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Harry Potter House Aesthetics

Gryffindor: fast decisions, impulsivity, temperament. A sparkle in the eyes. The will to fight for everything you want. Ambition. Bonfires and drunk words. Dragons and knights and swords. Loud voices in a hallway. Always saying what they’re thinking. Laying outside with the sun shining on their face. Heavily breathing. Running. Wide grins. Falling in love not easily, but when they do, they’re falling hard and love deeply and fiercely. Making other people laugh so hard their sides hurt. Long car rides and singing along loudly with the windows down. Peace signs for a photo. Fierce eyeliner and red lipstick combined with colourful clothing and golden accessories.

Ravenclaw: overthinking things. Worrying. Not handing in homework because they were to busy working on their latest project. Not finishing something and already starting something new. Ink stained fingertips. Instrumental music. Posting a quote under every picture. Creativity. Self-made birthday gifts. Staring at the rain pouring down the windowpane. Sitting in the car and acting like a movie star when a sad song is playing. Earphones on the table. Holding a hot cup of tea. Art journals. Notebooks with half the words stroked. Messy hair. Bringing books to school. Hugging someone when they’re upset without saying a word. Bucket lists full of things they didn’t do yet. Bronze eyeshadow. Dark lipstick.

Hufflepuff: always trying to smile even though they might not be feeling well. Long hugs when they see their friends. The smell of freshly baked cakes and muffins. Sandcastles. Trusting. Understanding. Running home under an umbrella when it’s raining but still smiling. Holding hands with your best friend in public. Laughs in the middle of the night on a sleepover. Daisy chains in your hair. Always sending a good night message to the people they love. Wool socks. Rubber boots. Making compliments. Decorating notebooks with stickers. Marshmallows. Rosé and orange lipstick.

Slytherin: mysterious, reserved. Competitive. Silent whispers in the hallway. Black coffee. Planning out things. Always afraid they’re not who they’re supposed to be. High expectations for themselves. Clean rooms. Emo lyrics on exercise book papers. City lights. Watching the stars appear with a glass of red wine. Smirks, raising one eyebrow. Being careful not to leave marks in the books they read. Moonlight through a window. Sharp retorts. The smell of cologne and brand new books. Dark chocolate. Black and white photography. Mint leaves in a cup of hot tea. Keeping a diary. Winged eyeliner and silver bracelets and necklaces.

So I see a lot of ‘two types of the signs’ posts, and while I’m not really that sure about them because I think that’s less important than the way placements interact with each other, I thought it would be interesting to do one that’s a bit different than usual: optimist / pessimist rather than introvert / extrovert. Okay!

Aries Pessimist: Is negative about everything. Not a big fan of teamwork. Gets angry or upset easily; finds it hard to control their emotions. Takes offence quickly. Needs a lot of love and adores being complimented / admired.

Aries Optimist: Think of a lot of new ideas very quickly and is always completely convinced that the current one is perfect. So excitable. Can be a bit of a messy worker. Laughs all the time. Can be arrogant.

Taurus Pessimist: Is a bit of an Eeyore sometimes. Doesn’t trust easily. Worries a lot about financial matters in particular. Is a saver rather than a spender. Goes over ideas repeatedly until they’re totally perfect.

Taurus Optimist: Is very sure of their place in the world. A hard worker. Loves to treat themselves. Thinks every relationship is going to end in marriage. Can be a little shy, but will soon become incredibly friendly.

Gemini Pessimist: Low self-esteem so is always changing and doesn’t like to be very honest about their true self. Worried all the time. Lots of nervous energy. Good at masking their feelings but hates doing it.

Gemini Optimist: Very excitable. Talks faster when they’re happy. Most things bounce off them. Rushes off to new opportunities without finishing their latest project. Trusts everyone, but can be untrustworthy themselves. 

Cancer Pessimist: Very weepy and emotional. Is always scared people won’t like them. Intensely protective of those they care about and worries about them all the time. Is hardly every honest because they’re scared of getting hurt.

