Little bro is not so little anymore

I think the main reason guys are turned off by fangirls is because they know they will ALWAYS be second in that girls eyes no matter what. they will never mean more than the people who were there for them from the beginning. that thought scares people. knowing you’ll never have such a place in our hearts as our idols do…I bet that scares the crap out of them.

Such Trash

Crack Fic Idea (or maybe not so much) - Beca and Chloe sharing a room (any room, dorm, house, hotel, etc,) and Chloe with her zero boundaries or shame starts using her vibrator. Beca, of course, has no clue how to respond to this. Maybe even Chloe making small talk with her during? Especially sex talk (like casually asking Beca what she likes during sex) without having any inkling that she’s being way inappropriate.

Late Night

Lady love,

how I long to taste your honeyed lips,

and to feel your smooth ebony skin rub against my own.

You need to say nothing,

your pure, hazel eyes tell me everything I need to know.

Let me share the burden with you,

of all the struggles you’ve been given.

Just for tonight,

let me calm the storm and hold you gently.

Lady love,

if you’ll have me,

I’d be glad to share this tender moment with you

from night until morning.

Precious cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure