MariChat May
Day 9: Bell Collar
Words: 1104|AO3

Chat can admit that he has a problem. Ladybug had recently taken up a habit of flicking his bell whenever she was pleased with him. A ‘good job’ gesture that didn’t take much time. It wouldn’t be a problem if she hadn’t started doing it all the time. When he did a good job, when she was bored on patrol, on the nights she lay her head on his lap and look up at him with those gentle eyes that killed him.

Each ring of his bell started bringing dopamine flooding his brain and his tail would start twitching in anticipation of the physical reward that followed.

A hug, a pet, and one late, treasured night, when his lady was clearly sleep deprived, a kiss on his cheek.


Of course.

One night Marinette had flicked his bell and immediately noticed the blush that came as a result of her finger lightly flicking his bell.

Of course she had managed to pull from him the reason that he seemed he wanted to pounce her and then laughed at him.

Then exploited it relentlessly.

The next time he came over to her house he doesn’t know what he was expecting except a matching bell collar to be around her own neck. All he knows is that it is absolutely unfair.

She doesn’t say anything about it, but he can see her playful smile when his gaze slides from her face down to the collar and locks on the shiny bell that hangs in the hollow of her collar bone.

Its mocking him. She’s mocking him. Playing games with his head and his heart at the same time.

“Princess.” He greets, every hair of him standing on edge, every muscle tense, every beat of his heart carefully monitored

“Yes, Chat?” She leans forward and Chat stiffens in anticipation of a ring of the bell but none comes. The bell remains mercifully silent, and her smirk only widens, watching him as he frowns and forces himself to relax.

“What is that?”

“It’s a bell.” she answers. “I thought you might like it. Reminds me of you.”

Oh he does.

But he also hates it.

Very quickly he finds out two things about his princess, One, she’s awfully alluring when she doesn’t mean to be. Two, she’s a tease and he should start expecting this.

He steps down from her bed, and she turns back to the project on her desk, something he can’t be bothered to pay attention to. Especially when he notices that she’s tied her hair in a bun specifically so he could see the clasp. It’s just two buttons, but her message to him is clear

‘You could take it off.’

But that would be losing.

Which he refused to do. He wouldn’t let her know that her teasing was working, that even now he was wondering if the pitch of her bell would be the same as his, wondering what might happen when it finally rings out. Wondering how she’ll feel, wondering how he’ll react.

So Chat settles down, watching her carefully, bristling every time her hand goes near her neck, sighing when she pulled it away.

Finally, after finishing with the obviously staged something -probably created specifically to rile him up- Marinette turns in her chair and looks at a fairly antsy Chat Noir.

“What’s wrong?”

‘You know damn well what’s wrong I’m conditioned to act like a love struck idiot whenever that thing goes off.’

“Nothing, princess, Merely distracted by your radiance.” he says, his voice totally not cracking on the word radiance when her hand goes upwards and traces one thin finger along the golden curve.

“My radiance, huh? Nothing else?” she asks. His eyes go from her teasing finger to her teasing mouth and back again. Watching how her tongue moves when she says nothing and then to her finger as it pokes the still silent bell lightly. Back to her lips where she licks him and back down to her fingers as they just barely push behind the leather of her collar.

What god decided this is the bad luck he deserves?

Probably Plagg.

“Mmhm.” he answers, still staring at the collar until he felt it should’ve burst into flame.

Marinette seems to smirk and stands up.

That does it.

It rings.

Chat’s entire body goes from tense to languid in the space of three seconds and soon enough he’s laying on Marinette’s lounge, fully taking over the space. Now that the bell has rung everything’s going to be fine, and he has no reason to stress.

Or, that’s whats supposed to happen.

Marinette still hasn’t come over and pet him, telling him that -yes- everything is okay now. His whole body starts buzzing with anxiety the longer it takes for her to walk over. When he looks up she’s walking around the room pointedly not looking at him. He has to get her attention.


“Yes, Chat?”

“Are you okay?” because she’s not petting him. He’s probably done something wrong.

“Yes, Chat.” she answers and continues walking around the room doing god knows what. She’s ignoring him. That much is apparent, and she’s not smiling, just moving items through her room. He’s done something wrong. He can feel it.

“Princess?” he asks again, voice cracking as his head fills with negative thoughts and his eyes fill with tears.

“Yes, Chat?” She glances over and then immediately drops the yarn she’s holding and rushes to him, pushing her fingers into his hair. “What’s wrong?” He pushes his head more into her hand and sniffles. He know’s he’s being too sensitive but…

“I thought you didn’t want me.” he whispers and Mari yanks off the bell and glares at it as if it’s done something wrong.

“No that’s not true at all, Chat. You’re my kitty, and I’ll always want you.”

Chat gently takes the collar from her hands and snaps it back onto her neck. Adjusting it so it rested to where it was before.

