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Teen Wolf Preference: You spend the night at his house for the first time.

Scott: “C’mon Scott we have one more problem to work on.” You said pushing your boyfriend away and finishing up your last equation.

Once you guys were done, you glanced over at Scott’s clock on his dresser and the clock read “1:45”, your eyes nearly popped out of your head seeing how late it was. You jumped out of Scott’s bed and quickly slipped on your shoes and rushed out of the room. As you were about to make your first step on the stairs, two arms grabbed you from behind and pulled you into their chest, you looked up and your eyes connected with Scott’s.

“Where are you going?” Scott said pecking you on the forehead.

“Home silly, its getting late and we have school tomorrow.”

“Why don’t you just spend the night?”

“Spend the night?”

“Yeah, but only if you want to, I don’t want you to think I’m pushing you or anything.”

“I would love to.” You said pecking Scott on the lips and walking back to Scott’s room.

Stiles: You went to Stiles house after school to talk about the Dread Doctors; however you were only supposed to stay a couple of hours, but a couple of hours turned into 7 hours. You started to yawn and your eyes felt weak and you had a hard time keeping them open.

“Stiles, I’m really tired, can we please take a break?” You asked as your eyes begin to close.

“Yeah sure, we can just finish tomorrow.” Stiles said changing into his pajamas and getting into bed.

“Aren’t you gonna take me home?” You asked standing up from his bed.

“Why I’m already comfortable?” Stiles said as he buried his face in his pillow.

“Stiles, take me home, it’s already really late.”

“No come back to bed. You can just spend the night here.”

“What about clothes?”

“Don’t worry about it; we will deal with it in the morning.” Stiles said pulling you into the bed and wrapping his arms around you.

Liam: You, Mason, and Liam all decided to have a video game marathon. Mason had gone home after 5 hours because he had to go somewhere really important in the morning, but you decided to stay because you were currently getting your butt kicked by Liam and you refused to let him win. After 4 more hours, you finally won; you did your special victory dance and glanced at the clock hanging on the wall in Liam’s room. You stopped dancing and started to gather your things.

“Is it really that late?” You said worriedly.

“Wow I guess it’s true what they say time does really fly by when you are having fun.” Liam said looking at the time.

“Liam I’m serious I really need to get home.”

“Well why don’t you just spend the night? My mom can take you home in the morning.” Liam said standing up and walking over to you.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure, here you can change into this.” Liam said handing you one his shirts.

You went into his bathroom and changed. You came out of the bathroom and sat next to boyfriend on his bed.

“Rematch?” Liam said looking over at you.

“Rematch.” You said grabbing your controller.

“Oh and by the way you look really beautiful wearing my shirt.” Liam said kissing you the lips.

Theo: You had a big test coming up in history and none of the information made any sense to you. So you asked your boyfriend to help you, since he had a 98 in the class, Theo told you to come over to his house after school. You guys finished going over all three chapters, that the test was over, and now you and Theo were currently studying vocabulary. You unlocked your phone to look at time and saw it was “12:55”.

“Theo its 12:55.” You said looking at your boyfriend.

“Are you serious?” Theo said looking up at you and glancing at your phone.

“I need to get home.” You said getting up from the Theo’s bed.

“Okay.” Theo said following you.

“Wait I have an idea.” Theo said grabbing a hold of your arm.


“Why don’t you just sleepover, like you said it’s already late, and plus this way we could spend more time with each other.” Theo said pulling you into his chest.

“That sounds like a good idea.” You said pecking Theo on the lips and grabbing one Theo’s shirts from his dresser and changing. When you were done Theo changed into sweatpants with no shirt and joined you under the covers.

Parrish:  You wanted to spend time with Parrish, but sadly as always he was working on a case; however you weren’t going to give up spending time with him and you decided to go to the station and help Parrish. After about 5 hours at the station, Parrish took you to his apartment and you guys continued to work on the case together there. Hours passed and you guys had managed to find some more clues and you even found a lead, you sighed in relief and looked over at your phone and your clock read “2:25”.

“Babe, its 2:25, I should get going.” You said grabbing your bag.

“Yeah, I will drive you home.” You tired boyfriend said yawning.

“No its fine Parrish, I can walk my house isn’t far.”

“Are you kidding me y/n? Do you know how dangerous it is walking home alone at this hour of the night? I’m driving you home.”

“Just let me change first.” Parrish said going into the bathroom, while he was changing you laid down on his bed and you drifted off to sleep. 10 minutes later Parrish came out and looked over at you sleeping on his bed. He smiled at the sight of you sleeping and walked over to you, he took off your shoes and pulled the covers over you, then he joined you.

