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Even though I'm all for amber x taemin, is tae popular in school? And if so, does jinki ever overhear other students gushing about taemin and he's just like "grosss. How is a booger brian hot" but also like "he not biologically my kid but don't hit on my kid. I'm giving you detention and filing a restraining order" specially if it's coming from an older student. Also lovvvvving this au. It's giving me life.

taemin isn’t like popular but he’s not like a loser either, lol. he’s just normal, like somewhere in between. he’s got his set little group of friends and he’s very content with that.

but like he is a bit of a pretty boy so a couple girls in various grades look at him and giggle and all that. but like probably when he prances into jinki’s classroom like he owns the place because he volunteered to his own teacher to bring like papers or whatever to jinki, maybe a couple girls look at him, look at each other, and then just giggle and jinki just KNOWS

and he just

“omg ew they think he’s cute omg he’s a baby he’s 11 he’s not even cute he’s a booger brain he’s my little booger brain why do you they think he’s cute”

he’s horrified

and then after that jinki just NOTICES the like maybe 4 girls who think taemin’s cute

and he just feels like he can’t even look at them because omg they think his tiny little baby brother-in-law is CUTE and it’s weird


In which our beloved monster ambassador is an oblivious senpai-*chokes*

I did this for Valentine’s day but didn’t make it in time– ah well, happy belated shingles day~

A struggling school in Massachusetts cancelled homework for a year. Some experts say sending kids home with worksheets and projects actually makes it harder for them to learn, so Kelly Elementary’s principal got rid of homework for the 2016/17 term and extended the school day by two hours instead, all in hopes of boosting grades and saving the school. Source

Zodiac Sign’s Reasons When Late in School

Aries: “My alarm clock was broken. Yup, it’s old, so it’s broken now. I’ll fix it.”

Taurus: “I lost a penny, so I had to look for it everywhere!”

Gemini:“Someone told me there’s no school today. Don’t ask who.”

Cancer:“My…dog was sick?”

Leo:“A little kid was bullied so I had to defend him! I had to defend JUSTICE”

Virgo:“I forgot my math notebook at home so I had to get it…”

Libra:“Well I’m sick, achoo, but at least I’m still at school”

Scorpio:“I’m late. Deal with it”

Sagittarius:“So I saw this giant snake in the middle of the road… It was thiiissss big. But not to worry, I OWNED it. i killed it with one punch!” (And the worst liar award goes to…)

Capricorn:“I stayed up soooo late studying yesterday” And that’s not even a lie

Aquarius:“Well I saw a rock. And I wanted to examine that rock. It could be a special rock.”

Pisces: “I saw a spooky looking rock, and I was scared. It looked so spooky.”