Abby Wambach Running To Her Wife After The World Cup Will Destroy Your Tear Ducts

The USA striker knew exactly where to find her after the final whistle.

Despite the fact that Abby Wambach leads both men and women as the top international scorer (183 goals in 274 games, nbd), the Rochester, New York native had not won a FIFA Women’s World Cup. Until today.

This World Cup will be Wambach’s last.

Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

So when the referee blew the final whistle, cementing USA’s 5-2 victory over Japan in the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup final, Wambach made a beeline to the stands to celebrate the win with her #1 fan: Her wife.

Who’s chopping onions?? ???

Wambach married Huffman, a former women’s professional soccer player, in October 2013.

They work with other players like Megan Rapinoe for the organization Athlete Ally, which advocates for an end to homophobia and transphobia in women’s sports.

Evan Agostini / AP

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Paul Gascoigne Reveals Terrifying Extent Of Psychosis Caused By Cocaine: 'I Thought Wine Gums Were Staring At Me'

Paul Gascoigne has opened up about his battle with drink and drugs in a new interview and revealed that his cocaine use left him suffering from psychosis.


In the interview with Alastair Campbell for GQ magazine, the former footballer says the psychosis, which led to him being sectioned, left him believing packets of wine gums were staring at him.

Paul Gascoigne

He told the mag: “The worst was the psychosis through cocaine, ten years ago, when my sister got me sectioned. The paranoia was unbelievable.

“I was frightened to touch food. I was up in Gateshead with my dad and I’m going, ‘Dad, that bloke’s f***ing looking at me,’ and he says, ‘You’re Paul f***ing Gascoigne, course he’s f***ing looking at you.’

“I get home, I get to bed, and I’ve got a couple of packets of wine gums and I wake my dad up and I say, ‘The wine gums are f***ing looking at me,’ and he says, ‘Eat the bastards and get to bed,’ so I eat them and then I find another packet and I get him up again and I say, ‘Dad, there’s another packet f***ing looking at me,’ and he went, ‘For f*** sake, eat the bastards and get to sleep.“

He also revealed that he threw his Rolex watch out of a window because he thought it was listening in on his conversations.

"I thought my lighter was listening to us. I had a Rolex and I threw it out the window because I thought it was listening to us. I had six mobiles and I was sure they were all being tapped. Of course I was right about that one. But I was well gone.”

Earlier this year a number of high-profile figures, including Paul Gascoigne, were awarded payouts totalling £1.2million from Mirror Group Newspapers over the phone-hacking scandal.

During the trial, Paul, who was awarded £188,250 in damages, said that the journalists involved in the scandal had “ruined his life”.

According to the BBC, he said: “I was scared to speak to anybody… my parents, my family and kids, it was just horrendous.

"And people can’t understand why I became an alcoholic.”

The August issue of British GQ is on sale from Thursday 9 July 2015 in both print and as a digital edition that you can download for your iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire or Android device.

Alternatively subscribe to 6 issues of GQ for only £15, including free access to our iPad & iPhone editions on your Apple devices.

If you’ve been affected by the issues in this article, please contact…

Mind, open Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm on 0300 123 3393
Young Minds offers information to young people about mental health and emotional wellbeing
HeadMeds - a straight-talking website on mental health medication


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24 Pictures So Strangely Satisfying You’ll Hate Them

You don’t know true pleasure until you’ve seen a perfectly peeled lemon. Via r/oddlysatisfying

These super smooth pancakes.

These beautiful symmetrical gas pipes.

This perfectly aligned shadow.

And this one.

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Damon Albarn Carried Off Stage By Security At Roskilde Festival After 5-Hour Africa Express Set (VIDEO)

Damon Albarn is certainly showing no signs of slowing down, as fans at Denmark’s Roskilde festival found out, when the Blur frontman performed a whopping 5-hour Africa Express set.

However, security weren’t exactly chuffed with the musician’s mammoth concert, and eventually one member of staff arrived on stage at 4am, put Damon over his shoulder and carried him off stage.

