late; i know

a comic about me learning how to drive


Music by Daft Punk, animation by me~

The Robots name is BA-12T (or Bart) The dad is Rowan and the daughter is Jo.
I am very excited to finally post this finished product!

  • me: this piece of media that i consume and engage with could potentially contain content that i think paints certain characters in an unrealistic and vaguely upsetting situation and i feel that the best way to express that dissatisfaction is by discussing it with others who engage with the same content and have similar criticisms about the messages that could be conveyed through these character's actions and situations
  • also me, in the theater on opening day: yeehowdy cowboy men

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holy shit I was not expecting this at all because I was on a Tumblr break for like the past 5 months and consequently have not made things recently YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST I LOVE YOU BEAUTIFUL KC NERDS THANK YOU SO MUCH 

hey everyone im sorry i havent been able to post up requests lately!! i’ve been spending my free time apart from school to finish up edits for mark’s birthday + scheduling them so i dont do things at the last minute and i dont have enough time to write im sorry :-(