

[ILL] Agape & Eros, Russian sandwich style* (Victor x Yuuri x Yurio)

[ILL] [COM] Yurio & Yuuri’s relationship, Before & After (*can be seen as Yurio x Yuuri)

[ILL] Leo de la Iglesia - Still Alive

[ILL] Angel Quartet preview sketch (will not be completed)

[ILL] [TXT] POKEMON!!! ON ICE - a YOI x Pokemon Crossover AU

[ILL] POKEMON!!! ON ICE - Extras

[COM] Phichit-centric Comic * (hint of PhichiYuu, canon level Victuri)

[ILL] Happy Birthday Katsuki Yuuri!!! 11/29

[COM] Yurio, please give Yuuri a hug (Ep 9)

[COM] PhichiYuu Kiss*

[ILL] YOI x Pacific Rim

[ILL] Thank you YOI - See you NEXT LEVEL

[ILL] YOI Eyes & Eyebrows

[ILL] EVERYONE LOVES YUURI (*Victor + older!Yurio + Phichit + older!Minami + Chris x Yuuri) *NSFW

[ILL] Older!Yurio doodle

[ILL] Shall We Skate? *PhichiYuu

[ILL] Everyone xxxxxxxxx Yuuri, Happy Valentine’s Day!*

[ILL] Phichit, Princeling of my heart <3

[ILL] Terra Incognita *PhichiYuu


[COM] Happy Birthday Phichit! *PhichiYuu

[ILL] Double Yuri naps *YuriYuu

[ILL] How Phichit and Yuuri sleep *PhichiYuu

[ILL] BFF Trio

[ILL] Happy Birthday Seung-Gil!

[ILL] Yuuri Sandwich! Russian Sandwich! *(Victor x Yuuri x Older!Yurio, NSFW)

[ILL] Cute Phichit vs. Cool Phichit?

Other Anime


Ichigo sketch

Bleach Ending Fix-It Project preview 1

Bleach Ending Fix-It Project preview 2 (Grimmjow)

Bleach Ending Fix-It Project preview 3

Bleach Ending Fix-It Project preview 4 (Ichigo color)

(*note, this project is on going but is on indefinite hiatus)


Pokemon Go - Candela

The comments on my latest video (linked in my bio) are making me cry. It is such a pleasure, honour and joy to see women shouting from the roof tops how incredible they are. If you have a spare 10 mins, please do click over to watch and join in with the badass lady celebration. 💪🏻💁🏼🎉❤️

[Fic] How to Listen (i.e. omegawin, pt2, Levi’s POV) - Eruri, ABO, canonverse, ~18k



“He’s going to try and think his way out of this,” Hanji predicts, her voice sober.

And Levi knows damn well that she’s right.

(Companion piece to omega!Erwin fic “How to Breathe” I wrote a few days ago, but told from Levi’s POV)

Home Alone: Lost in New York 

by Lara for Paceees

Starring Darcy Lewis as Home Alone and Bucky Barnes as Lost in New York. 

Happy Easter/Merry Christmas @paceees

Links to Latest HCs/Fics

If you are experiencing trouble with our blog on mobile (as previous anons have brought up,) here is a post with permalinks to the latest fics (past 3-4 days)

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Wow I just realized I wrote a lot of fics in my third week as co-admin. This is the start of my fourth week. lololol (Word counted 20k+ words for my Week 3 fics document)


karahells: “melissa probably deleted all her social media because of the MEAN ANTIS they’re all BULLIES”

melissa: *posts photo on instagram*

karahells: “you just KNOW melissa deleted the twitter app on her phone to avoid the ugly supercorps!! she didn’t even link her latest instagram post!”

melissa: *posts another photo on instagram AND links it on twitter*

Amazing dinner @kylemfraser and I made the other night 🌱👌🏼 Made this in my latest WIED video! Link is in my bio if you want to check it out 👆🏼 Steamed corn, marinated and baked tofu, some oil free fries, mashed avocado, and some lettuce for lettuce cups 😍

My latest post was linked from a couple of big blogs and news sources, apparently copying from each other, with the quote/summary:

