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Hello!Sorry for bothering you,but may I can give a hug for Nerdmelia?Pretty please?

*You are told that hugging Amelia in her current state would cause her some pain

*She smiles and accepts your offer anyways. She knows you’ve been having a rough time in school lately

*It’s really soft and weak, but…

*you hear her humming a melody to you


“I’m on the verge of collapsing, I’ve been working every single night the late shift and school. Turns out filling your days with activities doesn’t distract from bullshit, just makes you tired and cranky.”

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I love your blog so much and I just wanted to say thank you so much for making this blog. Seeing how much people still ships pewdiecry after so long makes me feel less lonely and omg I just want to give you a chocolate and hug you ♡

Aww, that’s so sweet of you to say!! Thank you so much <3 I could go for a chocolate now that I think about it…



I’m sorry for my sudden outburst. I’ve just been stressed lately. 

Aaaand I start school tomorrow so…

I drew some things, I’ll see if I can upload them soon.

Again, sorry.

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omg when I was in 6th grade I remember thinking I'd be okay with a guy I thought I liked (comp. het.) but really I just didn't understand that I wanted to touch boobs not let someone touch mine lmao it's so funny I was confused as to why when I thought about it I was the guy in the scenario lmao I didn't realize I was gay until late in high school this is too funny

why are young gay girls all confused about boobs

Dear Charlie,

so lately I’ve been feeling really stressed. I don’t know exactly why i feel such way but I don’t exactly know where the stress is coming from. I come to a point where, i feel really useless all the time. I’m not doing too well at school lately and I’ve started to become anti-social. I act like I’m fine at school but inside I’m just not. I always care about how others would think of me and I really hate this feeling. I’m writing to you Charlie because I have nobody else to tell. I dont know what to do. I’ve been having some really negative thoughts and I thought it might help me if I tell somebody.

Love always

remember the day after my slfl show, I woke up at 5am to drive home and I managed to arrive 15 minutes late in school so I decided to skip the first hour which was my latin test. I had to do it back during my lunch time and my teacher was like “where were you?” and when I said that I was at a concert that was 3 hours away from my city she just smiled and said “I won’t judge, I was young too” and she just asked me stuff about 5sos

            hey all ! I’m sorry for my extreme absence as of late, with school kicking in again and all that I’ve been very busy. plus, the only blog I’ve actually been feeling solid muse for is FUSHOI ( kai ) right now, so I’ve been spending a majority of my time over there. I hope to pop back into this blog again soon with the next week or so, gods know my replies are building up and I would like to manage both blogs equally again. adrastia’s just been a little quiet lately uvu 

              thank you !! xxx