later than late

Do you ever wonder if anyone would miss you if you’re gone

Self-indulgently doodling a soft baby while I try some things out.


jokes that will always be funny - canine characters, no matter their personality or intelligence, falling prey to spherical objects being thrown.

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“Humans and Monsters”

Part 1 / Part 2 (here) /Part 3 (tba)/ Part ???

It was White Day and Kuroo told him a pick up line that would 100% work on Akaashi, knowing Akaashi has had a crush on Bokuto since his high school days.

Akaashi thought it was ridiculously bad.

He loved it anyway, since it came from Bokuto’s lips.

[follow up to my Valentine’s picture I did during FAPuary - but with adult!BokuAkas]


Anthony Kiedis and Flea by Andy Warhol, 1985


Epilogue: 6 months later:

Bonfire Night AU: Happy birthday @carstairsbane

It’s the 5th of November and Clary is dragging Simon along to Bonfire night to see his favourite local singer, Jace Wayland. Little did Simon know, but Jace had spotted Simon in the crowd too…

Part of my AU Set.

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bellarke + ‘Should I be concerned about how much caffeine you’re taking in’

“Should I be concerned with how much caffeine you’re taking in?”

The hand reaching across the counter for her coffee stops and she glances up at the barista, with a raised eyebrow, who did this guy think he was policing her coffee intake. “Excuse me?” she asks, reaching the rest of the way and picks up her coffee cup.

“Sure it’s great for business and I shouldn’t be complaining,” he starts. “But you have been in here every day for the past week and a half, sometimes twice a day, and sometimes you get the doubleshot.”

Clarke just stares at this stranger, wondering just why he would care so much and she doesn’t know what makes her tell him, maybe it’s the sleep deprivation, or the fact that she’s hyped up on caffeine or that fact that is barista is kind of adorable especially with the way he’s looking at her. And not to mention those freckles.

Well I guess he wasn’t technically a stranger, considering she has been in here for almost two weeks and he’s been here every day she has.  And he didn’t look like an axe murder so maybe she was safe telling him about her occupation.

“I’m a surgical resident and I’m a fifth year and my boards are coming up,” she explains, using her free hand to tuck a stray strand of hair behind her hair. “So there’s a lot of studying on top of all my patients,” and she stops herself when she realizes she’s rambling.

“At Arkadia Medical?” he asks, quirking an eyebrow in interest. “You’re going to be a surgeon?”

“That’s the plan anyway,” Clarke responds.

“Well maybe I should let you get back to your studying,” he says with a smile which Clarke returns before turning around and turning back towards the hospital across the street.

Normally, she would just grab some coffee at the coffee cart on the fourth floor of the hospital but that tasted like sludge half the time. Someone needed to find out how to make coffee, especially a hospital full of surgeons and surgical interns. Also, she was partial to the coffee house right across the street from her hospital ever since she discovered it.

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NurseyDex | 1+k | Fluff |

Neither of them are awake when the other seems to be. They find a compromise.


“Nursey, come on you said you’d come and get breakfast with me!” Dex is standing over his boyfriend, already dressed and starving.

Nursey just rolls over, pulling the covers over his head with a groan.

“Five more minutes….”

“Nursey!” Dex tugs at the quilt, huffing out an agitated sigh as Nursey’s grip becomes iron like as he clings to the comforter.

“Dex no!”

“Fine!” Dex lets go, huffing again, before turning around to grab his bag from where it’s propped on Nursey’s chair.

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  • Aaron: Stop shoving me, I've just woke up.
  • Robert: Yeah, but you're supposed to be catching up with Adam.
  • Aaron: Not until later. Especially when we could be catching up more in bed.
  • Robert: Yeah, well, I'm later than late, so...
  • Aaron: Come on, work can wait. You'll have no distractions for months while I'm banged up.
  • Robert: It's gonna be weeks, not months.
  • Aaron: Let's just enjoy my last day, come on. (KISS)
  • Adam: Yo, let's go!
  • Aaron: Go where?
  • Adam: Er... for a ride! Oh, come on. You said we could hang out.
  • Aaron: No, I said I'd see you tomorrow.
  • Robert: Go on. I'm off out anyway.
  • Aaron: Well, I'll just stay here with my mum and Liv.
  • Chas: No. Go on, Adam, tell him the truth. You need a hand.
  • Adam: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
  • Chas: Yeah, Moira's down a couple of workers and she's sitting Jack later, so she really needs the help. Go on. Go and be Moira's hero. But make sure you are back in time for your dinner.
  • Robert: Yeah, 2:30 sharp.
  • Aaron: Are you sure you can't ditch work?
  • Robert: I swear I'm gonna make it up to you. I'll see you at dinner. And don't be late.

Nobody expects the #yarnquisition! :D Inquisitor Tamlen Lavellan greets his newest recruit (*Cassandra slightly disapproves*).

It’s finally done!! :D Thanks again to everyone who joined me in the livestreams while I was working on this :D