Slate Star Codex: “The problem is that there’s some weird tribe of fact-immune troglodytes out there, going around refusing vaccines and voting for Brexit, and the rest of us have to figure out what to do about them.“


That’s the opposite of my argument. I’m using it as a straw man in order to knock it down. I don’t understand how people could quote that and then attribute it to me with no further explanation. This happens every time I try to deal with a controversy responsibly. People take the most inflammatory thing in the post, even if it’s the opposite of what I believe, and try to convince everyone it’s my opinion. I don’t know if this is some sort of passive-aggressive campaign against me, or some sort of terrible law of media dynamics, but it’s so annoying.

anonymous asked:

Google knocked on the Hosts office door. After watching him at the meeting, seeing him so confident and in control, he couldn't help but feel the need to know how and why. He wanted to know everything. And the Host would most likely know exactly that. The bot let the door creak open slowly. "H-ost? Te-soro mio, are you i-n...?" //solved it 😁

The Host sat at his desk, humming lightly to himself while writing in his journal. He never used a proper office, even though he had more responsibilities now. But thankfully, he had taken care of most of it already, and had some time for himself. Well, and Google, as he knew he would come to him as soon as possible.

“Come in, chéri.”, the Host called to him, continuing his writing. He was only writing with his pencil after all, nothing he needed to concentrate on.


✨JUST BREATHE✨ I feel so liberated standing on the edge of the earth, breathing in the ocean air, and listening to the waves crash against the shore 🌊 Here, I am truly reminded of just how beautiful and powerful this earth is. I feel truly grounded and connected to this earth. I am reminded of just how small I am (and all my worries are) in comparison 🌎 Life is too short, remember to breathe, and take it in✌🏼 Ps. I’ve got a HAWAII house tour video, AND a new WHAT I EAT video live on my channel! Have a look! Latest vid link is in my bio ☺️

Sasuhina Chibiventures

Part 1 of like three…maybe. Idk.

“Give it back!” Sasuke shouted at the first grader. “It’s not yours!”

The older boy sneered as Sasuke tried to puff out his chest. He proceeded to gobble the last cookie and smugly wiped his hands on Sasuke’s head. Enraged, the younger boy lunged at him only to be pushed away. Landing harshly on the pavement, he started to tear up. Kurenai managed to grab a hold of her unruly student while Iruka helped Sasuke up.

Hinata nervously wrung her hands as their teacher cleaned up the scrapes on Sasuke’s knees and cheek. He patted Hinata’s head as he went to put the first aid kit away. She hadn’t meant to get anyone hurt; she just asked the boy to return her snacks. But he only laughed at her and pushed her on the ground when she tried to ask again. Suddenly one of her classmates appeared and stood between her and the bully.

But now he was hurt and she felt worse. “Um…?” Hinata struggled to speak. He sniffed and looked away, too embarrassed to face her. Sasuke had let her down.

He froze when she kissed his cheek. Hinata kissed me! He assumed that it meant she liked him like every other girl in their grade. Strangely he wasn’t as repulsed; to be honest, he kind of liked the shy girl. “Do you feel better?” She asked. He pressed his palm against his chubby cheek but remained quiet. Hinata looked down at her feet. “Mommy always kisses it when I get hurt and it feels better,” she quietly explained. “It’s like magic.”   

The two didn’t talk for the rest of the day. During recess, he played with the rest of the boys as Hinata sat with a few other girls under a tree. She had her knees drawn up, not really talking as much as the other girls. However when the bell rang, he walked towards her and pointed to his cheek. Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “It hurts again.” Her eyes widened and she promptly kissed him again.

Hinata’s mommy is right, it does feel better!



Itachi waited next to the other older siblings and parents as they waited for the kindergarteners to be released. He spotted his brother lingering in the back. “Sasuke, come on we don’t have all day!”

He shot him a glare and turned back to Hinata. “My mommy is sick so she can’t kiss me. You have to give me another one to last for the rest of today.”

“O-okay,” Hinata said nervously. Just as she was about to kiss his cheek, Itachi grabbed him by the hand.