Cancer Optimist: Can be child-like. Often very naive. Thinks every new relationship / friendship is much better and more significant than the last. Falls in love very quickly and is hardly ever afraid to admit it. 

Leo Pessimist: The most insecure person you will ever meet. Puts way too much store by what others think of them. Obsesses over what they’re wearing to the point of unhealthy. Short temper. Easily offended.

Leo Optimist: Is generally a very confident person. Gullible and naive, but in a charming way. Very generous. Trusts people way too quickly. Loves everyone else, but loves themselves too and is hardly ever afraid to show it.

Virgo Pessimist: Worries way too much about everything. The voice of doom in a group project. Can have unhealthy habits which may be eating related. Works really, really hard; needs very much to be appreciated.

Virgo Optimist: Hard-working; things tend to turn out right for them. ‘Adopts’ new friends and looks after them. Likes to motivate others. Is shy about new relationships, but once in them is very positive.

Libra Pessimist: Can be ‘fake’. Likes other people more than they like themselves, and never does anything for themselves. Very creative, but is meticulous about new ideas and harsh on themselves.

Libra Optimist: The sort of person you want as a group leader. Creative and generous with ideas. Likes to look nice and is generally pretty confident. Is always determined in relationships; wants to make them work out.

Scorpio Pessimist: Is afraid that someone they care about will get hurt, so is very protective. Can be defensive and doesn’t let barriers down easily. Is always predicting the downfall of society. Doesn’t trust easily.

Scorpio Optimist: Good at hiding it when they feel scared or sad. Tends to have a pretty thick skin. Loves change, because they know it’s always for the better. Tends to work hard at projects they believe in.

Sagittarius Pessimist: Doesn’t believe the world is a good place. Always changing their mind because they don’t believe in themselves. Runs away from things. Actually feels guilty for being a pessimist.

Sagittarius Optimist: Believes in luck and thinks they have lots of it. Can make the best of any situation. Always laughing. Looks forward to the future so much that they are sometimes discontent with the present.

Capricorn Pessimist: Is an eyebrow raiser. Has a don’t-fuck-with-me walk. Probably doesn’t believe in love. Is always, always, always negative. No exceptions. Thinks no-one is going to succeed. 

Capricorn Optimist: Works insanely hard for what they want and knows how much they deserve. Generally very confident. Ambitious. Takes a long time to fall in love, but when they do, is convinced it will last forever.

Aquarius Pessimist: Hates anyone and everyone. Is the most contrary person you’ll ever meet. Is disgusted by mainstream culture. Makes disparaging comments. Incredibly snarky and probably actually really smart.

Aquarius Optimist: Believes that the world can be a good place and will work to make it one. One of those people that get inspiring novels written about them. Understands people quickly. Usually pretty confident.

Pisces Pessimist: Gets trodden on because they don’t think they’re worth standing up for. Can be whiny or weepy. Insecure and constantly changes the way they look and act because they expect people to dislike them.

Pisces Optimist: Falls in love so quickly and never learns no matter how much they get hurt. Adorably naive. Thinks everyone is beautiful. Trusts people insanely quickly. In love with the universe.

Note: Some of these are more favoured by traditional astrology than others - for instance Aries is usually expected to be optimistic.



Coloring Book is a visual album of Chance the Rapper’s latest mixtape of the same name. Each song of the mixtape is represented by a poster, each poster taking on the emotion of the song.

