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OMG different anon but I love your fics especially the ones that depict healthy relationships, honestly you and other director sanvers / Sanvers writers are just helping me come to terms with the crazy thing called sexuality which is scary when your 18, I just felt like y'all needed to be appreciated. On a different not , I need like a pt 2 on Lucy and Maggie using Alex's praise kink in public or just 24/7 in general and shenanigans go down 😂

It’s scary sometimes when you’re almost 30 too, kiddo, because the more things change the more they stay the same. But if you ever need anything, my box is open. If what I’m tossing out helps, even better! I’m glad that we can put healthy relationships out there for you to see.

You may have made me tear up. Maybe. Def wasn’t Passengers, that’s for sure. Sooooooo you may have jumped the line a bit ;)

Maggie knew Lucy was an asshole. So was Maggie. That was, after all, Alex’s type. Loving, supportive assholes. But this was new.

Alex had just spent about twenty minutes discussing some new breakthrough in that green slime from the last incursion. Something about a chemical compound with healing properties? Whatever it was, it sounded exciting. Alex was wearing that dopey SCIENCE! grin, arms waving everywhere.

And then Lucy said, “You’re brilliant, Agent Danvers.”

And Alex’s frantic movements calmed. She just kind of paused, her grin becoming sheepish and her ears turning pink. She did that thing, where she dropped her eyes and looked up at them through her lashes.

If it were anywhere but the DEO, that look generally meant someone was getting naked.

Lucy’s smile stretched wider, showing her teeth. “You always seem to find the answer.”

“No, no. I mean, it’s nothing. The lab monkeys would find it eventually.”

Maggie snorted. “No, Danvers, you’re pretty much the smartest person here.”

Alex’s blush deepened. So did Lucy’s smile.

“Our girl is a legend for a reason, Sawyer.”

Maggie pushed off from the door, sauntering towards Alex and her stupid safety googles. “She really is good, isn’t she?”

Maggie runs a finger along the edge of the goggles pushing back Alex’s hair. Her face was so warm, flushing under their compliments. Alex wouldn’t meet her eyes until Maggie’s finger moved under her chin to lift it up. “One day you’ll believe us, nerd. Until then, we’ll just have to remind you how amazing you are.”

Lucy stepped in, eyes shining, “And we’ll let you show us how good you can be, won’t we, Sawyer?”

Alex licked her lips, eyes blown and darting between the two. She swallowed, hard, lost in imagining the later.

“Luce, Mags, we’re–”

“At the Department of Extra-Normal Operations, Director Lane, Detective Sawyer,” finished a very disgruntled Space Dad, “Where you are projecting. Loudly. Go to HR, you need to fill out Form 32-B, all three of you. And then go home. You’re useless to me now.”

Lucy looked unruffled. Maggie could feel her ears pinking.

Alex, poor thing, was going red for an entirely different reason.

So uhm habang nasa uv at biglang umulan, biglang nag-play si kuya driver ng super senti playlist.

Like legit from swish swish napunta kami sa all by myself?????

Nice nice kuya you’re doing it right hahahahaha later na ako mag-transcribe ng speech damayan ko muna heartache niya hahahahajk

Yesterday’s Survive or Die Alert proved what teamwork can do, regardless of player rank. Despite the rest of my squad being relatively new players, we survived the 20 waves of Infested Defense with bullets, ice, blades, lightning, and stealthy reviving! And had a great time to boot!

I drew this comic to honor that moment, and to remind the player base that Warframe rewards Cooperation.

The Story:

I joined a public squad during the Alert first as Saryn Aran and met the Excalibur and a Frost Prime (the host). Shortly afterward, the Frost Prime disconnected, leaving just me and the Excalibur to defend the pod. A wave or so later, a Mag and a Volt (rank 9, oh dear!) join in. Though they were running with mostly starter equipment, they put in a good effort. However, the copious amounts of Toxin damage became too much, Saryn Aran ran out of revives, and the mission was a failure.

Eager to try again, I switched to Calamity Jane (Shooting Gallery to stun, Peacemaker to clear the area), the Mag player switched to Loki, and the Volt player switched to Mag (perhaps it was his/her only rank 30 ‘frame). The squad made it through 10 waves this time around, but again the Toxin damage took its toll and the Infested mobbed the pod while everyone was downed.

It would’ve been easy to just quit then, but this squad of new-ish players was so determined to succeed that it felt unkind to give up on them. This time, against the general consensus for Infested defense missions, I ran with Commander Snowball. Slowing down the Infested seemed like a good idea, since it made them easier to hit and harder for them to hit us.

Ice proved its usefulness by slowing the mobs down to get chopped up. Excalibur tore through swarms, Mag gunned them down, and Loki stealthily revived fallen players. The pod went untouched for about 15 waves…then the Parasitic Eximus came in full force.

Somehow I managed to scrape together enough energy between waves to keep up the Ice Waves and Avalanches and occasionally re-raise the Snow Globe. The Excalibur ran out of revives during the last few waves (none of them had encountered enemies over L30 before so it wasn’t pretty), but Loki and Mag managed to hold on. It was somewhere during the last two waves that I got swarmed and fell, but somehow Loki had enough energy to turn invisible and revive me before it got to looking like the second run all over again. That revive saved the mission, as it meant I came back with enough energy to Avalanche the Infested surrounding the pod and cast Snow Globe to shove out the ones that didn’t get frozen. Victory was ours!

I was pleasantly surprised that I did not end up carrying the team with fancy equipment. Yes, Frost, Amprex, Marelok, and Galatine were important, but it was Loki’s sneaky revives and Excalibur and Mag’s efforts that made the run successful.

