Reading the latest by Jason Martin & once again swept into all the beautiful & simple ways his comics work. It’s so unpretentious & yet goes very far. I have @van_sciver_comics to thank for introducing me to his moving work. Go get Jason’s latest–and then you can thank me! #comics #zines #laterborn

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© 2007 Jason Martin. Excerpt from Black Tea #1

Word from Jason Martin:

“I also just posted some big news about an upcoming comic I’m going to be in: Papercutter #17. Last fall Greg Means of Tugboat Press asked me to write 32 pages of new autobiographical comics for this issue, and he got seven of my favorite cartoonists to draw them. These artists really took my stories to a whole other level, and I’m really excited for this issue to come out!

In order of appearance: Jesse Reklaw, Corinne Mucha, Francois Vigneault, Calvin Wong, Sarah Oleksyk, Hellen Jo, and Vanessa Davis (with end pages by Nate Beaty)

There should be ordering info coming soon at (it’ll also be for sale at SF Zine Fest at the Tugboat Press table). ”

We all know I’m a big fan, so this is amazing news. I’m stoked for Jason!