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(Very, very late) Bill Potts Appreciation Day 2017

Being exposed to the world with no boundaries where anything is possible, Bill has fairly been through a lot. Nearly dying in the vacuum of space, resisting the sinister Monks all by herself, being turned into a Cyberman…
Bill faced loss, death, sorrow, rage, dangers coming both from outer space and human minds, but she never let anything bad that had happened to her break her or change her. She thought for herself and for what she believed in through every challenge, every heartbreak, every most desperate hour.
In her big and loving heart, she remained Bill Potts. Brave. Strong. Unselfish. And kind.


“Humans and Monsters”

Part 1 / Part 2 (here) /Part 3 (tba)/ Part ???


Anthony Kiedis and Flea by Andy Warhol, 1985


please I just want to meet them…..
also quick extra doodles

It was White Day and Kuroo told him a pick up line that would 100% work on Akaashi, knowing Akaashi has had a crush on Bokuto since his high school days.

Akaashi thought it was ridiculously bad.

He loved it anyway, since it came from Bokuto’s lips.

[follow up to my Valentine’s picture I did during FAPuary - but with adult!BokuAkas]

“miscommunication in comedy”

[based on this post]

love you the most | inspired by this post

Magnus noticed it the very first morning they woke up together. He’d woken up to the sun peeking through the curtains of his bedroom, and a warm, solid body beside him, Alec’s soft snores the only distinct sound in the room. Magnus had shifted closer to Alec then, resting his face on Alec’s shoulder, and the soft sigh of content the action had drawn from Alec had made Magnus’ heart melt.

“Magnus,” Alec breathed out, barely audible, but as Magnus had taken in his still closed eyes and unmoving body, he’d realized Alec was still asleep. “Warm.”

Magnus had smiled at Alec then, placing a hand to his cheek, and had absolutely been overcome with affection when Alec had nuzzled into it immediately.

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Epilogue: 6 months later:

Bonfire Night AU: Happy birthday @carstairsbane

It’s the 5th of November and Clary is dragging Simon along to Bonfire night to see his favourite local singer, Jace Wayland. Little did Simon know, but Jace had spotted Simon in the crowd too…

Part of my AU Set.

anonymous asked:

I can't stop thinking about the soulmates AU you posted! I really love the premise, and Barry's "promise to dump my body somewhere else" pulled at my heartstrings too. Except now I'm wondering how this would have played out without the soulmark conveniently (well, or inconveniently, depending on the perspective) the encounter, because Len already seemed somewhat reluctant about killing Barry before that. Ack, why is this so intriguing?!

I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s been thinking of it, to be honest. I enjoyed filling that prompt more than I expected.

And it’s a neat question, what would happen were it not for the Deux Ex Machina of them Bonding…. 

Let’s copy/paste and edit the scene to find out, shall we?

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