It’s not always about the metagame. Great teamwork can be effective regardless of mastery rankings.

And yes, I stood on the Cryopod often while being an ice/lightning wizard. As a side note, good old Cheesecutter was my arsenal’s MVP. =D

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Convenient timing, huh? After months of not being papped (paps have known where her mom has lived for a long time), they SUDDENLY catch her entering/exiting her mom's house, then she boards a jet and the 13th pic of the tail number is unblurred and the same mag that got exclusives of Hiddleswift runs the TOE story, and less than a week later, same mag announces he's moving to Hollywood?Joe-no-name moving to HW wouldn't have been news at all if not for her conveniently timed relationship reveal.

All during the same time when her ex and her enemy have new albums and supposedly took a page from the TS Petty Manual and wrote about her.

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I wonder how they decided who goes in the later subdivision (bet Lena, Kapi and Melnikova) cause it seems like it would be and advantage to go later right? in the MAG I think the favored ones got the later subdv (david, nikita)

Yeah I’m not sure. Maybe they wanted Lena with Paseka bc she’s younger?

Tbh I’m glad Lena went “by herself.” Melka and Kap seemed to repeat each other’s mistakes.

12 Days of Sanvers Christmas, Day 8

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6  | Day 7

Okay, combining two prompts again because yall too kind with your promptage.

And by the way, thank you so much for all the love this story is getting. It warms my heart to be writing it, and it warms my heart even more that you’re reading and enjoying it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me a reason to keep writing and celebrating.


Prompt 1, from anon: “Maggie was going to go back home for Christmas but her flight got cancelled last minuet but keeps it from Alex because she doesn’t want to ruin her Christmas. Alex finds out and insists Maggie joins them.” Combined with prompt 2, from anon: “How ‘bout a Superfriends/Sanvers Christmas movie and cookie night? For the 12 Days thing, of course.”

Maggie’s hand covered her face as she listened to the phone chaotically being transferred from her mom’s hands into those of her tiniest cousin. She bit her lip and she took a deep breath, in through her nose and out through her mouth. She ground her foot into the ground, hard, her elbows resting tensely on splayed open knees. She ignored the sounds, the sights, of families in Santa hats with massive rolling suitcases bouncing through the airport with excitement. Her own excitement had long dried up, and she was waiting to crush that of another. She closed her eyes and tried to focus on not crying.

“Mags Mags Mags!” a little voice sounded on the other line.

Maggie uncovered her face and forced a smile, as though her cousin could see her, not just hear her.

“Hey, little girl,” she choked, holding her left hand up to her chin, right under her bottom lip.

“You’re coming home now? You getting on the vroom vroom?”

Maggie squeezed her eyes tight and took a steadying breath. “I was, Maya, I was coming home. I was all ready to get on that vroom vroom and fly all the way to you. I was gonna fly the plane right to the front door.”

Maya emitted an extremely squeaky giggle, and Maggie’s eyes stung. “Noooooo,” Maya said, her logic making Maggie smile softly.

“But you know what, little girl, you know what I just found out? You know the big snow storm that’s starting now where you are?”

“The blizzard!”

“Mmhmm, the blizzard. Well, the people who are in charge of the planes aren’t letting anyone fly into or out of Nebraska, honey pie, because they want to make sure everybody stays safe in all that snow and wind.”

A long silence. Then: “So you’re not coming home for Christmas?”

Maggie choked on a sob. “The blizzard isn’t supposed to go away until the day after Christmas. So maybe for New Years, maybe I’ll be there then. I’m so sorry, little girl.”

“But I miss you!”

Maggie bit her lip. “I miss you, too.”

She heard the phone shuffle and crash somewhere, and Maya’s mom picked up the phone. “Sorry about that, Mags. I’ll go get her. Wanna stay on the line?”

“Nah, no, nah, I’m good, I – just tell her I love her and I’m sorry, yah? Talk – talk to you all later.”

“Mags – ”

Maggie hung up the phone quickly and took a long, shuddering breath, the fingers of both hands running over her face.

“Nowhere else to go, sweetheart?” an older woman who’d been sitting in the terminal a few seats down from her asked, sad warmth on her face.

Maggie shook her head. “I know some people here, some people I – some people I’m getting close to. There’s this girl, this woman, I – but she has this family, this really tight knit family, and I don’t wanna impose, we’re not together like that yet – ”

She didn’t know why she was saying all this to some stranger. She just knew that talking to Maya – that missing her family – was shredding her heart.

“A young woman like you? I’m sure this girl and her family would be happy to have you. And on Christmas Eve? You might be more together than you think.”

Sure enough, Maggie’s phone chirped, then.

Her heart twisted.


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Chinese SKS variant that can be a bit of a problem child, depending on which one you buy. The D models can use any standard AK magazine in 7.62x39mm, but not all D’s can run them reliably. Very early imports were just regular SKS rifles that were modified to use AK mags. Later imports were built at the factory to use AK mags, which made a big difference in terms of whether they worked or not. (GRH)


“Oh hush up prissy pants~ I was just soooo excited to be home again and then I saw this strange mon right in our front yard with Auburn!” 

“That’s no reason to run ahead alone! Especially since the sun is setting! Though… I’m wondering why there’s a stranger in our yard too. Who is this Auburn?”

“U-um.. He’s a friend I made at a ball while you guys were in Unova.”

“You went to a ball without me and Mags!? Oh I’m sooo jealous!”


<Auburn has returned home from the ball.>
<Ava and Mags are open for asks and their references have been unlocked!!>