To My Future Love #22

My love,

I think my heart was meant to break a couple times before you came along.

I had to reach out a hopeful hand only to have it slapped away.

I had to peel away the layers of my soul to see what rested inside.

I had to make my mistakes and discover my own weakness. 

Only then could I learn and only then could I grow.

Only then could I become strong enough to love you.

But now I may love you truly, for these scars will tell no lies.

- Z.M. (Letter #22 to you, wherever you are)

“soul mate”. people often hear these two words and automatically think of a significant other.

well, what if I told you that soul mates can be so much more than that?

your soul mate could be your bestfriend that you met in 7th grade, or your sister that’s been there to hold you every time she hears you sobbing and heaving two doors down in the middle of the night. your soul mate could be your mom who carried you for nine months and has devoted her entire life to giving you anything and everything.

your soul mate could be anyone, but our soul mates all serve the same purpose. a soul mate is someone that you connect with in a way that is indescribable and truly extraordinary. from the moment you meet, it will be clear that the two of you belong together as lovers, or friends, or family, or maybe even something entirely different.

your life will be better from the moment you meet them. they will make you feel something beautiful, something new. you’ll know when you meet these people in your life.

don’t ever let these people go. you will regret it every day for the remainder of your existence. these people are made for you, and you for them. don’t take that for granted. give them everything you can and they will always give you the same.

—  alyssa scheuerman // 4.5.15
somebody, anybody

I want to be the first thing
someone thinks about each morning
and the last thing
they think about each night

I want to be the hand
someone reaches for
the eyes they search for
in a crowded room

I want to be the person
someone longs to kiss
the person someone
longs to hold close

I want to be someone’s somebody
but I am nobody’s anybody

You’d Better Fall Hard

Do me a favor? Don’t fall into my heart halfway.

Do not kiss my left cheek unless you’re going to kiss my right.

Do not cover my chest unless you’re prepared to cover my back.

Do not hold my hand unless you’re ready to hold my heart.

Do me a favor and don’t fall in love with me unless it is with all of me.

- Z.M.


This woman both on screen and off is the most beautiful woman in terms of personality and looks, I’m besotted with her, head over heels. I’m not just talking ‘Man Crush 10/10 would bang’ testorone fueled bullshit, I mean completely and honestly if I ever found a woman like Felicity I would die happy.

To have someone so intelligent, stunningly beautiful, funny, sarcastic, awkward, nerdy, headstrong and determined; someone who can learn from their mistakes and support others so selflessly and give them so much hope and strength to be who they are and what they can be. You better believe I’ll fall in love with you.

She doesn’t need to dolled up everyday and she’ll put her hair back so she can focus but that just makes the effort she puts in to look good on a night out (Or just because she wants to feel pretty) that so much more attractive, i’d feel so lucky.

She’s a role model not just for her gender but for everyone to look after others and understand that your uniqueness is something you should never undermine or compare to others.

I hope this makes sense, Colton Haynes and Stephen Amell are two very lucky men.

A late night musing from Roofy

As my last message goes un responded, both hearts sinking lower each say, how I hope you are sitting there telling her off
but instead you’re giving her the love and attention you gave me before I took off

What I did was a total mistake, was what clouded both of our heads
Yours about falling for the “one you don’t have to worry about” and me for choosing distance instead

I’d like to believe this wouldn’t have happened, if I would have just stayed my place
But the damage was done long before I took run, tricked right in front of my face

Accepting is always the hardest part
Some people choose not to do
I learned that people might not be who they seem
But dammit I really loved you.


Most nights I’m awake wide eyed and with no signs of sleep to come. So I started sleeping with my curtains open so that little glow of the moon light and parking lot lights can shine through, gracing my blankets softer than that kinda hot kinda cold air that blows out of the vent on the celling right above my bed. did you know the sky gives off this kinda orange sorbet color, no clouds just a sold bed of soft fruity orange sorbet in the sky. I watch out my window for signs of life, around this time there seems to be no one alive but me. gives me the feeling of being alone in the world. its actually a nice feeling. besides they fact that you have no one to talk to imagine having no responsibility no one to impress or prove your self too, just be you for a while. But the flash of lights from a car hugging the curve of the near by street snap me back into reality till the light changes the stale color green their pass to keep going. I try to think of different reasons why the cars are out on the lonely road this time of night. did they work the late shift that no one else wanted So they could feed their family? Could they just be a night owl like my self? Do they have a restless baby in the back seat who only falls asleep during long car rides?or are they just curing their late night craving for a Arizona and a bag of hot cheatoes at the gas station across the street. Which then prompts me to grab my own little 3am snack. The possibility’s are pretty much endless. I do this almost every night with the cool relaxing voice of Erika Badu or Janet jackson playing in the background singing about the good times and love with the occasional old school rap song. pandora is my only friend this time of night  I’m awake playing with the curls in my head occasionally picking up my phone to see what time it is. That always sucks though to see that yet another half hour just went by with no change in my mood, yes I’m still awake. Constant calculations of how many hours of sleep I could try to get before my dreaded alarm interrupts the dream I was wishing for all night. I take one last sip of water, I wait till my eyes get heavy my mind slows down and all my worries about the day to come has drifted away in a smooth dance between my pillows and sheet, I think I’m asleep?