➳ er at 5:13 am. eren & sakura.

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    4:43 am. A sigh followed a habitual phone check.

    Eren took a sip of the coffee he had just purchased. It was well-needed and well-deserved, especially since he got an hour of sleep last night at most. Too much on his mind, and homesickness seemed to plague him. He thought about calling his mother if he got the free time that day. Yeah, that sounded good. Maybe it would help with the feeling of complete isolation from his family.

    The officer walked through slightly busy morning streets on his route to the esteemed Solis Police Department building, in all its modernity, and its reputational cleanliness. Captain Levi always kept that place sparkling, whether he ordered off-duty officers to clean it or he went to work at it himself. A relentless and respectable man, he was. Eren admired him for his arduous work and dedication to what he does. He wondered if he would be assigned to a real, exciting case, one that got his blood rushing and sent him on the hunt. That would be awesome.

    And then, the unexpected occurred; a gunshot, the sound of shattered glass, and a woman’s scream. His eyes widened, hand loosened, and focus intensified. Jaeger ended up dropping his amazing cold brew, but it was his job to serve and protect. He ran to the scene, anticipating the case.

    Upon arriving, he observed many components to the crime that was committed. One, it was a jewelry store. Two, there were five shots fired from the gun. Three, no injuries were spotted. People stared at him, one citizen helping the shop owner get her bearings before someone shouted to the brunette about the direction that the crooks were headed in. He took off in the mentioned direction next, happening upon them running down an alley. Officer Jaeger with a 10-65 on northern Balae street, suspects in pursuit, Eren hopped over a few toppled crates that the criminals knocked down to slow him, really clearing them with ease. The chase ended up emerging on the next street over. Scratch that, suspects still in pursuit, northern Terris boulevard.

    The scene of the young officer chasing intently after the crooks got a lot of attention, as well as many phones raised in recording. He wondered why people had to do that; publicize his job. They should have been running, taking cover at least. Finally, upon catching up, he tackled the shorter of the two to the ground, pinning him. He took the bag of loot and tossed it aside before sitting up, holding the man’s hands behind his back as he cursed at him. Eren handcuffed the jerk, and just before tightening the left cuff, heard a gasp from the crowd around him, followed by the sound of a cocked handgun.


   Titan green eyes slowly went upward, focused with anger at the man who had the audacity to point the weapon at his head. “Let him go, or I pull the trigger,” or, the man said something like that. Jaeger bit his lip, slowly backing off the criminal, hands elevated. The asshole in question got up, shaking off the left, unsealed cuff, and grabbing the bag. That’s when they began slowly backing away, and when the taller dipshit began pointing the gun at people. That’s also when Eren jumped at him to seize the weapon. It was also when he got himself shot.

    Officer down, he knew. Bullet in the right side of his abdomen. What a shitty day.