With one claw, he taps the outside and then lifts it upwards and lets it swing back into place with a ring.

Although his body reacts in much the same way as usual, relaxing and feeling everything is alright he’s much more interested in Marinettes reaction. Rocking back on her heels and slapping her hand over the bell even though her pupils dilate at the same time. A slight blush is covering her cheeks and she looks away from him.

It’s not the full blown red he’s used to, but he could get there.

He smirks, revenge will be sweet.

Girl Run The World




Moriarty drummed his fingers on the table top. He glanced at his watch, knowing that there were still about thirty seconds before the meeting was scheduled to begin.

The small click of a heel sounded on the tile behind him, approaching.

The woman who sat across from him was well dressed, in a pressed suit. Her hair was pulled back into a bun; her eyes hidden by dark sunglasses. Her mouth was pressed into a thin line.

“I’m sorry,” Moriarty said. “I believe you have the wrong table.”

“I don’t.” A clipped tone, yet still feminine.

“I’m waiting for–”


Moriarty was king of keeping composure; he was confused but his face didn’t show it.

You, however, were used to this. Twas the way of society. You pulled off your sunglasses, laying them on the table. Your eyes were cold, calculating. You stared, unflinching, at Moriarty. “So, what business do you think my men can help you with?”

“A large shipment needs to be moved. Discreetly, of course.”

“Discreet is their business. What is the shipment in question?”

“That’s private.”

“My men need to know.”

Moriarty shook his head. “That’s out of the question.”

You inhaled sharply through your nose. You picked up your sunglasses and stood in a fluid motion. “Very well. Good luck to you.”

Moriarty listened as you clicked your way out of the café. He’d never been turned down before (the one or two people who had tried had been… persuaded to say yes). But instead of feeling hurt, he simply felt that this was another challenge.

He lifted his teacup, hiding the smirk on his face. You certainly lived up to the rumors he’d heard about you—harsh, commanding, self-assured. You had a cold beauty about you, one that drew the eye but warned about getting too close.

Moriarty knew he’d be seeing you again soon.


A few nights later, you stood by the river, looking out over the water. The air was cool, the wind carrying a sense of foreboding. You heard the crunch of footsteps behind you but continued to face forward.

“You got my message.”

“Did you doubt that I would show up?”

Moriarty stepped beside you, looking out at the horizon. “Dangerous, isn’t it, standing out here by yourself, so late at night? A lovely lady like yourself is surely a target for the less desirables.”

“My eyes are open and always watching.”

The two of you stood in silence for a few moments, the air filled with the gentle lapping of the river and the feeling of eyes all over you, your henchmen hiding in the shadows.

“Do not waste my time, Mr. Moriarty,” you finally said. “And do not mistake this meeting for generosity. If you want to do business, let’s do business.”

Moriarty sniffed. “Does ‘business’ still mean you being incredibly nosy?”

You turned and began to walk back up the bank.

“Warehouse seventeen.”

You stopped.

Moriarty looked over his shoulder at you. “That’s where the shipment is. Gather your men and meet there at three a.m. Twelfth brick down, third over. A key will be hidden.” He paused. “The shipment needs to be gone by four.”

You were quiet for a moment. “You will receive confirmation when the job is complete.”

“That won’t be necessary. I’ll be watching the entire time.”

You nodded. Of course, he would have hacked into the security cameras. Was it in order to keep his shipment safe or to keep an eye on you, see if you lived up to the rumors? “Then I expect payment to be transferred the moment the shipment is out of the warehouse.”

“No need. The money has already been transferred.”

You turned, staring at the strange man. “Why?”

“Your work speaks for itself. I know you will get the job done.” Moriarty turned and started up towards you. “Do not disappoint,” he whispered as he passed you.

A slight shiver ran down your spine—if it was from the wind or the weight of this mastermind’s words, you weren’t sure.

A Late Night in Hell's Kitchen (Matt Murdock/Reader)

Title: A Late Night in Hell’s Kitchen
Author: lady-wordsmith (lady_wordsmith on AO3)
Pairing: Matt Murdock/Reader
Series: N/A
Warnings: Not a Happy Ending
Summary: Tumblr Request: “Back then, I lied when I told you I didn’t love you. You needed to move on from me– I needed to protect you from me.” with Matt Murdock? (and can Matt be the one saying it the reader?)“
It’s three in the morning, and your apartment intercom is buzzing. What is Matt Murdock doing at your door after your disastrous last conversation, and why now?
Notes: N/A
AO3 link: Here  

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Bodhiweek day 6: Family

Title: Forgetting

His mother had brown hair, and kind brown eyes. She went to the Temple every Friday, wore her belief around her body like woven silken and colorful hijabs. She breathed love and compassion, wrapped them up in safety and protection. She was fierce, kind and passionate, and instilled that within him and his sister.

His mother was everything. And he couldn’t remember her name.

