late4tea replied to your post: I need some sort of talent to use as a lifelong time-sink.

It’s obvious that I draw when I want to express myself but there’s so many things beyond drawing, writing, and reading to express yourself. Community service, helping others, cooking, etc. You might need practice at first but doesn’t everything?

You’re right, I’m immediately jumping to the most obvious things and I gloss over all the subtle forms of expression there are. I should really look into it and try to find out what I’m good at, try it out for a while and give it some time.

fanuary-deactivated20111116-dea asked:

Aww, you're in a long distance relationship? Me too. How far do you two live from each other?

Not quite. I like a guy and he likes me, but he didn’t want to have us go through the hardships that a long distance relationship would bring. But we both love each other, and we practically act like boyfriends but we’re not technically boyfriends. He’s in Oklahoma, I’m in Delaware. 1,400 miles. 26 hours driving. Literally half-way across America,