UPDATE: Thanks for all the love y'all. I just finished my latest project, a little throwback this time: Yeezus. I hope y'all like it:

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what’s your favorite supercorp headcanon

EDIT: okay i’ve thought it over. i just love the thought of lena and kara doing stuff together. they’re the Softest girlfriends and just want to Be together?? Building stuff
lena loves when she can close down her computer and head down to the r&d department. pulling her hair up or redoing it from the tight buns that give her headaches. and just doing what she loves. Building and Designing and Experimenting. stepping back and staring at the white board, biting down on the end of the marker. kara looks cautious the first few times she slips in, steps sideways past chemicals even if they can’t hurt her, because she’s seen alex have that same exact Look when they were younger and she ended up losing her shoe to a puddle of acid. (eliza had squinted real hard at them when she said her heat vision had just slipped)
but she’s there because lena needs a Break and Food and oh, there’s a little bit of a mix up on the board. lena’s rubbing at her forehead, mumbling about how it just doesn’t make sense. so kara just wipes the mistake away and fixes it.
lena notices immediately and is just?? while kara just shrugs and goes about her business which is the two cheeseburgers that were super enticing on the flight over and no lena, i can eat around all this stuff it’s fine.
lena starts giving the problems to kara when she just can’t solve them, asks softly if kara can help and it becomes a Thing. kara coming down to help her, and oh, lena loves having someone by her side when the rest of the building’s lights are off. someone who isn’t there to steer to their own agenda. just there to help. and she loves watching kara step in, shoulders dropping and an eager smile on her face as she drops her glasses on the table only to pick up goggles and slide them back on her head.
lena’s never seen someone make them look so good as kara’s laughing and writing and bobbing her head to whatever pop music she thinks she slyly turned on when lena acted like she wasn’t looking.
there’s equations and ink smears on their hands when they finally decide to call it a night and laughter and building- one time lena asks for help to finish tweaking a little robot but kara can’t find anything wrong with it and then it blinks to life, rolls over to her and offers a flower to her- and kissing.
when kara’s got that proud smile after they finish their latest project and lena can’t help but mumble she’s brilliant before tugging kara close. when lena’s fallen asleep at the table-their table. there’s sticky notes and ear buds and flower petals- so kara scoops her up and takes her home, leaving after pressing a warm kiss against her head.
i just love those two working together. after lena’s had to give so much up for a company being so young. after kara had to hide the equations under her tongue, stop her fingers from etching out numbers and problems her father taught her how to solve from the first day she slipped into the lab at his side. give me the soft science gfs we deserve

Zee & The War Machines, pt.2

Marvel AU

Comic Artist! Steve Rogers x Singer!Reader

Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Elektra, Gwen Stacy, Kate Bishop, Peter Quill and others.

A/N: Be warned the romance will not be the center of this story, hell, it’s probably gonna take a backseat to other characters and relationships. Just enjoy this lighthearted fun fic, let the story go where it must.

All parts edited by @travelwithwords

Summary: Zee & The War Machines is your band, your life, your baby. Your bandmates and you are preparing for a US tour and have enlisted the help from your personal assistant Natasha Romanoff and new body guard, James ‘Bucky’ Barnes to get things ready. When James introduces you to his best friend, comic artist, Steve Rogers, you realize life could get even sweeter. But then a rumor surfaces, a rumor you started in harmless fun. Will it destroy any chance of something real with Steve or can the two of you get past it? Or will Steve just be another bump in the road?


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Types of Stans

This applies to literally every fandom have fun trying to find which one you are

-selfies are always on point, when they post pictures they get 200 notes
-have their own fans
-person they stan lowkey has a crush on them

The Always Serious stan:
-can’t take a joke
-attacks everyone who jokes about their fave
-probably 10
-has an embarrassing @ (example: likes shawn, has @ like muffingurlbenitoluver2k14)

The Artist:
-always has new ideas
-stays up until 4am to finish their latest project
-very creative
-gets 2938492037 notes in 20 minutes because they are That Bitch

The Stalker:
-never misses the chance to meet their fave
-constantly posts their location^
-person they stan lowkey can’t stand them

The Problematic stan:
-always posting unpopular opinions
-calls out everyone
-quotes and reblogs literally everything
-“what did they do this time”

The Famous stan:
-posts the word “hi” and gets 700 notes
-always getting noticed by their fave
-been here since the birth of the fandom
-posts a lot of “remember when…"s

