june 15th, 2017.

this is my two weeks ago bullet journal. late post, whoops. anyway, i’m having a new blog theme! thanks to @odeysseus. i really love your themes! xx. also, i changed my domain name ((hopefully)) for the last time. ( ejvstudies > dryfintrvrts > epistuphny. )

ig : @epistuphny.

Headcanon when Jason found a suspicious box on their dining table, he thought it was a bomb or something poisonous from the villains or a prank from his bird brothers, so he took all the tools to cautiously open it.
But when he was working on it, there came Dick’s cheerful voice, yelled from the front door: “ Jay! Did you find the Valentine’s gift I got you? Do you like it? Sorry, I didn’t have time to wrap it! ”
Then Jason could only hurriedly hide the tools and yelled back: “ Yeh thanks! I love it! Really! Love you! ”