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The Nights are Cold [Killer!JK/Killer!VKook AU Oneshot]

I had been so immersed with this certain AU that is rotating around the twitter community these days and i had decided to create a oneshot to contribute in this project~

To those who didn’t know, a korean artist in twitter, @jung_kkuu has started an AU where Jungkook is an assasin, while being a top student in school at day. Later on, in her tweets she told us the backstory.

The backstory was Jungkook was abandoned, and was taken in by Taehyung, who was leading a mafia organization to teach him everything to become an assasin. 

To say that i am enthralled with the concept is an understatement!

[ Warning!! Violence, Death, Gore, implied BoyxBoy. If you are not comfortable with such things, i am warning you already! ]

Maybe i should warn you all about Kim Taehyung being so sexy? Meh. You guys know it already HAHA. Enjoy! 

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okay before i go to bed, some more details about meeting Gerard and Tommy and giving them the artbook

basically i walked in with a group of 5 other people (who were SO lovely, i talked to them while we waiting and showed them the book and they loved it as well!) Gerard waved at me as soon as he saw me which was nice :) i let everyone go ahead and i took some photos while they met Gerard and Tommy. while Gerard was signing, Tommy came over to me to give me a big hug and i thanked him for having me, giving me a media pass and all. then it was my turn and i put my camera aside, gave Gerard a hello hug, and then i got out the artbooks. the second i put them on the table in front of them, they both went ‘AAHHH WOOOOOW OH MY GOD!’ i told them a little bit about the book as they started looking through it. and they really looked through it page for page, pointing out how amazing it is and how much they loved it, how beautiful it is. i told them i was pretty emotional throughout the process of making the book and it all coming together. and they couldnt stop smiling and it was obvious how excited they were about it. honestly i felt so much pride, even more than i already felt before. and i told them that as well. that it was just such an honor having all of you contribute and support this lil project. and im SO HAPPY i got the opportunity to give it to them and have a lil moment to look through it with them, tell them all about it, tell them how much it means to me and everyone involved. and they were SO appreciative and happy. we spent a good 10mins or so looking at the book together, chatting, and i apologized to the next group of people who were already waiting but they were like OMG ITS OKAY (i feel like they were kinda excited to witness the whole artbook thing but maybe thats just me bc i was so excited) before i left i thanked everyone again for taking the extra time and also for letting me take photos and they thanked me too, over and over again for the books and yeah…

oh yeah i wore my Mother Panic shirt which i designed and had printed myself and both Tommy and Gerard (and later Jody Houser) were freaking out about it haha (ill post a photo of it tomorrow)

oh i also had them sign my own copy of the book which was nice

tbh, today was such an exciting day, it kinda all went by in a blur, i was and still am, so hyped up about everything that happened today and just about the fact that i get to be here and be so involved with the con and everyone. so im probably forgetting half of it right now but i will def post anything i remember. its late and ive just finished editing my first batch of photos and tomorrow is an early start so forgive me if i forget anything 

ive also already met so many of my friends and followers and that makes me SO HAPPY basically i couldnt stop smiling all day. everyone is so lovely!

also i need a few more days to have the digital copy of the book ready, i was supposed to have it ready NOW, i know, but the last few days before i left to come to NC were just super stressful for me.

anyway goodnight! tomorrow its just gonna be panel after panel after panel after panel and that means lots of photographing and lots of editing!

ps excuse any typos like i said im suuuuper tired and at the same time still super hyped haha

anonymous asked:

Hey ams, I've been following you for a while but never really tried to send and ask or anything since you guys already have your circle and I feel intrusive haha. What finally bought me to send in an ask was to inquire about jelly anon. Are they okay? What problems do they have? I'd like to scroll down but it the asks keep drowning ahah;; maybe I'll read later on. —(fairly new to this whole community of followers) Yuu. It's pronounced "you" by the way.

hey, hun! Please feel free to send me all the asks you want, I’m glad to get to know you!! There’s no need to feel intrusive, the only circle here is the one that encompasses all of you guys! Also, welcome to *flickers lights on and off* hell! my inbox~ 

I’m glad that you worry about jelly anon, so do I ^^;; and sorry in advance that my asks keep;;;; piling up;;; I try to make it easier by tagging things as certain tags - especially recurring anons - but I didn’t want to have a ‘jealous anon’ tag;;;; that’s not something nice to be tagged as;;

and well…I can’t say if jelly anon is okay or not, I don’t know them personally, but it doesn’t seem like it. They came into my inbox expressing that they kinda just..don’t feel appreciated. Like with their works and such. And the first ask they sent me, they expressed that they were kinda jealous that I get quite a few anons - i hope no one feels this way anymore;;;; - but yeah, they don’t exactly feel good about themselves. :((

raven6229  asked:

Hmmmm... 81. Clearly a mystery. Okay, actually 60, 82, and 75. I will be very surprised if you answer anything other than Talon for 60, given you're a writer, the cruelest breed of humans... Fricken cliffhangers.

already answers 81 lmao

60. Overwatch, Blackwatch, or Talon? 

blackwatch, actually! haha

82. What’s the lowest you’ve been in Competitive? 

oh shit, last season i was low silver i think? might’ve even been bronze, or maybe high 1600s.

75. Weirdest thing that happened to you on Overwatch? 


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