The WOKE stan:
-really fed up with their fave
-probably wants to fight them, too
-lowkey always right
-just waiting for a chance to roast their fave one day

The TEA stan:
-always knows a lot more
-knows details that could ruin careers in a heartbeat
-shady, just really fucking shady
-has receipts and shouldn’t be messed with

The Emotional stan:
-always crying about how famous their fave is becoming/has become
-the edits/art/fics they post are solely put out to make you cry and feel attacked
-triggering is what they do best

The Positive stan:
-always posting things like ”____ loves you!“
-always motivating others to keep going
-everyone loves them
-a true angel

The Confused stan:
-never knows what’s going on
-always late to the drama
-“can someone please explain what happened”

The DRAMATIC stan:
-“not to be dramatic but…”
-always overreacting
-any picture of their fave they see kills them
-needs to chill out and breathe for a day or month maybe because this is not healthy

The IGNORANT stan:
-always supports their fave
-even when they are wrong
-which, by the way, apparently they aren’t capable of being wrong according to this type of stan
-always has an explanation
-stop licking your fave’s ass it’s annoying

The Funny stan:
-always posts the right thing at the right time
-lowkey a genius
-always posting reaction videos or pictures like “____ when…”

-everyone steals their posts
-only a few people know about them
-always paid dust, be it by the fandom they’re in or the person they stan
-deserves better

The TALENTED stan:
-there isn’t anything they can’t do
-mostly sings
-their covers get 2938492734993 notes
-most likely to be famous

The SUPER stan:
-always meeting their fave
-has 1038492934849 selfies with the person they stan
-person they stan recognizes them
-everyone wants to be friends with them

The Saucy stan:
-always posting sexual stuff
-lowkey scared they’ll get blocked by their fave
-“can _____ put that tongue…”
-how can someone be this horny

The Nice stan:
-11:11 mutuals every night
-shows love to everyone
-stays out of drama
-always trying to keep the peace
-everyone likes them

The Snake stan:
-always snaking one of their mutuals off
-only cares about getting noticed by their fave
-scared they’ll get exposed, probably will end up exposing themselves

The Angry stan:
-always angry about something
-“follow my rant account” *rants on main anyway*
-always posts in caps lock

The Sarcastic stan:
-always throwing shade at their fave
-they’re joking
-always getting attacked
-probably being attacked by the Serious stan
-“whatever I’m deactivating”

The New stan:
-doesn’t know much
-just recently joined the fandom
-trying to find a place in this shitstorm
-all they ask is for a place to fit in

The Insecure stan:
-deletes selfies after one minute
-deprived of love
-“___ will never notice me”
-go hug this bitch please

The Obsessive stan:
-obsessed with one of their fave’s body parts
-probably stans it more than they do
-lowkey crazy
-“those hands that hair fucc me up 👅”

The Update stan:
-knows where their fave is all the time
-figures out location by street signs and reflections
-“dm me if you want to meet ____!”


Finished my latest project. 12 string Telebird/Firecaster.


Warmoth Maple ‘65 Fender XII neck
Standard thin profile
6105 Frets
Gotoh Tuners
NOS Fender XII string tree

Saylor Guitars Telebird/Firecaster body
Oregon Alder
Modified humbucker neck route
Standard Telecaster bridge route
Standard Telecaster control plate route
Strat neck pocket
String through holes

Pickups: Seymour Duncan Telecaster Rails

Pickguard: Cut by Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar
Sunn O))) + Boris 'Altar’

Bridge: MIM Telecaster
Saddles: Gotoh 12 String saddles

Neck plate: Warmoth
Control plate: Warmoth
3 way switch: Fender MIM
Volume potentiometer: Fender MIM

Strings: Ernie Ball 12 string


So it’s 2:46am and I finally finished my latest project - “Every Time that Captain Janeway Swears.mp4″. You’re bloody welcome and I’m going to bed now.