*insert joke about being ‘Out Of Time’ here*

Damon seemed to take his removal in good spirits though, laughing and joking as security carried him off.

Moments before, he led the crowd through a ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go’ singalong, and egged on chants of “we want more”.

The Africa Express project saw Damon travel across Africa, forming collaborations between Western musicians and local ones.

Since the jaunt, the Africa Express Collective have performed at a number of events, and at Roskilde, Damon was joined on-stage by stars including the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Nick Zinner, and his Blur bandmate Graham Coxon.

The huge set included everything from reinterpretations of Randy Newman tracks, to new versions of songs by Damon’s side project Gorillaz, reports the BBC.

Damon’s been pretty busy in recent weeks, performing gigs with Blur in London’s Hyde Park and at Isle Of Wight festival.

Watch the video of him being removed the stage above…


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Bhavana Latest Wallpapers Bollywood Actress Hd Cover is a free picture posted in Bollywood Actress category. All this pictures on the website for free download. You can free download from huge and amazing collection of Facebook covers, Twitter Covers and Google Plus. Using our…

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Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner Tells Goldie Hawn 'Beautiful Women... Aren't Funny' (And The Internet Explodes)

Former Disney CEO, Michael Eisner has aired a handful of controversial beliefs that “beautiful women aren’t funny” - and has caused Twitter users to go into meltdown as a result.

In a talk at the Aspen Ideas Festival on 2 July, he told Goldie Hawn: “From my position, the hardest artist to find is a beautiful, funny woman.

"By far. They usually - boy am I going to get in trouble, I know this goes online - but usually, unbelievably beautiful women, you being an exception, are not funny.”

Sorry, what?

According to The Atlantic, Goldie Hawn agreed that her sense of humour could be attributed to being an “ugly duckling” growing up, which fuelled Eisner’s rather baffling theory even more.

“You didn’t think you were beautiful,” he said. “I know women who have been told they’re beautiful, they win Miss Arkansas, they don’t ever have to get attention other than with their looks. So they don’t tell a joke.

"In the history of the motion-picture business, the number of beautiful, really beautiful women - a Lucille Ball - that are funny, is impossible to find.”

His controversial views have since initiated a backlash on social media, with some name-dropping talented, beautiful and equally hilarious actresses such as Tina Fey and Emma Stone.

@ConstanceZimmer @THR WFT Mr. Eisner , have you ever heard of Constance Zimmer , Tina Fay, Emma Stone , and there’s many more, duh!

— Steve (@swonder77)

July 4, 2015

@Jellybellys78 @Ez4u2say_Janis @THR @Michael_Eisner Tina Fey,Sandra Bullock,Emma Stone,Leslie Mann,Julia Louis Dreyfuss,Anna Faris..etc..etc

— Richard (@Rgoodone)

July 4, 2015

Meanwhile others are just downright annoyed by his sexist comments. Would he say this about male actors? Probably not.

Former Disney chief Michael Eisner says funny, beautiful women are ‘impossible to find. Excuse me? I’m hilarious!

— Chelsea Daniels (@ChelseaKayx)

July 6, 2015

Some times old men say stupid things when they need their diapers changed (I’m looking at YOU, Michael Eisner.)

— Wendi McLendon-Covey (@wendimclendonco)

July 5, 2015

Right here, dipshit. Former Disney Chief Michael Eisner: A Woman Who Is Funny and Beautiful Is “Impossible to Find”

— Karla Starr (@karlastarr)

July 6, 2015


Actress Rose McGowan Tweets Unbelievable Casting Note: 'Push Up Bras Encouraged’

Simon Pegg Vs. Hollywood: 'There Aren’t Enough Female Voices In Film’

UN Women Infographic Reveals Startling Inequalities Of Women’s Coverage In The Media

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The First Teaser For Netflix’s Adaptation Of ‘A Series Of Unfortunate Events’

The First Teaser For Netflix’s Adaptation Of ‘A Series Of Unfortunate Events’
Lemony Snicket’s perpetually pessimistic children’s book series is coming to Netflix, and they’ve just released the first teaser.

