Aaahhh!!! The installation looks so cool 😭 Live @tate 💖
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@raf.i.a’s wicked digital installation #lateattate

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I’m constantly surrounded by incredible talent. @tolucoker skills have always been amazing and tonight, you get to see first hand just how incredible her work is. If anyone is about this evening Late at Tate is on at the Tate Britain!! The theme this month is ‘Fashion meets Art’ and there’s loads of exciting things on from 6pm-9.30pm. ENTRY IS FREE! (There’s drinks too lol)

@tolucoker has done 4 commissioned pieces for the new SPACE at the Tate which launches tomorrow evening and is running alongside the SOURCE exhibition which also launches tomorrow! The SPACE is open for 6 months but the launch tomorrow evening is going to be exciting!

Would love you all to come down and support if you can xxx #art #tolucoker #mysistermybff #talet #tate #lateattate #special #gifted

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😳 wish I could have recorded this colossal projection but alas #Apple need to sort out the battery life on the #iphone - I mean a few #snappchats (add me @nextgennurturer) & you need to connect a charger or portable battery pack 👎
Anyways…imagine fire flaming behind this massive head - which reminds me of a scene in #Ghostbusters 2 - and other bedazzling animation…yeah baby 😍

#OsaTheCultureVulture #art #vfx #culture #LateAtTate #london (at Tate Britain)

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