“C’mon, we have to go.”

Sasuke reached out for Hinata who rushed over and quickly pecked his cheek. Itachi winced as he readied himself for a massive tantrum but it never came. The little girl waved at them before running towards two stoic men wearing sunglasses and suits.

Itachi looked down to see his younger brother smiling blissfully. “So you got yourself a little girlfriend.” Sasuke felt his face heat up.

“What? No way, that’s gross!” He protested. Itachi held Sasuke’s hand as they walked home, noticing his face.

“What happened to your face?” he asked.

“Nothing!” Sasuke quickly replied.

Itachi frowned, deciding to let his father pry it out of him. If that failed, he’d just ask around and deal with the bully himself.


He perked up. “Yeah?”

The little boy adjusted his backpack. “Are kisses magical?”

Nearly tripping on his feet, he steadied himself. “Who…what?”

“Never mind.”

They dropped the subject until their father got home. Mikoto was still getting over a nasty cold, leaving Fugaku to pick up takeout food for dinner again. As he handed them their meals, he noticed the cuts on Sasuke’s face. “Why is your face like that?”

Thinking he meant the giddy look on his face, Itachi said it was because of the little Hyuuga girl in his class. “She beat you up?!” Fugaku wasn’t shocked that a Hyuuga could be so cruel, the whole family was shady and under constant watch. He knew Hiashi was still engaging in illegal activities but couldn’t get concrete proof. What stunned him was that Sasuke could let it happen; he was much more aggressive than Itachi was at that age.

Itachi choked on his food and coughed furiously until Fugaku patted him harshly on the back. Sasuke frowned as his coughs slowly became laughs. “Hinata didn’t hit me, it was that boy! She made it better.” Suddenly he turned to his father. “Daddy, are kisses magical?”

The man turned to Itachi for an explanation but he shrugged as he bit into his burger.



Sasuke smiled at his reflection, the wound had finally healed after being kissed every day and he wanted to show Hinata. After roll call, he pointed it out to her and she smiled. “They really are magical!”

“What’s magical?” Kiba asked.

Not wanting to tell him, he crossed his arms. “Nothing.” Sasuke didn’t want everyone to know about her special abilities. It was a secret between the two of them. Kiba narrowed his eyes but walked away. Unfortunately, he managed to get it out of Hinata during free time.

Soon she was surrounded by some of her classmates. “Show us,” Kiba asked. “Look! I have a cut on my elbow.” Feeling overwhelmed, she hesitated. “Please?”


Sasuke happened to look over from behind the playhouse as she quickly kissed his elbow. Everyone leaned closer after he pealed the band aid off to see if anything changed. They all frowned and looked at her accusingly.

“Maybe it takes time!” Kiba said. He smiled gratefully at Hinata yet she held her hands close to her face, not liking all the attention on her.

Ino showed Hinata the band aid on her shoulder and she nervously did the same. She looked around, trying to see where their teacher was.

“Me next!” Naruto pushed his way forward and stuck his chin out. “Can you heal this?” Hinata looked around as more kids circled around, including Sasuke. There was pushing and shoving as the children argued about who was next; a push from behind caused Naruto to tumble forward.



“They kissed on the lips!”

Sasuke’s eye twitched as they pulled away. He never hated the Namikaze boy more than at that very moment. “You… you stole Hinata’s powers!” He erupted and pointed at him accusingly.

Naruto looked at everyone and shook his head. “I didn’t mean to! You guys pushed me! Here you can have them back!” He pressed his lips against hers again and quickly wiped his mouth when he pulled away. She cringed and did the same; she didn’t want to kiss anyone ever again. “Now she has them again!”

Enraged, Sasuke charged towards him but Iruka dispersed the crowd since it was time to practice their alphabet. C is for stupid Kiba. He thought angrily as he pressed hard on the crayon. D is for dumb, like dumb Naruto.

-Why? Because I’m getting burned out due working on the latest chapter for Last Link. I need fluff and goodness because I’m about to make readers very upset. Don’t kill me, I hate myself already.