late night GTA raywood thoughts/drabble, i guess

So, this is a little something I wrote up for no reason. Um, maybe for my 50 follower milestone? It’s really the crew’s view on Ray. It gets super raywood-y at Ryan’s view, which is under the read more tab. Am I ashamed? No. Not at all. 

To Geoff, Ray was the cool neighbor that Geoff would never have. Ray made Geoff laugh and made the gent relax with a calm voice, even in the middle of a particularly stressful heist. Ray was the one Geoff didn’t have to worry about. The man was self-sufficient, never forgot his role in the heist, and never really made Geoff worry. Ray was young, but you could tell he had experience. Geoff would gladly smoke with the lad and discuss any kind of stuff. Ray wasn’t wiry like Gavin, and wasn’t as bitter as Michael. Ray was cool, quiet, smart and comedic. And when it called for it, Ray was serious, solemn and understanding. He could easily judge a situation and help steer Geoff in the right direction. Ray was the man Geoff could trust.

To Jack, Ray was the older kid that helped take care of the others. Ray would always be open to jump up and help Jack. Every morning, Ray would be in the kitchen with Jack, helping make breakfast for six people that ate like monsters. Ray would help Jack clean up the house a bit. Ray would do small things, like keep his room and weapons organized, just to give Jack one less person to worry about. Ray would scold the other Lads if they were getting out of hand. He’d wrangle up Michael and Gavin when they were yelling too loud or to help clean. Ray wouldn’t force Jack into a conversation when they were up in the sky in a huge plane and Jack really just needed to focus on the terrain to get them to the right place. Ray could take care of everyone when Jack was gone. Ray was Jack’s little helper.

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