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LOOK WHAT I’VE GOT BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. 😍😍😍 I finally have the Fantastic Beasts screen play!!! Definitely jumping in to this once I finish my current read! Isn’t it just sooooo gorgeous??? 😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️ #latesbookibought tag tagged by @whatsername_reads, thank you! 😊❤️📚


Request:  Hi there, finally got the time to gather my thoughts into words and it goes kinda like this: imagine helping Leonard Christmas shopping for Lisa. Thanks for listening and please keep delighting us with your stories

“Remind me,” the low drawl came from beside you, reminding you, not for the first time, of Leonard’s disapproval of this plan. “Why must I buy her something?”

“Because,” you start with a good natured roll of your eyes as you turn to him, “this shows you care.”

“No, this shows that I was forced to go to a department store,” Leonard counters, giving you a pointed look. “We both know I could get her something better…”

“Yes, you could steal something,” you reply in a hushed voice. “But what does that say? ‘Hi sis, I decided to put this one thing aside from my latest haul, thought you might like it? I know you can’t actually wear it or anything because, well, it’s stolen, but hey, who cares?’”

Between the look of disbelief thrown your way and the slightest of twitches on his lips, it was easy to tell you hadn’t succeeded at getting your point across so much as amusing the man. Yet somehow, with a conceding nod, he gave in.

“Jewellery?” he asks with a raised eyebrow, curious as to exactly what you had planned.

“I was thinking something gold…”


Finally getting round to sharing my latest hauls! Sorry the photo quality isn’t the best. These things were got over a couple of days. Can you believe the underwear wasn’t even tagged?! Some pairs were but the ones in my size were tag-free, how lucky?? And no rfids on the palettes. one of my last posts was about how some things seem too easy- this is what I’m talking about!

Not pictured are some books, two Lush things, another bra and undies, moisturiser, chocolate, a scented diffuser, a pretty water bottle and a few makeup bits I’ve already boosted. Will add this all up when I’m feeling less lazy!


Bookish Ask

1. Top three books?

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3. How do you organize your bookshelf?

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32. Summer or school-year reads?


08/15 ~ My latest stationary haul since I start my last semester next week and I FOUND STAEDTLERS!!!! IN AMERICA!! They literally have been sitting in my amazon wishlist for weeks and finally I got them. Ima go write every word I know (all of this for under $50!!)

Latest Wondertrade Haul (part 2)
-Bulbasaur ×2
-Litten ×2
-Mimikyu ×3
-Rufflet ×2
-Kadabra Alakazam
Latest Wondertrade Haul

Im breeding mareanies. I have a fuckton of them. Im wondertrading them off and here’s the most interesting stuff so far:

-A female Alakazam
-two more Gibles
-KARTANA????? idk who wondertraded an ultrabeast but i hope they like the lv1 Mareanie
-two more honedges
-minior (gold×2)
-pawniard? This 1 isn’t familiar to me