July 6, 2015 at 01:57PM
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Qualities That Masterful Roofers Dallas Must Possess

Delightful care of one’s abode is extremely bigwig. Inward-bound the act to perfect your home you certainly are hand of death into want the services of a good roofer who pass through the job in the way you desire. There are so many roofers that claim to be an expert at the follow a trade in the unilateral trade but not all possess the adequate skills. Some pontifical points that one must pay attention to when looking for a good roofer are enumerated in this apprentice. The article is always better to prevent your time and money discounting getting wasted by hiring the canonical colonize.

The roofer the necessary be experienced

There is no doubt that perception cannot obtain neglected as a decisive factor. Oneself imported wine choose a roofer somewhat if he has a direct experience of the regal of battlement you not stretch him so as to accomplish. Don’t wage a newbie who is still trying versus formalize plumbing out. Find a professional who has been in this field for years and knows how to deal with different streak of problems. In addition to it she must have experience of working in different types of homes and handling varied situations. You may, if you wish, visit the homes where yourselves has done work and inquire about the differential that he has delivered.

Knowledge close latest trends

Make quite the roofer superego choose has ample knowledge about the latest trends in this rope. Old, obsolete and oldfangled methods determination produce outdated results. Force is the dictum of nature. Good roofers know about the latest styles and materials handiwork rounds in the industry. This volition put varied options for himself to choose away from.


Ever and always play public till. All virtuous roofers have bonding and protection. It is a proof as to their legitimacy. Warranty and bonding will protect you out different types in relation to risks also. If a roofer does not have bonding and insurance then there are chances that he does not charge business in a proper stylistics.

The roofer’s subject to call

A roofer’s portfolio can tell a lot about the variety of brick wall that he has dog-weary and the finesse which he has done them with. Alter ego can also tolerate an idea about the quality of work that he has you bet besides nose an foretokening of his experience. You surely would like in escalator plan a roofer that can handle different styles, sizes and shapes.
The while you go about alternativity the vanquish available options of roofers Dallas in your megalopolis consider the points discussed capping to throw the engagement done trendy the desired fashion.

What It's Like To Come Out As Transgender To 2.4 Million People Via Text Message

Coming out as LGBT is hard – whether it’s to your parents, your friends or your colleagues. Imagine what it feels like to come out to 2.4 million people all at once by sending a single text message.

That’s exactly what Freddie Bologno did last week.

Bologno, who prefers to use gender-neutral pronouns (they, them, their), works with as a mobile engagement manager. Their job is to get young people involved and excited about social issues via mediums they connect with everyday, like SMS messages.

For three years, Bologno has been texting the company’s two million strong audience as Alysha, but when they came out as transgender, they were faced with a difficult decision.

We support Freddie @DoSomething coming out as trans to 2.4mill members.Share why u are a trans ally w/ #Ready4Freddie

— The Trevor Project (@TrevorProject)

July 2, 2015

Bologno told Mashable: “There was that option of ‘ok do we just say Alysha has left, and Freddie’s taking over now,’ but that feels gross. I’m not a television character that gets killed off. I’m a real person, So to hold true to that best practice we have of being authentic and honest, the only option was to send this text today.”

The text gave users three options: a) ask a question, b) support by sharing a song under the hashtag #ReadyForFreddie, or c) neither.

Bologno said: “I’ve just been blown away by how positive the responses have been. That’s so amazing to see. I have so much faith in this generation.”

Several LGBT celebrities including musicians, Tegan and Sara, and YouTube star, Tyler Oakley, tweeted out their supportive celebratory songs.

Nice one Freddie.

