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how would you react if you found out that your parents actually decided to change your gender (from a boy to a girl) the moment you were born? (okay random weird question because I can :p)

Haha well thanks for asking! And um well…I would be super shocked and never trust them again and always question them and I would also be super confused and angry. Yeah. 

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what's your favorite thing about ariana?:)

OMG i love everything about her, but my favorite thing is probably how kind she is, i literally get so mad when people say she’s just faking her sweetness because i know she’s not. She’s just a lovely person, beautiful inside and out and i think that’s the most important value someone could ever have, being kind.

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Off to the Races, Summertime Sadness, Young & Beautiful, Blue Jeans, Born to Die, and Video Games are my favorites :)

Gah, you like them alll, this makes me love you more
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