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i made these for personal use but i thought other cc artists might find them useful too 😭

i keep trying to memorize every detail of the moments i live in. in the soreness of my legs from standing so long at a concert, the chill of the night, the patterns of a tablecloth, the oily texture in my mouth after eating fried bananas. i keep trying to memorize the feelings, the quiet contentedness, the laughter, the excitement. i keep trying to memorize the people, their smiles, the way they speak, what makes them laugh. i’m constantly on the cusp of the next part of my life and that’s just so.. strange. but it makes it so much easier to find happiness no matter what’s happening to me, in a way? because i’m already kind of looking at life with those rose-colored glasses of nostalgia, simply because i know these are times i’ll never be able to live again, and these are people i might not always have, and that makes it so much easier to appreciate everything i might miss later. 

List of Skam characters by day of birth

  • Eskild Tryggvasson: August 19, 1995
  • Linn Larsen Hansen: January 1, 1996
  • William Magnusson: January 10, 1997
  • Even Bech Næsheim: February 12, 1997
  • Elias Bakkoush: March 5, 1997
  • Christoffer Schistad: March 21, 1997
  • Mikael Øverlie Boukhal: March 26, 1997
  • Yousef Acar: September 21, 1997
  • Adam Malik: October 10, 1997
  • Mutasim Tatouti: November 3, 1997
  • Chris Berg: January 6, 1999
  • Mahdi Disi: January 19, 1999
  • Ingrid Theis Gaupseth: February 23, 1999
  • Noora Sætre: April 6, 1999
  • Eva Kviig Mohn: June 2, 1999
  • Isak Valtersen: June 21, 1999
  • Sara Nørrstelien: July 12, 1999
  • Vilde Lien Hellerud: July 13, 1999
  • Magnus Fossbakken: October 30, 1999
  • Jonas Noah Vasquez: December 20, 1999
  • Sana Bakkoush: December 24, 1999
  • Emma W. Larzen: December 19, 2000

If you wondered who is older than who…