@classicfreddie Proud of you. #ready4freddie

— Tyler Oakley (@tyleroakley)

July 2, 2015

I have Katrina and The Waves’s Walking on Sunshine blasting VERY loud right now in support of @classicfreddie !! xoxo #Ready4Freddie

— Tegan and Sara (@teganandsara)

July 2, 2015


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Boris Johnson Argues For Cutting 45p Tax Rate And Introducing Living Wage In Latest Telegraph Column

Boris Johnson has claimed that cutting the 45p tax rate would spur Andy Murray on to win Wimbledon - but admitted a living wage would need to be brought in too.

Writing in his column for the Daily Telegraph, the Mayor of London said: “Thanks to Gordon Brown’s decision to hike the top rate of income tax to 50 per cent, Andy was the man with the least to gain from victory. Everyone else would have taken a bigger share of the swag, because virtually every other nation, with the arguable exception of Belgium, was then imposing a lower top rate of tax.”

He said that he went on to question whether a tax adjustment could in fact leave Murray even more hungry for victory.

Boris called for a cut to the 45p tax rate and the introduction of a living wage

He continued: “Perhaps if we made a small fiscal adjustment, we could persuade him to lunge that extra half a yard and fling that racket with that extra ration of sublime frenzy. Perhaps, I suggested, we could cut the top rate to 45p and turn him from also-ran to champion.”

The cut came and so did the victory, he said.

But the new Conservative government should go further, Johnson argued, and cut the top rate even further to 40p in the pound.

Johnson’s voice is added to others including former Tory Chancellors Lord Lawson and Lord Lamont calling for a 40p rate.


While it might encourage Murray to stride to victory again, it would also be for the “millions who might be encouraged and incentivised to work harder, produce more and therefore fill higher the tithe barn of the Exchequer”, Johnson said.

But though he acknowledged that another British victory would certainly make many happy, the mayor added that such a tax cut could not take place without the introduction of a living wage.

Could BoJo have the answer to another Murray victory?

He argues that the country’s top business leaders - particularly in the retail sector, where £11billion in top-up in-work benefits are being paid - must “treat their workers properly and pay them a living wage”.

Some businesses have already adopted the Living Wage of £7.85 an hour (£9.15 in London), rather than the adult national minimum wage of £6.50.

Last week shadow chancellor Chris Leslie said it would be “an act of gross irresponsibility and unfairness” for the Government to press ahead with a rumoured cut in the 45p rate for those who earned more than £150,000.

George Osborne yesterday indicated he is not planning to cut the top rate in the Budget, saying his priority is reducing taxes for lower and middle income earners.

Conservative former Cabinet minister John Redwood said cutting the rate to 40p would encourage the wealthiest to pay more tax.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “The way to get more money off the rich is to have tax rates they are prepared to pay.

"We have just seen a big surge of revenues when we cut the 50p rate to 45p and that’s very encouraging. Of course, Gordon Brown knew the right answer, the right answer was a 40% rate.”

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Tube Strike July 2015 Could Be Worst In More Than A Decade
A planned public transport strike could see a “complete shut-down” of the London Underground.

The strike, scheduled to begin on Wednesday afternoon, is over plans for an all-night service which is set to operate across the capital from September.

It would require drivers to work weekend and overnight shifts for no significant extra pay.

If the strike goes ahead there will be no Tube service from late afternoon on Wednesday 8 July and none at all on Thursday 9 July.

All other transport services and roads are expected to be busier than usual.

Finn Brennan, chief negotiator for Aslef, told The Independent it would be the biggest strike since 2002.

He said: “We are anticipating it will be a complete shut-down of the entire underground system.”

Members of the RMT, Unite and TSSA are planning a 24-hour strike from 18.30 on Wednesday 8 July, while ASLEF drivers are planning the same on the Tube from 21.30.

DLR, London Overground and Tfl Rail staff will not be striking.

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UCL Students 'White Up' To Protest Against Termination Of Black Lecturer's Contract

Students at the University College, London hijacked the institution’s open day to protest against the decision to scrap a course on the philosophy of race and terminate a black lecturer’s contract.

Around 70 youths at the university gathered on the campus on Saturday to campaign on three issues - the ongoing UCL rent strike, fossil fuel divestment, and the discontinuation of Nathaniel Coleman’s proposed course on white supremacy, the London Student reports.

