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Of course Mary will assume that Dean and Cas are a couple when she first sees them together, just like pretty much everybody else does. And surely Dean will be quick to assure her that ‘no mom, it’s not like that!’

So now all I can picture is the three of them at some diner late at night, having some coffee and taking a minute to breathe after all the crazy before they continue their search for Sammy. Mary sitting across from her oldest son and the angel, and asking the default question anyway:

“So how did you two meet?”

Naturally, Cas will be all deadpan like “he stabbed me in the chest”.

While at the same time, Dean will blurt out “he dragged me out of hell”.

And when Mary raises her eyebrows at the two of them in confusion, Cas will undoubtedly roll his eyes at Dean and say something along the lines of “you weren’t conscious for that part, I hardly think it counts”, while simultaneously Dean argues “I didn’t stab you in the chest on purpose!”

Cas’ comeback being “I fail to grasp how you could stab someone in the chest not-on-purpose, Dean”.

And Mary simply smiling smugly at them from behind her mug of coffee while they continue to bicker like a married couple, because she was totally right about their relationship, even if these two idiots won’t admit it.

I hate you
God I hate you
Your cigarettes
Your eyes
Your drunk compliments
And sober absences
I hate how you always smelled like coffee
And how I spent my time in the mornings with you
I hate the time we skipped school
And drove to the river
I hate all those walks in the woods
And late night drives
I hate how you used to bring me coffee
2 sugars no cream
I hate the damn plant you bought me
God I hope it dies
I hate all of these memories
Every single one
I hate the way you’re fine without me
I hate the way you dragged me along
The way your words never matched your actions
I wish I’d never met you
That you had never even crossed my mind.
—  Lonely Poets club