“I guess you are sleeping over.” Parrish said whispering and wrapping himself around you.

Brett: You and Brett were currently hanging out at his house having a movie date. You guys ended up watching 4 movies, once the last movie was over you got up to use the restroom when you came back you glanced at his clock next to his bed and saw the time.

“Brett it’s already “1:45”, I should be going.” You said yawning and grabbing your stuff.

“What’s the rush? It’s not like we have anywhere important to be tomorrow.”


“I said important.”

“School is important Brett.” You said laughing at your boyfriend.

“But I don’t want you to go.” Brett said giving you the puppy dog eyes and holding onto your hand.

“I don’t wanna leave either.” You sat sitting down on Brett’s bed.

“Then don’t leave.”

“What about school?”

“You can sleepover and I will take you to school in the morning.” Brett said handing you a shirt.

“Okay fine I guess I could stay.” You said pecking Brett on the lips and going to the bathroom to change.

TUMBLR PROM 2015: ask-dating-sim-alfred

Arthur stood out of Alfred’s door, gaining the courage to knock. ‘Okay.. Knock 3 times, check yourself, smile and-’ he thought a million things to do and when to do them. “Okay.” Arthur raised his hand to knocked. One…Two… Three. He waited and fixed his tie. A suit? Really Arthur? Rent a tux you stale cheeto. He clutched the flowers behind him. He got Alfred’s favorite flowers. He remembered when he was a new program and asked for the files to them.

It had been about a minute now and he slowly lowered the flowers. “Maybe he’s not home..” His expression saddened and he prepared to go back to his car. The door swung open and a wave of ‘Oh god x1000’ rushed over him.

anonymous asked:

I'm a grad student studying history but I think I might want to become a OB/GYN or a midwife. I already have a BA in history so I really haven't studied any sciences, could I still go to med school to become a GYN? If so, do you have any suggestions for me this late in my academic career? Thanks!

It’s never too late to go back to school!  It may be a long journey ahead of you, but it’s worth it when it’s something you really know you want to do.

Obstetrician Gynecologists need the following schooling:

  • A 4-year bachelors degree (can be unrelated to medicine)
  • 4 years of medical school (pre-requisites needed)
  • 4 years of residency
  • Some folks chose to do a further 2 years of fellowship in a sub-specialty of obstetrics like Maternal Fetal Medicine.

Certified Nurse Midwives and/or Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners need the following schooling:


  • A 4-year bachelors degree (can be unrelated to medicine/nursing)
  • A 1 year accelerated Nursing program (some programs require pre-requisites, others do not)
  • A 2 year masters in midwifery


  • Four year Nursing bachelor’s degree
  • Two year masters in midwifery

If you really think that you’re interested in either midwifery or obstetrics, I suggest shadowing both a midwife and an ObGyn in the next few weeks and figure out which calls to you more.  Then, by looking into the schools that would provide the education for the profession you have chosen, you can get a sense of what you would need to achieve to start on that track.  Good luck!

i was thinking while i was trying & failed to sleep

in 4th grade i always had trouble w division ((i still do lmfao)) bc it was too complicated for me even tho i was rly good w other math subjects so my teacher taught me a simplified version of it & it rly helped !! i got better grades on my division & everything!!!

so fast forward to not too long after school went out & i told my mom abt this method of division i was taught that made it easier for me to do it wout struggle

my mom said that was the incorrect way to do division & told me im only having trouble w it bc i was overcomplicating things

thanks to her i cant even remember the trick & i just wanna cry bc i cant do division t h a n k s t o m y m o t h e r

Hey guys…

I can’t really lie and say I’m oka…as much as I wish to set you all at ease…

I…I want you guys to know I’m safe though . I had a anxiety attack and I’m not really sure how it was triggered. I’ve been stressed a lot lately with school coming up and personal issues I wish not to explain…so maybe it just got too heavy for my shoulders and I just collapsed under pressure

I will try to reply to everyone’s messaged individually and thank everyone…it means a lot that you guys care…it makes me feel like maybe I’m not a lost cause…

I won’t know for sure but, I might be gone for a little while. I won’t really know until tomorrow..

Anyways…thanks again…

Image: Kali Yantra, painting on cotton, late 19th century, Bengal School, 92 x 92 cm (British Museum, London). A four-armed Kali sits on a demon, under which lies Shiva and a burning corpse.

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