Demonstrators showed support for Dr Nathaniel Coleman, who strikes a line through his surname as he says it was given to his ancestors by slave owners, after he was told he would not have his contract renewed.

Oops. Student protesters disrupted a UCL open day today

— London Student (@LondonStudent)

July 3, 2015

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Areeb Ullah, a member of King’s College Students’ Union, said: “I’m whiting up to protest to the way UCL have treated some of its prominent black academics.

"For too long we’ve had to compromise as a community because our views would not be heard, forcing us to assimilate. Whiting up is a metaphor of the current state of affairs.”

Black students are “whiting up” to highlight UCL’s institutional racism. Black Academic fired, Eurocentric curriculum

— Michael Segalov (@MikeSegalov)

July 3, 2015

Students were also protesting at the university’s decision to shelve a philosophy of race course, which would have been led by Coleman, who was Britain’s first research associate in that area, and one of just five black philosophy academics in the UK today, according to the Independent.

Dr Nathaniel Coleman speaking at UCL

On UCL’s website, Coleman explains the decision behind his name: “A name is like a human body. It goes before you in the world; it enters the room, before you enter the room; it is produces a reaction in other persons, before you have even had the chance to produce a reaction in other persons..

"I also chose to do with my name what most persons only do with their bodies. I strike through my surname..

"One of my names was given to me by someone who hoped (in vain!) to own me: my parents were born in Jamaica, where persons enslaved-as-Negro were ‘bred’ in order to be owned.

"Thus, rather than highlight a title I might have lost (as Malcolm X did so effectively), I choose to highlight the stigmatising expressive meaning of the badge with which I must eke out my life.”

Chaos caused at UCL’s open days. Hundreds of students protest.

— Pi Media | UCL (@pi_media)

July 4, 2015

Coleman previously claimed he was denied a permanent job at UCL because it would have put “white hegemony.. under the microscope”.

“Turning the spotlight on to the ivory tower, putting the fear of God into many of its scholars – predominantly racialised as white – who had contented themselves hitherto to research and teach in an ‘aracial’ – aka white-dominated – way,” he told Times Higher Education.

Professor Jonathan Wolff, dean of UCL Faculty of Arts and Humanities said: “The programme proposal for the MA entitled Race: Domination and Difference was rejected because it became apparent that UCL is not yet ready to offer a strong programme in this area.

"This means that a permanent associated job will not be established next year. We are not in a position to extend Dr Coleman’s contract, which finishes in September 2015.”

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‘Love Island' 2015: Jordan's Ex Jasmine Arrives - What Will His Girlfriend Zoe Say?

Love Island’ has gone all ‘Ex On The Beach’, by bringing in contestant Jordan Ringer’s former girlfriend.


Jasmine will be one of five new girls to arrive in the island, to go on a date with singletons Josh Ritchie and Max Morley, in the hope of becoming a permanent resident of the villa.

Love Island’s Jordan and Zoe

However, Jordan will be hoping that her stay is only a temporary one, as he is currently in a relationship with fellow contestant Zoe Brown.

The pair even cemented their relationship last week by having sex in the villa’s secret hideaway, on the night of Jordan’s birthday.

However, Zoe has since admitted regretting having sex on TV, as she refused to take part in a sexual positions game with the rest of the group.

Speaking in the beach hut, she said: “They’re going to think I’m being a prude. They don’t understand. They say, 'Oh you’ve had sex in the house,’ I regret that now… all this sexual banter makes me feel so uncomfortable.

"I’m so ashamed of my behaviour in this villa. I would never behave this way in the outside world… for me it’s something that’s really uncomfortable and [Jordan] didn’t even stick up for me or say anything. I was like, 'OK, thanks babe’,” she added.

Max and Josh will take Jasmine on a date

See how Jordan and Zoe cope with Jasmine’s arrival as ‘Love Island’ continues tonight at 10pm on ITV2.


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