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External image

SAYO YAMAMOTO (山本 沙代 Yamamoto Sayo; born April 13, 1977/ age 36) is a Japanese anime director. She is known for directing the critically acclaimed anime series Michiko to Hatchin and Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine. After graduating from the College of Art and Design in Tokyo, she began work at Studio Madhouse at age 25.

During her time at the College of Art and Design, Yamamoto focused her attention on animation, as she felt less interested in the other things she was being taught. Her student project was an animation about samurai using actor, and frequent Akira Kurosawa collaborator, Toshiro Mifune as an inspiration. While in the process of looking for a job after graduation, she showed this work to director Satoshi Kon (R.I.P).

Enthusiastic about her potential, Kon intended to hire her to work on his second feature Millennium Actress, but studio politics eventually caused her to leave the project.

She had her debut at Studio Madhouse working on the X television series headed by Madhouse director Yoshiaki Kawajiri. Soon after, she would have her first collaboration with directors Takeshi Koike and Katsuhito Ishii on the original video animation Trava: Fist Planet. It was during her time at Madhouse that she began her work on anime opening and ending animations, which she would go on to direct for many other projects.

Yamamoto has stated that it was during her work on Samurai Champloo where she felt she was first able to truly express herself. Samurai Champloo also marks the first time she worked with frequent collaborators, director Shinichirō Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop) and writer Dai Satō (Cowboy bebop, eureka Seven, Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex).

During her time working on Samurai Champloo at Studio Manglobe, she was offered the chance to direct a project with full creative control. At the time, she was busy with work on Champloo, so she thought about what kind of project she wanted to direct for about a year. During that time, she took a trip to Brazil where she found the inspiration for her first series Michiko to Hatchin. The series, about an ex-convict and a young girl in search of the girl’s father, was released in 2008.

At the press conference where Yamamoto unveiled the series, she said she wanted women especially to watch the series.

“Our time slot was late at night, so office ladies would be returning home, and worn out from the day, they could have a beer and watch it.”

After a few years of working on storyboards and art for other projects, including movies Redline and Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance, she was approached by a producer to create a new Lupin III series, with full creative control. It was Yamamoto’s own idea to have the series take place before the start of the 1971 Lupin series, directed by Masaaki Ōsumi, and to have character Fujiko Mine in the starring role.


Her most recent works was director of episode 2 of the wildly popular Space Dandy : “The Search For The Phantom Space Ramen, Baby”

Michelle Obama's best quotes can help us get through the next four years

Michelle Obama’s best quotes as FLOTUS.

From the wise and witty Michelle Obama

Source: sheknows

Move forward

During Michelle Obama’s final late-night appearance as first lady, she had this message for everyone.

Source: sheknows


From her Vogue interview.

Source: sheknows

Making a difference

Spoken from someone who truly knows how to make a difference.

Source: sheknows

Stay true to yourself

Love this!

Source: sheknows

People who lift you up

This lady knows how to say a lot with just a few words.

Source: sheknows

Door of opportunity

The only thing better than seizing opportunities is sharing them with others.

Source: sheknows


Make it your own!

Source: sheknows

You are beautiful

Yes, you are!

Source: sheknows

Educating girls

Yes to girl power!

Source: sheknows

Michelle Obama quotes

The coolest!

Source: sheknows

Women’s potential

Couldn’t have said it better!

Source: sheknows


There’s nothing a little hard work can’t do.

Source: sheknows

Extraordinary women

They sure taught her well!

Source: sheknows

No limit

Reach for the stars, ladies!

Source: sheknows

Holes in our hearts

Sad but true.

Source: sheknows

Earn it

It’s not something you get, it’s something you earn.

Source: sheknows

Helping others

Never leave others behind while you’re getting ahead.

Source: sheknows

Confidence and fortitude

Confidence is key!

Source: sheknows

History yet to be made

We’ve still got a long way to go.

Source: sheknows

‘To do’ list

Don’t forget about yourself!

Source: sheknows


Coming from one fearless woman.

Source: sheknows


There’s nothing stronger thanembracing your scars.

Source: sheknows



Source: sheknows

Stand up

Stand up, ladies!

Source: sheknows


Never be afraid to ask for help.

Source: sheknows

Hungry to succeed

Our failures can be our greatest source of inspiration.

Source: sheknows

Courage and hope

With these two things, you can’t be beat.

Source: sheknows

Source: sheknows


As of late last night, the Lady Parts Kickstarter campaign in FULLY FUNDED!!!

SO, SO MANY THANKS to everyone who has donated, shared, and supported us so far. Because of your efforts, we’ll be able to produce our first ever batch of original webisodes that further our mission of calling out sexist bullshit in entertainment and the world at large! We can’t WAIT to share them with you. 

Now, if you need us, we’ll be re-creating that bottom gif IRL for the next week.


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