First Ever Photo Quote by Mike Netz:

Wiki: “They said She’s very highly intelligent and richest girl even attracts boys and girls not (actually she has few of them) "   

MN: "I’m quotes will highly rare for insult for girls?? No, but still the t-shirt on the front and back. (STEAL THE SHOW AND YOUR GIRLFRIENDS)”

Wiki: “Sena and Yozura fight in cold war while they are members of Neighbor’s Club. Do anime fans see a catfight between these two??”

MN:  Real life… they do… In anime… they do…. If someone a fight over me?? Not my life… I’m still goddamn entertaining  always to be…  I was not like wear “STEAL SOMEBODIES GIRLFRIEND”. They should catfight right on the front of Hollywood spotlight".. #NoOffense.“ 

Wiki:  "If male person try got her attention but he did that.  Boys attention for attractive while girls unlike (expect few of them while in few episodes of season 1 and full episodes of season 2).”

MN: “ Let’s just say I have unthinkable words…  if girls dislike her?!? Just create the switch turn into "STEAL YOUR GIRLFRIENDS” to “STEAL YOUR BOYFRIENDS”. That’s for girls not mines.. I am “The ShowStealing Every time  Every place, and, Every where” for whatever I takes.“ 

WIki: Last quote. . Did you mention about Sena Kashiwazaki??

MN: "You have no idea what you mention about, Wiki.. She’s very smart, beautiful but sometimes arrogance to any female who love boys.. Same persons but difference life.. I’m arrogance person to my enemies who llike steal the show and to be the best..  That’s I do in and out of the ring..   It’s always be #DAMNGOOD everyday… #LATERMARK #SHOWOFF”

Wiki: Okay, that’s first ever Photo Quote.. See You in two or three weeks.. HAVE A NICE DAY!!“”

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  • latermarks:i dropped potato on the floor last night
  • becki:._.
  • kaht:aint got an email ;_;
  • vespaaaa:you dropped it like its hot?
  • latermarks:i was in here actually.
  • latermarks:FUCK.
  • latermarks:NO.
  • latermarks:i practically threw it all over the fucking place.
  • vespaaaa:hahahahaha
  • kaht:moshing with potatoes
  • latermarks:yup
  • latermarks:sdfghjk
The First-Ever BlogSpecial presents How to Steal The Show.

Under Mike(Michael) Netz’s motto so called “Da/The ShowOff or Master of Showoff”. Here the steps whoever’s stealing the everyone’s show..

STEP #1 : Always be like who have cocky, arrogance, and trash talking. Be DZ.

STEP #2 : Listen the music  "Here To Show The World". Just make sure you are the one who stealing their spotlight.  

STEP #3 : If someones ruins your reputation or planning. To ditch them for their  wrongdoing. Just like they made mistaken of changing for yours.

STEP #4 : When you want part of Steal The Show. Only to do is #RealThing, #DamnGood #Showoff #NoOffense even includes #LaterMarks in every social such a Facebook and Twitter. #NotOverDoings. For trending worldwide.

FINAL STEP : It not about “Be Yourself” It’s about you to show the world and more importantly “STEAL THE SHOW”. Make sure memorize all 4 steps. 

That’s our First-Ever BlogSpecial is #ShowStealingDay.

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latermarks replied to your photo

Is that you? You look very angry. SMIIIIIIIIIILE.

Haha, yeah.  I was messing around with my hair and came up with this emo look so I made the most brooding face I could.  Ended up settling with a Wade Barrett look :/