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Ook so let's see I chose adrienette and ummmmmmmm physics teacher au

“Get it, Mr. Agreste!“ one of his students hollered as she was shoved out of the classroom by her friend, laughing.

The words might have been more appreciated if it weren’t for the context; possibly the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen was leaning over his desk, biting her lip and batting her eyelashes as she haltingly asked him to reexplain a concept he’d introduced to his class not ten minutes earlier — if she’d done the exact same thing at a bar over a drink, he’d have been putty in her hands in five minutes flat.

But this was a classroom, not a bar, and she was a student, not a stranger looking for conversation or late-night fun, and Adrien hated his life.

“What was your name again?” he asked, because he was pretty damn sure he’d have noticed her when he was calling roll.

“Oh! U-um, Marinette,” she said, flashing him a sunny smile that made his heart trip and stumble over itself and, Tesla, did Adrien hate. his. life.

spoiler alert: she’s not actually his student, but an english (french?) teacher who’s sitting in on his classes for fun, education, and profit

send me a ship and an au for a 3 sentence fic

Late Night Fun || Lucy&Emily

Lucy sighed. Her week had been horrible and now she just wanted to hang out with one of her best friends. She slipped on a pair of blue skinny jeans, a black v-neck shirt, her white cardigan along with her vans. She exited her room, leaving Jack on the couch to sleep. She walked down the hallway really fast. She and everyone else needed to be happy and so she was going to try. Once she made it to Emily’s room she knocked on the door and waited. She actually had just told Emily about her brain cancer just yesterday. She didn’t want to keep it from her but she didn’t want to hurt her either.

Late Night Fun || mistressbrofely

Sapphire eyes stares up at the ceiling, the room illuminated by the moon. Blankets were bunched up to his chest, his left fist holding onto it. His eyes flicker to the woman laying next to him, the moonlight complimenting her perfect skin. He shifted in the bed, his nakedness feeling a little uncomfortable next to hers.

He peered over at the clock, 2:30 it reads. A silent sigh escapes him as he sits up in the bed, the blanket falling from his bare chest. His face turns to her, his right hand caressing her cheek. “Fely,” he whispers in the silent air, “you awake?”